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  1. Hi there. I have recently had a letter from the HM Courts Historic Debt team about a fine in 2014 that was for £930!!!! I called the Magistrates court today about this having read about statutory declarations etc and found out a bit more about the case. The offence was that i had used a car on the 16th September 2013 without tax on the A5 through milton keynes. I bought the car in November 2011 and sold it in April 2012, shortly before moving to a new house. Luckily I have a photocopy of the receipt myself and the buyer signed when she took the car, so I am confid
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply. As that letter is saying they dont have the paperwork for my CCA request, I assume now there is no way they can enforce this without producing the documents requested therefore just wait for SBD to roll around?
  3. I got the following letter today as a response from my CCA request of 6 months ago. I assume this means that moorcroft will continue to pursue this debt although there is no paperwork available. Is there anything I should do? Should I write to them officially disputing this now or just ignore them or? ???? cca response.pdf
  4. thats good news. I too have had issues with Halfords on my wifes bike with issues. Wouldnt buy from them again.....
  5. I sent a CCA request to Arrow regards an account on the 4th November. On the 8th November I received a change of agency letter, which i have attached stating all enquiries are to be directed to Moorcroft. Then yesterday I received a letter which seems to be a standard CCA response from arrow, including the phrase "we do not accept we are the creditor" which seems a bit odd as I am assuming they have bought the debt. What is also of note is that in their reply the date of my incoming letter is wrong - it was dated the 4th not the 10th as they state. AND they sent me someone el
  6. Hi there, Thankyou for the reply. I will be completely honest with you I do not remember if I took it out in 2008 or otherwise - it may have been earlier although 2008 is quite conceivable as a start date. If i can confirm, i send MBNA/Virgin a SAR and I should get back a complete statement/set of statements/info from them. I can then ask Westcot for the copy of the CCA they (should) have on file from me by writing to their registered office address. I have already spoken to them on the phone should i now stop doing that and simply communicate by letter with
  7. Hi there all. I have a question regarding my account. I had a Virgin Money Account which I was paying off interest only for, for a significant time and one i had PPI on. I was paying minimum payment for some time which meant interest and charges only on it. My business failed earlier this year and I am only now coming out the other side with a salary again. The account has been sold to IDEM and noodle gives the following information. Idem Capital Securities £ 4,471 22/09/2014 Default Name nnnnn Address nnnnnnn Date of birth nnnnnnn Account type C
  8. Well out of principle I am prepared to go to court and discuss this in detail with the magistrates, I performed the task required of me and am not prepared to be penalised for an offence I did not commit. One thing it has shown me though, is I will send ALL my DVLA correspondance in the future via a recorded method now.
  9. Hi Guys - first time poster long time reader etc........ Anyway I got the DVLA summons a little while ago, and have sent the DVLA a letter back, which basically reads as follows: REQUISITION TO ATTEND xxxxxxxxxxx MAGISTRATES COURT ON xxxxxxxxx Vehicle registration ******** Dear sir/madam I am writing in regards to the requisition sent to me to attend xxxxxxxxx Magistrates Court on xxxxxxxx to answer the charge of Failing upon the Change of Keeper of the Vehicle, to Notify the Secretary of State forthwith. I will be pleading NOT GUILTY on all charges as I consider I ha
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