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Found 64 results

  1. I know. The title says an EBay seller gets it right which in some cases can be a rarity however, a recent experience has left me extremely impressed. Now, I am no fashion victim so I don't care what I buy so long as it works. In this case, a smart phone. I bought a Chinese knock off called a Timmy M7 but after a month the internal speaker went wrong(I couldn't here callers although they could hear me) I started the returns process through Ebay and the next day got a message offering me a refund of £15 to get the phone repaired. They also asked me to close the returns process as it 'affected their standing with Ebay'? I replied stating that I wouldn't close the process whilst the case was ongoing and to supply me with a returns label or an agreement to repay me my postage costs. The next message I got left me gobsmacked. They said they would send me out a new phone and I didn't need to return the old one so long as I closed the returns process which I agreed to on condition that they fulfil their promise. Yesterday, a brand new phone turned up. I couldn't be more happy with this seller. Sometimes things do go right. The only thing I would say to Ebay sellers from China. Stop pretending you are English. You may have a warehouse in England but the format of the letters and the time difference between replies suggests posts are sent to China and I haven't yet heard of a Chines person with the name Malcolm
  2. if i sell an item on ebay do i have a contract with the buyer or with ebay? in a nutshell i sold an item, it was damaged following collection ion person. the buyer requested a refund and ebay have given a full refund. the only explanation given by ebay re the item was it was not as described!
  3. Evening All, Can i ask for your input in this. Its a minimal amount but it would help. purchased a laptop charger for approx £7 about 3 months ago. Its started hissing at me so cant use it. I contacted Amazon who contacted the seller advising. - vid of whats happening the seller initially said to send it back and they would refund me. I advised i would rather just have a replacement. Now the sellers responded saying that if i send it back they will send me £3 and i do not return it as ive had use of the charger for 3 months. Surely should be covered for a year? like i said minimal amount so not too fussed if dont get it back but would be ncie to know for future. This is what was sent Red Amazon, Green Seller, Me blue Hello, We've been contacted by one of our mutual customers regarding an order placed with you. Below is the information provided by the customer: Order number: 202-4574190-2221913 Item: 19.5V for Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop AC Charger Power Adapter + LEAD POWER CORD CABLE Reason for contact: Damaged, Defective or Incorrect Item Details: The item has arrived, but it starts hissing randomly and becomes dangerous, kindly replace the item. Please research the issue and contact the customer. To respond to this customer, please reply to this e-mail or visit your seller account at the following link: https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/gp/communication-manager/inbox.html We hope you're able to work this out with this customer. Sincerely, Customer Service Department Amazon.co.uk http://www.amazon.co.uk] Dear customer, Thanks for your reply. We can refund you after you return the item. Please send it back via the cheapest way of MyHermes and keep the postage within 3GBP. Here is the return address: Hi EpC I don't want a refund, is it possible to have the item replaced please as I'm lost without my laptop. Hopefully you have seen the YouTube video of what's happening. Kind regards Dear customer, Thanks for your message. As resend a new one will take several days to deliver. Also, though we have tested the item before sending out, and all the items can work well before shipping. We cannot sure each one will work excellent after the delivery, since it has some uncertain factors we cannot control. We consider these issues for you. So we would like to arrange a full refund after you return the original product and you can purchase it from other near sellers. Would you accept this? Looking forward your reply. Have a nice day. Best regards Hi sorry for the delay in responding.I would ideally like to have it exchanged rather than refunding. As you were very good shipping and the charger has worked really good until the fault recently.What's easier for you? I can wait till you send another that's no problem. If you can send another i can then return the broken one in the packaging of the replacement.Thanks Steve Dear customer, Thanks for contacting us. As you have already used it for 3 months at such a cheap price, returning will also cost extra postage fee. We consider these issues for you. How about we refund you £3 without returning? Looking forward to your reply. Just seems a bit crappy to me.
  4. Hi there, I am in the process of buying a property as a first time buyer and have had an offer accepted on my ideal home but no date to move in as I am waiting for my late father's estate to be completed. Since the Seller has accepted the offer, his estate agents have been calling me 2 or 3 times a week for updates which I don't mind but they have also been contacting the solicitor who is dealing with my late father's estate in Scotland! They did this during the time I was in Cuba on holiday (no wifi available there so I was in communcado!) and the solicitor in Scotland was led to belive they were my estate agents by what they said. Luckily he didn't give them any information, but I thought it was a bit cheeky. Through discussions about the estate etc I told him that they weren't acting on my behalf and he didn't need to give them any information if he didn't feel the need to so when they phoned him last Friday, he was extremely short and to the point with them, telling them to mind their own business. On the Friday afternoon, they then called me again saying they had been in touch with my Scottish solicitor and that he was extremely rude to them and wouldn't give them any information. They said to me that in the process of house buying, once an offer is made by a buyer, they then act on behalf of the seller of the property and the buyer! Is this correct in England? I haven't instructed them to do aything for me as I don't have a house sale going through in England? I'm not convinced about what they are telling me and in Scotland where I have bought properties before, this would be a conflict of interest. Can someone please advise? Many thanks, Worstutility
  5. Won a motorbike off Ebay on 30th May, paid via bank transfer the next day as Paypal doesn't offer protection on motor vehicles. Was described as fully working, just had an MOT. Got a courier to pick it up and deliver it, received it yesterday, wouldn't start, had to buy a battery charger, discovered battery is knackered so will need to be replace, there may be other issues but hopefully not. Where do I stand on this with it not being as described? Can I make the seller reinburse any repairs I have to pay for? Or if I really wanted to could I return it? Thank you.
  6. I purchased a Henleys watch from an Ebay seller in October 2014, brand new, boxed, and with tags. Within 2 months, the silver coating was rubbung off either side of the winder, around the top and bottom of the case, and around the underneath, showing a copper colour. I contacted the seller who ignored me. I then sent the watch back to the sellers address. I got a reply stating that the seller gives 21 days warranty, and that I should return the watch back to the manufacturer. The seller finished by saying that he returned the watch back to me. Fast forward to this month, when I have asked on 3 occasions for proof of posting and the tracking number. So far, no response. I have never received the watch back. I then threatened to sue in the Small Claims Court. Again no response. A summons is now in force. All of a sudden, the seller replies saying that the Sale of goods Act does not apply to him. I replied saying it does as she is the retailer.. ..In the meantime, I have tried googling the manufacturer of Henleys watches for a contact number/address, but have not found anything Does anyone on CAg have any contact details for Henleys watches please???. Also, am I correct in saying the SoGA does apply to the seller, or is the internet shopping a different law??
  7. I recently purchased a giant fish tank from eBay. It was advertised as fully functional and the complete set up. I inspected the item before purchasing and it looked OK. Got it home and paid a professional firm to deliver it in one piece. Although it is a beautiful tank it is not functional. When I took the filter to the fish shop, they opened it up and found it was so dirty and worn it would not function. All our fish died. It was advertised with a heater but none arrived. eBay said because I inspected before purchase I have no case. The faults are not visible on inspection and I had no idea the filter was so badly damaged just looking at the outside of it. I am a fish keeping novice and did not even think to look inside. When I inspected it I saw the heater but the item was never handed to the delivery guy. I spoke to eBay yesterday who verbally said I would get a refund, but today got an email saying my appeal to the resolution case had been denied. I phoned and asked about the eBay representative saying this to me. They say they have notes of the call but the refund was not mentioned! Now we are in a pickle. We have a giant hulking tank we do not want and have spoken to Citizen's Advice today and been told we have a case under the SoGA as the item is not functional. The vendor has texted me today telling me never to contact them again as the case is closed. I have sent a pre-legal letter but doubt I will get a response. My question is what to do with the hulking great tank. I spoke to the removals firm today and they do not want to take it back as there is a good chance the vendor will refuse to sign for it and then they will have to bring it back to us again! I have put in the letter that they have 14 days to respond but we only live in a tiny house and need the item gone so we can purchase a functional tank. The expert at our shop has advised we do not put any more fish in this tank as they will just die. If they fail to respond what on earth do I do with the tank? It is too big to go in my car. Shall I sell it on but being honest about the faults and deduct this amount from the court claim? Shall I just get a man and van to dump it down the tip? I have no clue I just want the "tank of death" out of my house.
  8. I am in a strange situation with an online retailer for blinds. I called their company at first to confirm they were supplying a specific brand of blinds, which they confirmed. I then asked them for an option to stain the edges of the blinds that was not shown on their website (I knew it was available from the factory supplying them). They confirmed the extra option was available but I had to amend my order by phone after placing the order. They sounded very decent over the phone and have a load of positive reviews on Trustpilot. Based on their advice, I placed my order on Sunday evening and received a confirmation email with estimated delivery 4~5 days later. The next working day -Monday- I called their office to confirm I wanted to add the extra option. They advised me to send an email with the request (to put in writing) and so I did. The next day I received a reply to call their office back to make payment via the phone for the additional requirement. Due to work obligations it had to wait for the morning after, although it was clearly acknowledged. When I rang them to arrange the extra payment, they said the blinds were out for delivery to my place. I told them this was clearly not the arrangement we had and they agreed it was a cock up on their end but I have to write to their management. One would assume that as soon as an arrangement is in progress for additional work to the product, the order would be put on hold until this was completed. Well it appears there is a complete lack of communication within their organisation. I was planning on rejecting delivery as a first step, but the situation became even more complicated as they delivered to a neighbour! As a result the boxes ended up at my place but without my signature of accepting them. I am now left with a product that is wrong, a semi-writen /verbal arrangement and potentially the seller refusing all of this and supporting they delivered as ordered. All this based on their own stupid advice. They have however replied to my email, which suggests that communications have taken place over the phone and advising me to call for payment of the extra option. This email is built over the very invoice itself, which I see as a collective contract. Or not? It is a mess and this leaves me with a lot of hustle writing letters and/or having to return the product. It is also important to add that the blinds cannot be "fixed", this is a process carried out at painting stage and they may have to re-order a new set.
  9. Greetings, Posting on behalf of someone else. A TV was purchased about 9 months ago from a trader on Amazon.co.uk. TV has now developed a screen fault. Seller is not perfoming very well... Somewhat rude on the phone. No returned calls as promised. No replies to emails. Arranged for their engineer to visit but instead a courier arrived and was unable to take TV as was not packaged (Understandable) Rearranged for courier to return - Did not show up. Advised by courier company that arrangements had not been made. Further phone calls are advising that this is not their problem and they are doing us a favour as the TV is over 10 months old (It's not!) Any advice where to go from here? Thank you.
  10. I recently purchased a bed and (under bed) drawers for £599 plus £20 delivery as a package from 'rustic roots furniture' It arrived (a few weeks late) and to our disappointment the general workmanship was far below our expectations, and with numerous faults. * Panels not finishing flush, particularity bad and noticeable on the foot board. * Very rough finish to all surfaces. Some panels of noticeably low quality wood. * Drawers panels are split where handles attached. * Inadequate/under sized metal brackets included. * Requires a lot more assembly than anticipated, its left to me to drill all the holes for the side rails etc to construct it. Even ignoring the faults I feel the bed is poorly designed and would need modification to make it fit for purpuse (bigger better brackets etc) I contacted te seller the day it was delivered to ask for a return and refund, unfortunately he did not agree to this. He offered: Take back the bed by a courier of his choosing at a cost of £80 (he only charged £20 delivery) but he refused to take back the drawers. He says they were custom made for us, we never asked for custom drawers, in fact the invoice even states they are "standard" drawers. And obviously a set of under-bed draws that go with this bed would be useless to us. I paid using a debit card, just wondering what options I have left here? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
  11. Hi, would like to ask advice could you tell me am i to blame. I placed an order on ebay for £21.00 from master plastics, and I was exspecting the item yesterday by yodal {20th jan} I recievd a text from the company to [say the item had been delivered, but i had not got it], I emailed the company saying i had not got the parcel, and i got an email back saying they had sent it to the wrong address and they would send another item out today [21st jan] then i got a call from the company saying it was myfault i did not get the item, as i had missed one number off my post code, and she said this is how they print there label for posting they punch the post code into the computer and it prints the address label. I said do you not check the address or the name she said no there just sent out, I know where the parcel has gone too. Its quit away from here,I said do you not get someone to sign for the parcel when they get it she said no, so she is blaming me and said no refund,is this right, I mean if she had checked the invoice against the parcel she would of seen that the name and address were different,am i out of pocket again...
  12. Hi and thanks for the forum. I bought a jacket on Amazon through a seller in May 2014 and the item has been used a few times only. The zip broke a few days ago and the seller advised that I was out of the 15 days to return it. Amazon said I had until August 2014 but to call my Credit Card charge backs. So I've just called MBNA and they advised that I needed to file a claim in 120 days. Is that the end of the road as I feel totally ripped off. The product in my view is not fit for purpose. Many thanks in advance.
  13. Summary. Ordered a new tablet PC from seller on Ebay. 24/12/2014 Despatched from London Showed as being accepted at Derby town DO on 30/12/2014 Estimated last delivery date 5/01/2015 6/01/2015 still shows as being help at Derby town DO Contacted seller (US based) who asks ME to chase it up with RM...Erm NO. I am not the customer so my contract is with the seller. They have to do the chasing. Checked Track and Trace today and it shows as being delivered from the Hayes DO, about 100 miles from me! I suspect that once the date for resolution has passed and I contact Ebay, they will say that as it has been delivered, there is nothing they can do. We will see.
  14. Brought an item from Flea-Bay seller described in his heading as excellent condition which suited me as needed this item for a particular job, so my problem is I am not fully acquainted with this piece of kit so took the sellers word it was in tip top condition but after using it things didnt feel right. After looking up the manufacturers and contacting them they informed me 1 part that was faulty and 2 parts that was missing, having looked at the sellers photos posted on Ebay they were indeed missing although his listing says in Excellent working condition. Fired an email to this fool who informs me I am out of time to issue a dispute! here is the time line won item on the 13th Nov delivered 24th Nov used it once spent time and effort with manufacturers to get the item fixed, emailed seller on 14th Dec to give him a chance to rectify the problems he returned email 15th Dec to tell me I should have checked item before using it. The June 2014 Consumer Contracts Regulations does in fact state I have 4 weeks to issue a dispute which I have done and the Sale of Goods does state goods must of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. Which is the best option for me or do I not stand a chance of getting a refund or at least payment towards the repairs?
  15. I recently purchased a 1972 series 3 Landrover from Classic Land Rovers and 4x4s - John Brown 4x4 Ltd - John Brown 4x4 I paid strong money £7500 plus deliver because I believed I was buying a good LR from a professional garage. Looked great on their website and the blurb sounded good. I did not go to view it ( lack of time ) silly me. This was the description, For sale, Land Rover® Series 3 in Light Pastel Green (1972) MOT until April 2015 and tax exempt. Diesel 2286cc. This vehicle has been in the same ownership for 10 years, and was well loved. It has a comprehensive history file, with old MOTs going back 20 years, which suggest that the 33,000 miles is genuine.. ..in 1995 the mileage was 14,000, and the history shows light use year on year.. ..and this makes sense because the diesel engine sounds incredibly fit, and starts with consumate ease. In fact, this lovely Series 3 was driven up from Buckinghamshire! In addition to being tax exempt and having low miles on the clock, there are lots more goodies besides - it has parabolic springs and procomp shocks, free wheeling hubs, overdrive, and a superb (working) Capstan winch. ...this is a real plus, as they are known to be incredibly robust and strong, as they run directly off the engine. They are also sought after and therefore valuable! Finished in Light Pastel Green, the bodywork, as can be seen in the photos, is good. The interior is fitted with rear twin bench seats, and the side windows make it ideal for all the family. This is a pretty, vintage Land Rover®, benefitting from tax exemption, low mileage, and coupled with that winch, plus extras as listed, makes it quite desirable. When the LR arrived I could see it was not originally green it was blue as blue paint could still be scene in places ;-( I looked over the MOT's and noticed 4 years of MOT"S the mileage had not changed this raised suspicions. I tracked down the previous previous owner to ask about the lack of milage and MOT's he confirmed the millage was about 20k out as the speedo had not worked for a number of years. My issue is I am not a trader and have worked out the mileage was not correct. Johnbrown4x4 stated "with old MOTs going back 20 years, which suggest that the 33,000 miles is genuine" Clearly this is not the case. I decided to take the LR to a local LR no-nonsense garage and get them to look it over for me. Please watch this video. http://youtu.be/33lqoV8bAaA I think the video is rather damming given that johnbrown4x4 state that Finally, our in house inspection is far more thorough than an MOT, and we often undertake repairs to vehicles which have been deemed satisfactory by VOSA. As an example, just this week a vehicle came into the unit, having covered 4 miles since the last MOT. Our inspection diagnosed two loose wheel bearings, a loose swivel housing, and more worryingly, a badly worn ball joint, which seriously affected the safety of the steering. Because we are experts, we know where to look for problems, and also have the ability to solve them. In buying from us, you have the added peace of mind that not only has the vehicle had a VOSA inspection, it's had a John Brown 4x4 inspection” What a lot of rubbish. The LR was originally advertised for £7950 big money I offered them £7250 which they accepted but sent me this email "Trade sale (£800 discount on asking price) with no warranty implied or given" I am not a trader and understand that there was no warrantee however I do not think that the LR is fit for purpose given what the specialist has told me. I have asked JohnBrown4X4 for a refund and this is the response to my complaint Thank you for your call. The vehicle was sold with a current MOT until April 2015. The winch works perfectly. T he mileage was only suggested to be genuine as we did not have a complete history on it. It's impossible to gauge the time left on a clutch without removing the gearbox. There is not a Landrover in the land that doesn't leak oil from somewhere. There's bound to be improvements that can be made to an unrestored vehicle that's over 40 years old. The valuation of your garage is ridiculous. We are consulted nationally on setting valuations in National magazines. The vehicle was supplied under your direction as a trade sale at a trade price with no warranty implied or given. Thanks What steps next. I will be getting an AA/ RAC report then submitting this with an application to the small claims court. I shall make sure I post this in as many places as possible so to warn others. Oddly under there sold section the LR I have been sold has been removed.
  16. Hello I bought a pump from an eBay merchant (not private seller). The pump faulted within minutes of use. I took the pump to France where I live part of the year which is where it was to be used. Immediately it faulted I contacted them, explained the situation and that it would be 3-4 months before I returned to the UK and they agreed it would be OK to return it then. This I did and they agreed it was faulty but are now only offering me a replacement pump not the refund I require. I don't need another pump as I had to buy one at the French equivalent of B&Q. Where do I stand please? eBay have not been helpful at all.
  17. I bought a bathroom tap from Amazon marketplace and received the item a week later. I immediately noted the item had dents on the chrome finish, as if it was dropped or impacted by a metal object. I also realised the seller was based in Germany. I wrote to the seller and sent photos, all communications going through Amazon. The seller was fairly slow and replied with single line emails every time. They initially offered a small amount £10 refund but I clearly explained that I wanted a replacement. Again no reply for a couple of days, they said "if you don't like the tap, then send it back and we will refund it". I gave the seller every opportunity to correct this, to me they appeared lazy and unwilling to cooperate. Then I raised the question of who will bear the shipping cost and where to return the item. The seller provided no return address to the UK and the only address was on their package for "Germany". Soon after and given the seller was being difficult to communicate, I contacted Amazon UK support to complain and raise the matter. They agreed to bear the return shipping cost and so I sent the item back to Germany with registered international post. For the record, the item cost was £60 and postage to return was £45. It may seem ludicrous but that was the minimum traceable package cost and that is exactly why I made prior agreement with Amazon. I posted a scan of the receipt with the cost through the very same email communication,and waited for a refund. A couple of days later I received a call from Ireland from a guy working for Amazon support (perhaps senior?) apologising for the inconvenience and confirming that the seller will refund the item and will pay the return shipping as well, as they should have provided a return address in the UK. Most importantly, that same guy put all of this in writing and confirmed by email! (Yes I still have it!) The item arrived at the seller three days later, who although having the reference code, delayed the refund of the item for five days until I requested it again. The shipping cost was NOT refunded. The seller is impossible to communicate with, they don't speak good English and give lazy responses. They do not even acknowledge the shipping cost. I have now been chasing Amazon UK for over a month with emails, which are being ignored. Also made several complaint phone calls to their support team which are always met with a confirmation the matter will be resolved, but nothing seems to happen. We are going around circles or they are mocking me. My understanding is that under Amazon's policy I have followed every step correctly to return the item and either they or the seller should refund the shipping cost for an item that was damaged to description. It is clear to me that under distance sales (now Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013) and even Amazon's own policy the shipping cost must be refunded. I have been shopping with Amazon UK for over 10 years and I have never had such a terrible treatment. Perhaps an article to the Guardian or a letter to Trading Standards will refresh their memory of their obligations to the consumer? Or action in court?
  18. Hello I sold a amateur radio transceiver on ebay. as its an item that can be tampered with I put on no Returns. I have a personal account. buyer contacted me a bit later saying that the microphone was not working some buttons on it were at fault i offered the buyer out of good will to replace the wire on the microphone. Buyer claimed that he has tried a different microphone from another radio that is none compatible. Then the buyer said there was other faults with the radio but no mention of this before microphone was put in to radio. only thing was that radio did have stick on rubber feet but buyer claimed i d id not say this in the description but these were visible on photographs. The buyer even tried and said for to relist the radio but i refused as i do not know what the buyer has or may have done to the item. Now ebay and paypal want me to give full refund and accept the radio back that is now broken an refund 300 pounds which i don't have. The buyer has sent the radio back and i know that legally i do not have to accept the item as once i sign for it then i have accepted its my fault when it is not. Just thinking on what is your thoughts about this any more advice do i decline radio then take buyer to court Thanks g
  19. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I recently purchased an item off Ebay. The item cost £4.99 plus postage. The seller gave me a tracking number for Yodel. A courier for an item that costs £4.99? Strange! After ten days the item had not arrived. I went onto Yodels website and input the tracking number; it was delivered on 10/4/14. No it wasn't! I rang Yodel and gave them the tracking number and my details. "Sorry that tracking number is not for your address and we are unable to give you details of where the item was delivered due to data protection". Went back to seller: gave him the information as above. After many days of toing and froing the seller kept saying item delivered even though I explained the tracking number did not relate to me . Having lost my patience I escalated it to Ebay Customer Care(laugh!). The email: I have been involved in a dispute over non-delivery of an item. The item number is xxxxxxxxxx. The tracking number given to me does not correspond with my name, address or postcode. It is the wrong tracking number and the seller refuses to budge. Please help. The decision: .cs95E872D0{text-align:left;text-indent:0pt;margin:0pt 0pt 0pt 0pt} .cs1B16EEB5{color:#000000;background-color:transparent;font-family:Calibri;font-size:11pt;font-weight:normal;font-style:normal;} .csA2081E39{text-align:left;text-indent:0pt;margin:12pt 0pt 0pt 0pt} Hello David, Thank you for contacting eBay Customer Service regarding the adaptor (Item 201037273803) you purchased from "cheshire_stuff" which you haven't received. Let me summaries as I believe and understand that you are requesting for the full refund of your payment on this transaction. I also understand your frustration about not having any resolution from your trading partner. I appreciate and commend you as well for doing the right thing in bringing this to our attention. I also acknowledge the fact that you have been patient and understanding from the time that this issue was raised we would like to say thank you as we know that your time is valuable and you only want what is truly yours. I'm sorry you've had a negative experience with this particular transaction. I want to extend to you all the help that I can give regarding this matter. Let me assure you that I'm more than genuinely interested in resolving this issue for you. David, in response to your claim, I have fully reviewed the details and can see that the seller has provided proof of tracking (Yodel tracking no. JD0002250288004726) indicating that the item was posted and delivered to you last April 14, 2014. Here is the link: http://myyodel.co.uk/tracking?parcel_id=JD0002250288004726 Because of this scenario, I want to let you know that we are not able to close this case in your favour. We also cannot approve an appeal of a case decision where tracking shows an item has been delivered as we must take this as proof of delivery. I really want to help you with this and I understand that you have not received this item, it is very possible that a mistake was made by the mail carrier. The package may have been delivered or could have been delivered to the wrong address. In either scenario, I hope you can understand that we made this decision because the tracking information shows the item was delivered to you. At this point, my best option for you is to contact the mail carrier used to see if they could provide further details of the packages whereabouts. You can also find the tracking number in the resolution centre. I would also recommend you to ask and check the item with your family/housemates/neighbours – it may be a case that someone at or near your property took the parcel from the postman but forgot to let you know or it may have been delivered to the neighbours by accident. If applicable, I’d also recommend that you check the front of your house, as some postmen can leave parcels “somewhere safe”, for example; behind a bin, at the back or side of a house etc. Please be assured that we strive to do our best to address our member's every concern and we make decisions based on the policies that all eBay members have agreed upon. Also, here are some tips that may improve your experience: 1. Communicate with the seller. - Be sure to contact the seller first and try to work things out. - Use the "Ask a question" link in the listing page or the “Contact a Seller” option in My eBay. 2. Consider buying from Top-rated sellers who have demonstrated exceptional customer service. Review the seller’s feedback before purchasing. 3. Buy domestically. If you need your item right away, you may want to buy your item closer to home to avoid customs delays. 4. Update your delivery address. Make sure your address is current so items will be delivered to you. To make sure your transactions go smoothly in the future, we suggest you visit the eBay site and click the Safety Centre link located at the bottom of any page. There you will find tips on how to buy safely in the "Buying Safely" section. As part of our Helpful Guidance for your future transaction, please read through the page for more useful information. You could copy and paste this into a new browser. http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/buyer-protection.html For tips on buying, see the Help Page below: http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/buy/buyer_checklist.html David, I trust I have addressed all your queries, as always our aim is to assist you in the most efficient and professional manner. I am flabbergasted.....Ebay, like the seller, just haven't read anything!!! Suggestions please (sensible ones not sarcastic or childish comments)?
  20. Hi all! In December, I opened an Amazon seller account. All was going well until they blocked me because it was linked somehow to another account. I've never held another account, and keep denying it to them. they suspended my account for 90 days holding just over £500 of my money with it. Now the 90 days have passed, I have been in contact with Amazon Seller support to try and get my money back, but they say I need to pay the balance due on a previous seller account I have supposedly held. The amount they are demanding is quite substantial, and Amazon have not provided any proof that the account is linked! They keep claiming they can't release why the accounts are linked! How can they keep holding my money without substantial proof?! I keep telling them I have never had another account, but they come back with the same responses! What can I do about this, I have sent a letter and received no reply, emails have been responded to by a simple computer generated response, and phone support is useless!! Is it going to be a case of taking them to court? If so, who do I claim against?! Thanks in advance for your help!!
  21. Hi, I have bought Toyota Corolla Verso, 54 plate on last week of Decemeber 2013. Within Feb 2014 first week it broke down. AA recovered it. (Air Con compressor Pulley fallen off and with it Belt came off) Spoken to the seller, he asked me to tow to his Garage, Spent £60 to tow it next day... Seller calls me back saying it's not covered on Warranty., He's looking for second hand replacement kind of.. from then on I was spending on public transport around £40 a week for family and by this weekend it costed me £160... However whichever email I send him to know update he does not reply., from last week he stopped answering my phone calls.. So After spending £2800 on a car and traded in my 51 plate Suzuki Liana (Which was still good runner for £300).. I'm now left with no car no information. Not sure what to do., As seller agreed to repair but making me at his mercy!! I need car desperately. Any suggestions how to approach? Anvesh.
  22. I have recently made a purchase off ebay, as a winning bidder and made an immediate payment via paypal, which was the payment option in the listing. I very quickly received a message from the seller saying that they didn't want paypal used and it was only cash on collection. I called the seller and they were adamant that the listing was cash on collection. Having re-checked the listing, in the sellers instructions it just gives a phone number to contact them it doesn't state NOT to use paypal. The goods had to be transported by courier, so I contacted them and they agreed to pay cash on my behalf when they collected the items for me and I have taken delivery. When does theseller know that funds are cleared in their paypal account and can safely issue the refund? They have said they will send it but it's not yet been done and it's now four days since the collection was done and cash paid. Am I being too impatient? They keep pushing for feedback to be given and I obviously don't want to do this until I've had my money back.
  23. Morning all, Now while I am technically competent I find myself with an issue I am not sure about. I bought a Pomp W89 quad core mobile from a seller on Ebay. It is a Chinese knock off and looks good. This is the phone and the seller in question. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dual-Sim-Camera-Cell-POMP-W89-4-7-Quad-Core-WiFi-Smartphone-Android-4-2-Mobile-/380786054168?pt=UK_Mobile_Phones&hash=item58a89e1418 My issue is, the GPS does not work! After I contacted the seller he (I assume) replied with this I had already done this so I replied saying it still wasn't working so today I got this. Now, it is my understanding that when outside, the GPS chip should work without having GPRS switched on. GPRS is an additional factor to ensure quicker location. If I left data roaming on, this would cost me once my PAYG payment expires. Are they trying to fob me off?
  24. I bought an electrical item a couple of months ago that was faulty, I had to open a Paypal dispute, the buyer refunded me and I informed the seller I would be sending the item back. I sent it back using Hermes 3-5 standard delivery (this was around 6-7 weeks ago, heard once from the seller around 6 weeks ago saying that they hadn't received it, didn't hear anything for 5 weeks then suddenly I receive a message out of the blue today saying:- I have now allowed more than enough time for the item to turn up, so it's clearly obvious you have not returned the item. You will have also recieved correspondence from PayPal but no reply from you. This message is to give you the option to refund the £181.45 in full as I now can't and won't trust you to send this item back. If you do not correspond with this message I will have no option but to take legal action and credit action. This can involve the police due to fraud and The Small claims court as I have enough proof to do so. Credit action invovles reporting you to the credit bureaus. My number is *********** if you have the decency to let me know what your intentions are. (Different name to the seller here at the bottom but same surname.) (So and so's Representative) I haven't received anything from Paypal, as far as I was concerned they received their item, It was sent back so I won't be refunding and cannot afford to do so now anyway due to very recently losing my income. I just wanted thoughts on the seller's message and what might happen now? They are more than welcome to take me to Court if they feel they need to as I haven't done anything wrong. Thank you for reading and I hope you can give me some advice.
  25. This one is for a friend who purchased goods from the UK and had them delivered to an EU country. The goods are two safes, purchased over the phone, so description and transaction were carried out by phone. The safes arrived in good looking condition and have dial lock doors. When my friend tried to adjust the dial locks according to the instructions, they couldn't get them to work (on both). Another person in the company tried following the instructions to the letter and again they couldn't adjust the locks. One of the locks was also stuck. They got in touch with the retailer, over the phone at first and then by email. They forwarded me the email communications which are super clear, the retailer tells them that due to dial locks having issues on transport they sometimes need to dispatch an engineer to re-calibrate. This could be done in the UK but since they are outside the UK (within EU), the seller provided the contacts of a representative. My friend tried all contacts to no avail and none of them was reachable. They got in touch with the seller again to ask for a proposed solution and also expressed concerns over the reliability of the dial locks. The seller wrote on email that they "failed to inform them about this potential issue on transport prior to sale and therefore they would bear the costs of the return". Then my friend proposed to swap the dial lock doors with key lock doors which the seller accepted under no other condition. The doors were shipped back to the UK (paid by my friend but invoice was sent to the seller for a refund as agreed). As soon as the seller received the doors they swapped to key locks and shipped the different doors back. BUT they also replied by email supporting that the doors had no problem at all and that according to them it was the buyer's fault, therefore it would be unfair for them to pay for the return costs back to the UK. I am not familiar with distant sales but I understand that my friend can use both SOGA and EU directive for Distance Selling. 1.According to SOGA the description of the goods was not right, because two people could not operate the safe according to the instructions of the seller (intended to the average user), unless that falls under non-fit-for-purpose? (now the seller supports that two people are "stupid" and they couldn't operate perfectly working dial locks). 2. Then according to the distance sales directive from the EU, they failed to provide full information about the goods during/prior sale, which they admitted openly in writing, so they should bear the return costs. But even if the above was hard to justify,my friend followed the instructions agreed with the seller in good faith, in order to resolve the problem, and the seller changed their mind on an agreement they proposed themselves?! My friend put all the above points in a nice letter to the seller and received no response at all. I feel the seller has acted inappropriately. Your advice is most welcome:)
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