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  1. I appreciate your reply and thank you for reminding me about this, I informed the seller I was in the process of moving when I sent this item and I haven't come across the paperwork for it so I'm worried i have lost it, hopefully it will turn up but as it was only sent Standard Delivery there was no tracking number for the item.
  2. I bought an electrical item a couple of months ago that was faulty, I had to open a Paypal dispute, the buyer refunded me and I informed the seller I would be sending the item back. I sent it back using Hermes 3-5 standard delivery (this was around 6-7 weeks ago, heard once from the seller around 6 weeks ago saying that they hadn't received it, didn't hear anything for 5 weeks then suddenly I receive a message out of the blue today saying:- I have now allowed more than enough time for the item to turn up, so it's clearly obvious you have not returned the item.
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