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  1. they admitted it was there fault they didnt check my address as they had my right address and name, just the post code was one number missing . and the driver went off the post code and didnt read the address or he would of known it was the wrong place he took it too, anyhow all sorted they resent another parcel and i got it today,
  2. Hi, would like to ask advice could you tell me am i to blame. I placed an order on ebay for £21.00 from master plastics, and I was exspecting the item yesterday by yodal {20th jan} I recievd a text from the company to [say the item had been delivered, but i had not got it], I emailed the company saying i had not got the parcel, and i got an email back saying they had sent it to the wrong address and they would send another item out today [21st jan] then i got a call from the company saying it was myfault i did not get the item, as i had missed one number off my post code, and she said this is how they print there label for posting they punch the post code into the computer and it prints the address label. I said do you not check the address or the name she said no there just sent out, I know where the parcel has gone too. Its quit away from here,I said do you not get someone to sign for the parcel when they get it she said no, so she is blaming me and said no refund,is this right, I mean if she had checked the invoice against the parcel she would of seen that the name and address were different,am i out of pocket again...
  3. hi, thanks for your reply, she only worked out how much she was paying back when she got home, but we have it sorted now we got a bank loan and only pay back £700 that is one heck of a difference to £5000. there loan rate must be sky high, needless to say will not be going to them again..
  4. hi, we have it sorted now, carcraft must be taking the eyes out of people, as we have been to the bank and got a loan for the amount of the car, and all we are paying back is £700 interest, your rates for a loan must be sky high. .we wont be using carcraft again. .as she only worked it out how much she was paying back when she got home,,
  5. Hi, my daughter went to car craft lastnight. She looked at a car she liked so decided to put her old car in for part ex, she filled out all the papers for finance and she was accepted she brought the new car home last night. When she told me she was paying £5,000 on top of the cars price which was £8,000 after a night thinking she realised it was a lot of money, I said can you not cancel take the car back, when she phoned carcraft this morning they said she could cancel the finance, and try and get a bank loan for the amount of the car, but there is no way she can take the car back, is this right is there no cooling off period where she, can take the car back and get her old one back,
  6. Hi a friend of mine was out two weeks ago minding his own business when he can remember being punched as he was walking along the street, after that he remembers nothing he had concussion, had a big operation on both sides of his jaw and has had to stay in hospital for awhile and lost a lot of work, the police were informed but they say they are putting it down to an incident and not a crime, can my friend some how claim compensation for his stress and injuries, I was informed that the cica even when the attacker can not be found he could still claim for compensation, is this correct or do you know which route we can go down as I would like to help him the best I can, As the police are not prepared to look at the cctv that's all over town, these people or person are free to do it again to someone else..
  7. hi, thanks for info on ramps have sent a letter to mp as yet no reply..and also sent two emails to the ceo one in march and another in may..looks like i'm just been ignored..never mind..been told by a friend to get onto local papers but not sure about that one..i'll keep trying ...thanks again..
  8. I opened my bank account with NatWest, I got a student account just to get money paid in and a debit card to pay bills,i could also have direct debits on that account, and after 4 yr i was offered a different account with overdraft which i said i didn't want. I have been free from bankruptcy for 7 yr now and im now squeaky clean and got a good credit rating, i did apply for a credit card as i was told that if i got one and used it for small amounts then paid off straight away it would help my credit rating, so after a few yr you should be fine takes awhile but its worth it...not sure if NatWest still do it, but i was offered Barclay's but declined as i hear some poor things about them..
  9. Hi, thought I would let you know that I received an apology letter from 1st credit, they said they were not informed by the people they bought the debt from that it was part of my bankruptcy and should not have been passed to 1st credit ltd. they were blaming the people they got the information from, At least its all sorted out now, but I have kept all there letters just in case, once again thank you for your help with sorting it out, Don't suppose you have any ideas on how to get the council to put a dropped kerb near our bungalows as we have to go two streets before we find one as we use wheelchairs, I have sent two emails that have just been ignored.. just thought id ask may be someone out there in the know...
  10. will do, im glad i found this web site and recommended to others i wouldn't of known what to do, was getting upset with the threats and letters, and yes I think they were a bit miffed with what i sent them or should i say the information i was advised to send them, a s even without talking to them could tell buy the letter they weren't happy. but they say what goes around comes around, just hope they don't come around to pestering me to soon. .thanks for help and info...
  11. hi my friend has a two bedroom bungalow not warden controlled or sheltered housing, but council housing but has a carer stay 5 nights a week family carer unpaid. so is exempt from paying the bedroom tax she is on high rate care and has to use a wheelchair and needs alot of help through the day and night, im not sure how many nights you have to stay over to be exempt,she was told that if she did not have a carer even on high rate care allowance she would have to pay the extra,but as she needs the help she is fine,you can also get the extra paid if you are on middle rate care as long as you have a carer stay over night, not just on high rate..She had to send a letter in saying who was staying and how often but that was all they needed to know, but if the needed evidence she has g.ps and consultants and o.t for back up...
  12. hi, in march i wrote about first credit limited and copied a letter from this post word for word, they did not however reply to me in the 7 days that i told them to but within 12 days, and all i have had in return is a one line letter saying, thank you for your recent correspondence your letter has been passed to the appropriate department and they shall respond in due course. yours faithfully Gavin Flynn. and that was dated the 9 th of April. and i have had no word since so fingers crossed that did the job but i will keep in touch if anything changes. thanks for your help guys....
  13. oh, wow you don't mess about, if that doesn't tell them nothing will im glad i found this web site you should advertise on tv i bet there are loads of people not knowing were to turn,i will let you know the outcome,i will copy the letter word for word and see how we get on big thanks for your help..
  14. hi, i have just had another letter today from 1st credit limited saying it is from barclays bank debt i think its referring to a littlewoods catalogue account, this was part of my bankruptcy in 2006 and i was discharged from bankruptcy in 2008, why are they still hounding me. today they sent a letter with a payment plan and a giro receipt how to pay, i do not owe this as it was cleared with my bankruptcy what should i do now i was told to ignore the last letter, should i now contact them i don't want to phone them as they Will just hound me by phone, should i send them my bankruptcy information and the court that delt with it, or just a letter,as i say i do not have any debt now not even a catalogue and i looked on my experian and i am clear and a good credit score, so why do they have details of this debt.
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