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  1. Both. We're the same company.
  2. Info: Insurance comp have decided to make him pay in full as it was a no blame claim on my behalf. Premiums stay put and I don't lose NCD. The camera came in very handy and I would urge everybody to get at least one. I have one for the rear but I need a new cable. Thanks to those who helped.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I have already contacted the insurance company and stressed to them that I will not be claiming via them. They state that since I am not making a claim my NCD is intact. (we'll see when I renew in 8 days time). I don;t have drivers details only the Police have them at his moment but I assume they will obviously pass them on for my "claim" purposes. He is insured.......with the same insurer! I'm taking a free half hour with a Solicitor tomorrow to see what steps I can take but I've already asked for quotes (again good advice) and just waiting for outcome.
  4. Whilst I was waiting at a mini roundabout a Lexmoto motor cycle tried to squeeze in on my left (I was also turning left) and damaged my car with two long and deepish scratches. No personal injury. I got out of the car and spoke to him briefly. He apologised but said it wasn't his fault(?). He blamed the non-existent ice on the road. I was blocking traffic so I asked him to wait while I moved my car. As I got back in my car he drove off. I went to the Police and reported it who have now said they will prosecute him for not remaining to provide details and for driving away from an acci
  5. May I ask? Is there a pecuniary loss? In other words was your parking costing the landholder money? Were there other spaces available? Was there a game on? Unless you have cost the site or landlord money they cannot enforce. However, if there was a match then that can be construed as income. If there was not a match then you write to the issuers of the charge and inform them that if they cannot prove a pecuniary loss then they cannot claim. Otherwise it's fubar. Good luck!
  6. I did not approach him, this is on camera from the pub. This is something to do with me because I was minding my own business when assaulted. Also; I am in the middle of a campaign to stop the 02 code in this street so it is legal to prove my point!
  7. To Mikey mack. You are so correct but, to my lack of good sense, I have worded this somewhat incorrectly and missed a few points. I did not video anybody; I was being accused of it. The CEO approached me! the assault was instigated by him but his friend committed the crime. I have also omitted that the CEO ran after me up the road in full view of all pedestrians. When I was trained it was to walk away. Obviously different training methods. This is clearly harassment which i have now pointed out to the LA and the CEO's own bosses.
  8. I have been having a bit of a battle with St Helens Council over a loading ban in one of the streets in the town centre. There is a ban on loading between 16:30 and 18:30 Monday to Saturday. However there is also double yellow lines which enables disabled drivers to park for the normal three hours. This is the catch . Those disabled drivers do not realise there is a loading ban between these hours because they, obviously, don't read the time plate. As soon as 16:30 comes the Attendants descend but not in a consistent manner. For example last evening a taxi was parked in the same stre
  9. Doesn't sound it! Goodbye people and best of luck to you all.
  10. You're wrong Pete. Look at the first post. The OP had a ticket and produced it from the vehicle in front of the CEO. Also each CEO's computer has a facility for going back and inserting notes to help "unfortunate" customers who have a valid ticket and things like this happen. T o add to this some Councils still use notebooks to aid/prove liability. I'll leave this thread now as I've said what I need to. My advice is appeal and keep appealing. Not all Councils are as clean as they say. Good luck magician!
  11. Because you act like it's your money not the Council you worked for! Had enough of this lark. Advice to anybody is contest the ticket.........I've had three and won them all because I know the law and people aren't as ....shall we say Council orientated at some others. Good luck Lou!
  12. Jamberson: as you have read from the other thread we are following you are in fact an ex Council employee and have a reason to grab as much money as you can (not personally you understand). My point is that if the ticket was in the vehicle and it was showed to the CEO then his/her notes should be enough for a dismissal of the pcn. If not it just proves there are "dodgy" Councils out there. I was very well trained in my position and it smells here of Councils taking people for a ride. Not displayed because of a gust of wind? Proven ticket showed to the CEO? Are you having a laugh; which mo
  13. To Jamberson: please don't be patronising. I was good at my job and I was taught the legal side of the job as well as the practical. I speak from experience. My opinion is that if ANY Council tries to uphold this "offence" then they are just money grabbers. Also reading your statements you fit that category. Go for it Lou! Morals on view here I think. Mr /Mrs/Miss/Ms Jamberson. Please do not take this as a war. In my opinion I am/was a professional in my field and I look at it from both points of view it's just a pity that the people making the money don't!
  14. Photos are or its a case of one word against another. Obviously the other site are wrong. Would you like to tell them? The Councils I worked for would not accept ANY pcn without photographic evidence. Obviously not all Councils are the same. Any tribunal worth it's salt would uphold an appeal without evidence.
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