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Found 4 results

  1. Hi to all. At the end of October we had some Perfect Fit double pleated blinds fitted by a local company. 7 small windows and 9 large. A couple of weeks later I noticed one of the large ones was written on in biro along the top outside - lots of measurements! - which they took back and rectified. We paid extra for these type because each pleat forms a diamond shaped pocket when viewed from the side. The idea being it traps air inside for insulation from heat and cold. Last week I noticed that, on the outside, 5 of the 9 large blinds were coming away from the end fittings. I also noticed that on the outside of ALL the large blinds the pleats were flat, as if pulled tight, along two thirds of their length, forming 'half a diamond'. On the inside they were all fine? The 7 small blinds are fine inside and out. I took photos and went to show them. They arranged to take the 5 blinds for repair. I pointed out the pleats being flat outside but not inside and was told, 'That's how they all are. Mine are the same.' Today, their fitter came and took the 5 back. I pointed out the flat pleats. I said they'd see for themselves when he got them to the shop. I said not only were they inefficient at insulation because they were mostly flat, but they also looked terrible. I copied this from a site explaining the purpose of these type of blinds - Double pleated fabric - Honeycomb, cellular and double pleated are all names for blinds that have pockets of air. These air pockets help to insulate your windows, keeping warm air in and cold air out. They rang later to say they'll refit tomorrow. No mention of them all being flat. I won't be there tomorrow when they come, but my wife will. I have no doubt they will try and fob her off saying there's nothing wrong with them. We paid almost £1000 for them. Not cheap! We didn't notice the faults earlier because when it gets dusk we close the blinds. They're opened again when we get up so it's not something that we see every day. So... do I write to them, rejecting the blinds unless they remedy the flat pleats problem. When that gets me nowhere, do I write giving them 14 days to refund my money? Then... the small claims court? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give. Paul PS I'd be interested to know if anyone else has this problem, or if your blinds are 'Perfect' inside and out.
  2. I bought some made to measure window blinds from an online retailer. They make it clear they cannot be returned if the purchaser gives the wrong measurements, so I followed their measuring guide to the letter. When they arrived the blinds themselves fit perfectly, but the fixings that hold the blind do not fit the recess I have. These fixings or their size were not mentioned in the measuring guide or anywhere else on the site. I have asked for a refund but they say they can't be returned as the blinds are made to measure. I said I wasn't to know the fixings would be bigger and not fit, and they said I should have expected they be bigger in order to hold the blind. They have offered a discount on an alternative blind which would fit better, but no refund on the initial purchase. They also pointed out I'd ordered a similar blind before and so should have known about the fixings, but I didn't fit that blind myself, and the window it was for wasn't so shallow, so such an issue never arose and I've never even given it a thought. Obviously I wouldn't have bought blinds I know couldn't fit - what would be the point? Where do I stand, in terms of returns? Thanks.
  3. The cord on my Velux blackout blind wore through plastic runners of the blinds. The problem only became apparent after 4-5 years when the cord frayed on the sharp edges and jammed the blind. Velux are saying I'm out of the 3-year warranty (the blind is about 5 years old). I'm saying that the blind was never fit for purpose as the plastic has clearly worn gradually from the time the blind was installed. As well as opinions on whether I have a case, I'd be interested if people could check any blackout blinds they have for similar issues. It's a bit tricky to see as you have to look from the outside of the window! The attached photo shows the two cords (one damaged) emerging from the end of the aluminium strip that runs across the bottom of the blind material. The worn groove can clearly be seen where the cord used to run. At the other end of the strip, the plastic wore all the way through and the cord snagged and broke on the aluminium. It would have been a relatively cheap and easy repair if the problem had been spotted before the plastic wore all the way through, so worth a look if you have a Velux blind. A replacement is going to cost me £120 - they're not cheap!
  4. I am in a strange situation with an online retailer for blinds. I called their company at first to confirm they were supplying a specific brand of blinds, which they confirmed. I then asked them for an option to stain the edges of the blinds that was not shown on their website (I knew it was available from the factory supplying them). They confirmed the extra option was available but I had to amend my order by phone after placing the order. They sounded very decent over the phone and have a load of positive reviews on Trustpilot. Based on their advice, I placed my order on Sunday evening and received a confirmation email with estimated delivery 4~5 days later. The next working day -Monday- I called their office to confirm I wanted to add the extra option. They advised me to send an email with the request (to put in writing) and so I did. The next day I received a reply to call their office back to make payment via the phone for the additional requirement. Due to work obligations it had to wait for the morning after, although it was clearly acknowledged. When I rang them to arrange the extra payment, they said the blinds were out for delivery to my place. I told them this was clearly not the arrangement we had and they agreed it was a cock up on their end but I have to write to their management. One would assume that as soon as an arrangement is in progress for additional work to the product, the order would be put on hold until this was completed. Well it appears there is a complete lack of communication within their organisation. I was planning on rejecting delivery as a first step, but the situation became even more complicated as they delivered to a neighbour! As a result the boxes ended up at my place but without my signature of accepting them. I am now left with a product that is wrong, a semi-writen /verbal arrangement and potentially the seller refusing all of this and supporting they delivered as ordered. All this based on their own stupid advice. They have however replied to my email, which suggests that communications have taken place over the phone and advising me to call for payment of the extra option. This email is built over the very invoice itself, which I see as a collective contract. Or not? It is a mess and this leaves me with a lot of hustle writing letters and/or having to return the product. It is also important to add that the blinds cannot be "fixed", this is a process carried out at painting stage and they may have to re-order a new set.
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