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  1. When you buy a used motor vehicle from a trader, you enter into a legally binding contract. You are entitled to expect that the vehicle is of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose, and as described. An older vehicle with high mileage may not be as good as a newer vehicle with low mileage, but it should still be fit for use on the road and in a condition that reflects its age and price. Traders must not mislead consumers by using phrases such as 'sold as seen' or 'no refunds'. If you buy a used vehicle from a trader online, you have additional rights under the Consumer Contracts (Informati
  2. Some of you might have read my recent post in my experiences buying a LR from Johnbrown4x4 they state that in there professional opinion the LR is road worthy. It would seem that they don't know a lot as today it has failed an MOT on a number of issues. So much for there very strict inspection before the LR was sent out. Please see the following video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpCAEhjaM4U&feature=youtu.be
  3. Thank you for your post for your information JohnBrown4x4 are aware of the garage I made that information public. In fact in their response it even mentions the garage in my original post I also state I will be getting the RAC to look at the LR as there integrity can not be questioned. I have not made any slanderous comments my comments are fact. The fact is that the description given does not match the LR. As for not going to see the LR the dealers own website states most of our customers buy from us unseen !
  4. Sure a car of this age would have quirks how ever it was delivered in an un roadworthy state that is the issue.
  5. Lets start by clarifying a few points. 1. I called JohnBrown4x4 to discuss the issues with the LR. The response I received was......thank you for your call. The vehicle was sold with a current MOT until April 2015. The winch works perfectly. The mileage was only suggested to be genuine as we did not have a complete history on it. It's impossible to gauge the time left on a clutch without removing the gearbox. There is not a Landrover in the land that doesn't leak oil from somewhere. There's bound to be improvements that can be made to an unrestored vehicle that's over 40 years old.
  6. I paid deposit by bank card the balance by bank transfer. I have spoken to the CAB today who have confirmed I am entitled to a refund. I emailed them this and have had no response. I will send it tomorrow by registered post. 19 December 2014 Dear JohnBrown4x4, The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 10/12/14 I ordered the following: 1972 Landrover SWB TWT563L. I received the goods on 16/12/14. Under the above Regulations, I would like to cancel the order and ask you to provide a full refund within 14 days. Fur
  7. I recently purchased a 1972 series 3 Landrover from Classic Land Rovers and 4x4s - John Brown 4x4 Ltd - John Brown 4x4 I paid strong money £7500 plus deliver because I believed I was buying a good LR from a professional garage. Looked great on their website and the blurb sounded good. I did not go to view it ( lack of time ) silly me. This was the description, For sale, Land Rover® Series 3 in Light Pastel Green (1972) MOT until April 2015 and tax exempt. Diesel 2286cc. This vehicle has been in the same ownership for 10 years, and was well loved.
  8. Beware of this company Good Egg creative communications D J Higginbottom. We paid them via a website to carry out some design & print work. The work was never carried and this company failed to respond to any emails. We left a negative review on the website Good Egg creative communications simply deleted there profile and re opened a new profile with a slightly different name. This guy is definitely not a Good Egg he is a rotten EGG.
  9. Warning about this company http://www.cookingtime.co.uk. I ordered a knife set from them cost £120. The knife set was never delivered to ME or my home. I own a flat in a mansion block, so the delivery company left the knives with a near buy shop WTF. No one informed me ! I called cooktime.co.uk they failed to take responsibility. After some heated emails( they said oh we delivered it, yes to the wrong address) they promised to refund the money but then failed to thus I am out £120...... I am now going to post this all over the internet to warn people about this company. Please feel free to r
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