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  1. yes property, 35 flats
  2. What do we need court orders for? Can't we just divorce and continue to run the business each drawing our share? The business is better as a whole than it is in 2 halves. Breaking it up / down will destroy it I fear.
  3. Hello I am very confused not least because my wife has walked out on our marriage after 35 years and apart from the relationship upset there is a considerable amount of property in the mix. Unfortunately she left in the last tax year so spousal transfer without CGT is going to be a massive problem. I have spoken briefly to a solicitor but he just confused me even more. I have no issue with the relationship split but the business split is going to be complicated for all sorts of reasons not least CGT. My wife and I are on talking terms and are both keen to get this done smoothly and cheaply. Is there any alternative to using a solicitor? We are business partners already and we are both happy for that to continue without disposal or divvying up the properties. Any suggestions greatly received>
  4. Hello I bought a pump from an eBay merchant (not private seller). The pump faulted within minutes of use. I took the pump to France where I live part of the year which is where it was to be used. Immediately it faulted I contacted them, explained the situation and that it would be 3-4 months before I returned to the UK and they agreed it would be OK to return it then. This I did and they agreed it was faulty but are now only offering me a replacement pump not the refund I require. I don't need another pump as I had to buy one at the French equivalent of B&Q. Where do I stand please? eBay have not been helpful at all.
  5. No the LEZ my old motorhome is non compliant.
  6. Hi All I took a wrong lane getting on to the M25 and ended up on the M4 heading into london. I had to continue along to the next roundabout which was right by a big Holiday Inn. I have rung the helpline but they can't tell me if I have entered or not as they have no access to the cameras. So I have 2 choices. 1 is to pay just in case or 2 wait until the cameras decide I did enter and pay the penalty charge. Any comments / advice please.
  7. Hello This is about a boat engine. And goes like this. I asked a boat yard to put a new engine in my boat. Because of the cruising I plan to do I wanted a bigger HP. The boat yard offered me a 50hp engine to replace the 35hp and the quote and work was done. After about 100 hours the engine developed a fault and the engine manufacturers after much investigation decided the engine had a major fault and replaced it with another brand new one but fitted in a different boatyard as we had moved some considerable distance and towing the boat to the original yard was not really a practical option. This engine was fitted which was a straight forward swap out as all the necessary conversion work had been done at the original boat yard. This new engine has now blown a head gasket and possible other damage after only 80 hours and it now looks as if its overheating due to insufficient cooling. When I put this to the original boat yard they said they considered the current cooling capacity of the boats system to be adequate. I have contacted the boat hull manufacturer to ask what their calculations and original cooling system would dissipate and they said 35hp maximum and that no way would the system cope with 50hp and intimated any boatyard worth its salt would know this. So I am now faced with having to to have this engine repaired and additional cooling added to the boat which will require it to come out of the water all of course at considerable expense and disruption to my cruising plan. So bottom line and question is. Where is my redress?
  8. What woul be the likely outcome of me refusing to pay the debt occured by their errors?
  9. I have supplied as many if not more meter readings than the contracted meter reader. In all cases either by email or on the card left out I have always filled in the correct amount so I always got an accurate bill. Should I withdraw the offer I have put on the table? Has anyone had sucess in getting a power company to write off this type of error?
  10. I have made E.On and offer to clear the debt in one lump su, and this is really all I can afford. I don't want a 4 year debt hanging over me certainly for something that is NOT my fault. Should I withdarw this offer or leave it on the table? I really don't know what to do for the best.
  11. Hello Helena I was hoping for I dependant advice. However it is good to know that companies also look to help clients on the forum. In Brief. It seems that you have been reading the meter wit the wrong amount of dials on both the day and night units. I believe a mix up between 5 and 6 dials. I have had some good will gestures offered from E.On on this but the I simply can't afford that sort of lump sum to clear it, and although I have been offered extended terms I really don't want a debt hanging over me for the next 4 years either. Also the correct amount of payment on the DD together with the extended payments to repay the debt come to over £300 p/m and this is something I simply never budgeted for.
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