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  1. This thread is quite simple... It's an ATTACK on WONGA... HOW LOW ARE THEY PREPARED TO GO....????? ******************************************************** http://s179.photobucket.com/albums/w289/diskmandave/CAG/Wonga/ ******************************************************** WONGA Ad's on CHILDRENS app's... This App is aimed at teaching children how to brush their teeth... But it's got Wonga ad's all over it!!! It seems now that Wonga are targetting their adverts DIRECTLY at CHILDREN... Which is ILLEGAL according to UK LAW.., And is certainly a breach of their Consumer Credit Licence.. Wonga need to be put out of business.. My name here, is DISKMANDAVE...... But, please, be assured that, I will NOT HIDE behind a user name..... My name IS........... DAVE BUCKLEY... and you can find me on Facebook.......... https://www.facebook.com/diskmandave
  2. My father exists on his state pension plus a small income from RAFA. He bought one of those DIY will packs from W H Smith and drew up the following will on a sheet of A4; I, Reginald XXX XXX bequeath all my property and assets in the United kingdom to my so, Ian XXXX XXXX if he carries out my instructions which he has agreed to, as follows: 1) My body to be conveyed to the crematorium in the cheapest way possible that the law allows. 2) No minister, no eulogy, no organ, but cremated without ceremony. Alternatively to allow my body parts to be used to help only any ethnic Anglo Saxon 3) Should any of the above conditions not be carried out, everything to be given to the British Royal Airforce Association or the S.S.A.F.A. (Soldiers, Sailors, Airforce Association signature......... Witness 1)............................ R X XXXXXX Date............................. Witness 2)............................ The concern here is that (1) is open to many interpretations. The witness signatures do not have any names below them and are only signatures with no names or addresses etc. Can someone please advise on (1) and whether the will is legal because of witness signatures only. Also does any one have any idea of the cost of the cheapest funeral? Thanks
  3. Help yourself and charity this November During November, Will Aid teams up with over 1,000 solicitors across the UK to provide basic wills. Having your Will written professionally can give you great peace of mind. Use a local solicitor who has signed up to Will Aid and you can enjoy the added feel-good factor of supporting nine leading UK charities. Instead of paying your solicitor’s fee, you will be invited to make a donation to charity. Suggested minimum donation is £90 for a basic Will, £135 for a pair of basic mirror Wills and £40 for a codicil. Making a legally valid Will is the only way to be sure that, in the event of your death, your money and possessions go to the people and causes you care about. If you do not make a Will, those you leave behind may suffer the distress of coping with legal complications as well as losing a loved one. Many married people believe that their possessions would automatically go to their partner. Without a Will, though, that is not necessarily the case. And if they are not married, their partner could receive nothing. http://www.willaid.org.uk/
  4. Hi, I wana ask for the transfer of property by my name..property owner is dead as he was my mama ji.. his wife also died and he has no children..his sisters also died, and sisters sons are availabe like Iam and other 2 sis and bro.. My mama has other cousions but their father has done 2nd marriage sons how this property transfer ?
  5. I received, at the end of last week, a letter from my local council requesting that I attend an 'Interview under Caution' tomorrow (tuesday). After phoning the CAB for advice I managed to contact a solicitor who has agreed to represent me. He has also changed the date of the interview so I have more time to prepare and see him first. I am absolutely terrified! I have spent all weekend on the internet and looking at the various forums and I realise now that the chances are very high that I am not entitled to any of the money I have received. Its around 3500 over a 12 month period. I can't quite believe how naive I have been and why on earth I didn't check my facts before I started to claim - I'm so ashamed of myself. Can anyone please advise me what will happen - will I definitely be prosecuted and have a criminal record? Will it be published in the local papers? Will I have to go to court? Do you think I should just hold my hands up and say I'm very sorry I mis-understood the regulations and offer straight away to pay all the money back. I could ask my parents to loan me and then pay them back over time (if they could ever bring themselves to speak to me again). Or is it worth trying to explain and trying to convince the officials that circumstances and stress and a whole other load of horrible stuff going on in my life contributed to me making a mistake. Any advice would be very much appreciated. I'm going to see my solicitor at the end of this week. Thank you
  6. Switching is currently not available for customers with pre payment arrears of over £200 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19688019
  7. I rent a field near very near Norwich for my horses, i have been asked by the owners if i wish to buy the field. It is agricultural land and is about 1 and a quarter acres. Can anyone give me any idea of what the fees for a solicitor might cost roughly to do this please?? One person said it could be £2000, they are selling the field for £6000 so another 2k on top seems a bit steep???? Any wise knowledge would be gratefully received, thank you. Sonja
  8. So been at my job for 6 years... Perhaps I should of known better. Retail shop where the company seems not to care. Even with customers complaints are never dealt with. People are bitchy, managers get away with anything (from calling friends and family off work phones, having multiple 1 hour cigarettes whilst they talk to friends, using cctv to spy on staff and have digs at them for not working correctly) Personally I have had many issues with the manager. She has had digs at me and other staff members, says horrible things but to some extent is clever about is, she does it in a way she can twist it round and blame the staff member. Of course whenever I bought it up with her, nobody sided with me, she bought up past incidences and it ended up not being dealt with, Funnily enough shes always said "Sometimes us management do get tired and perhaps we snap too much, but come to us and tell us if we do". Then when we do they reverse it round on us and never apologise. So onto this perhaps sackable incident. I became really good friends with this worker there, we hung around together outside work, had laughs and enjoyed eachothers company. On facebook 1 day they were in a real down mood about work. The manager was away on a weeks holiday and the deputy was accusing us of doing no work. To put it simply... she was a bitch. She phoned the manager, said we were not working when we had worked really hard. Rather than ask us the manager wrote a note to us all, put it on staff board saying she doesnt need this, and cleverly worded a few things to have multiple meanings... Although in general she was calling us all lazy. Stupidly without thinking me and this person from work were having an open conversation on our facebook walls about it. We both got carried away, I was saying how horrible the manager is and how we get in trouble weather we worked or not. I disagreed with a few of their policys, said head office are clueless and keep losing money, then force us to work twice as hard to make the excess up. Also I called the company a name which is similar to their name but with some words changed around to degrade them. The other person said different things but the whole gist of it was the same as what I put. My wall was not allowed to be viewed publicly... But the person whos wall was written on had it viewable by anyone... They did not know this. So today, 1 of the managers family had seen the comments. Printed them all off and each of us were sent in the office for a massive interview by the manager (it was just me and the manager present for my interview, and just the manager and other staff member present for theirs). The interview questions were unfairly written by the manager. Nobody witnessed. I didnt even get to read through the whole facebook printed off comment sheet so I had forgotten half I said. Most of the questions were yes/no answers and I was put on the spot to answer them. I couldnt think of what to say to half of them, with many being irrelevant to the situation. After I left, myself and the other staff member realised the manager had hidden any evidence we could use against her, the notes saying we were lazy, the note threatening us all saying someone from head office was down and is disgusted with the store (When we worked hard) when they hadnt even been down. Half of what I mentioned on facebook about the manager was denied by her in the office, although the other staff member and 1 other staff member knows its true and would actually back me up. I dont know what to do... Prepare for the sack?
  9. Hi i am in arrears with mortgage company woolwich 8 months £7100. I am paying currently but have broken lots of arrangements mainly because they are too high they want me to pay back in 1 year. I am worried as i have not heard anything from them this month what happens when they repossess your house. I have some money comming to me in january which will pay arrears but can not take it before as it is a gift. if they do start proceedings how long does it take to go to court will the court case be immediately ( i read somewhere there was a back log and could take several months) If i pay arrears off before court case will it stop
  10. basically i signed on today and the advisor i saw gave me a vacancy at topps tiles to apply for but when i went on the topps tiles website the job advertised wasn't there. also the same advisor about a month ago gave me a virgin media vacancy to apply for but the job centre form she printed off said the closing date was 12th august, when i typed in the link to apply for the the position it said the closing date was 22nd july and she issued it to me on the 26th:shock: also today the advisor asked me if i had heard back from any of previous vacancies i was matched to, i wasn't to sure if i had heard anything so i said no and she was kinda acting strange so i'm just wondering will my jsa get sanctioned?
  11. hey all my nan wants to re-write her will and i have just seen an offer on WOWCHER offering a will writing service for £19 from a company called WSL limited? how can i find out if there legit? (sorry if this is posted in the wrong section) thanks all x
  12. Hi, I wonder if someone could shine some light on my situation. I currently receive ESA and full housing/ council tax benefits. I live alone and my partner lives in company accomodation and this will continue (for the forseeable future) after we get married. My question is... even though my (future) wife wont actually be living at my address, are my ESA and Housing/tax benefits going to be altered or stopped? Thanks in advance:???:
  13. Hello Im wondering if anyone can help me please? I made a claim for ESA In november but only had my medical on the 9th july 2012, if i pass my medical will i get my money (the extra money you get from 13 weeks) back dated?
  14. Hi Caggers Thought this article from the Independent may be of interest. As usual the Government has known about this problem but aint interested get the taxpayer to cough up to fix it themselves. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/millions-will-have-to-pay-to-get-freeview-tv-7899834.html?origin=internalSearch
  15. Hi, I'm 30 and I have WOEFULLY bad credit. The trouble is now, because nobody will give me credit, I can't redeem myself and I'm in a big catch 22 and i can't get out of it. I was earning a low wage, and pre-credit crunch, racked up £2000 o/d with ltsb. I then split with my partner and went to live alone at 22. This was the thing that set the ball rolling.. I lived from 2 credit cards: egg and C1, and then went to uni at 24. like a fool, in all naivety, i went into LTSB telling them i was a student, expecting them to transfer my o/d to student account. On a technicality, they told me this involved closing my current account, so i had to repay now, and btw, by declaring myself a student i had also declared myself unemployed and therefore insolvent when they recalled the 2k and i said "but I'm a student!". Into collections I went. i paid it back, yet had no access to student facilities, so racked up another £1000 with halifax, and a 300 on vanquis. by the time i graduated, i had hit a wall - 3 ccs and 2 o/d and a catalogue account had culminated in several missed payments and me having to go on a DMP, and i wasn't paying stuff on time due to that old chestnut of 'do i pay capital one or eat?'. I never owed more than 2.3 k though - we're not talking loads. My egg card got sold on then sold on again - last i heard of it was in 2008, i moved a lot and then after 5 years at uni juggling debt, am where I am now... i have AP on that o/d (with a DCA) and one credit card lost in the ether and one being paid off. 4 accounts are settled on my credit file and my current accounts have no o/d and are running fine. I'm now a teacher, my partner is on a good salary too, and i'm starting to think about a mortgage in the next few years. Fat chance. I checked credit. My score is below 300. Equifax, registers missed payments, but only one o/d is listed as D for default. Are missed payments technically defaults? How do they class it? I have had no CCJs, NO IVA, i'm not a discharged bankrupt, i'm in FTE, I have a smartphone contract yet as the title of this thread suggests, nobody will touch me with a barge pole and i'm getting desperate now. Ironically, they threw credit at me when i had no cash, yet now i can't get a £50 o/d extension or open a bank account! I've applied for in 12 months: vanquis, c1, aqua, argos card, and a nationwide account. Nada. I even applied for a secured credit card - they wanted me to pay the full £200 and there are still doubts about that! I want to show people that i got into a lot of trouble in the past, but i'm ok now. But nobody will give me a break. It's as though I AM a bankrupt. I'm starting to panic about a mortgage now. My partner's bank love him, he has great credit and a lot of equity and they do this 'pre approved £40,000 loan' crap with him. He just doesn't get it. He seems to think that as hes a great customer and we've got a deposit and good jobs they'll overlook defaults, but he's never been in the mess that people in debt have been in, and i don't think he gets the reality nowadays that if you have any black mark against your name, it's Goodnight Vienna for you and credit. I thought it wasnt too bad, as I've not been in serious trouble, but being turned down for AQUA was pretty shocking and that pre-pay thing!! My questions are this: Would my partner's standing really help us to get a mortgage or at least offset my defaults? Or is he in cloud cuckoo land? Can anybody think of ANYWHERE that will give me credit so I can show repayment - i'm even considering another phone contract? Catalogues? Loan? Would perhaps upgrading to gold or silver account with my bank soften the blow for an appointment to ask for a small o/d? Any ideas welcome! Many thanks!
  16. Hi, im a new user here and dont understand forums that well at the moment. But i need some help!!! I work in a nursing home and have done for about a year now. Last month i was very stupid and stole a sample perfume from debenhams, i was caught and taken to a room where i was spoken to about this and handed over the perfume. A pcso arrived and also spoke to me, i had to sign a form agreeing that i wouldnt come back in to debenhams again! I got given a fine from debenhams store of £125 but not heard from the police about an £80 fine yet. my crb check is coming up very shortly for work and im scared it will come up would it show on the crb check 'fine' or 'theft'?? please help, really need some advice thanks x
  17. A while ago my stepmother died, adn her children never got on with my dad. They had a house together, in which the deeds state that the entire property goes to the surviving partner in the event of death. My dads solicitor at the time clearly stated that the property moves to my dad after having read the deeds. Unfortunately, it appears she left half of the property to her own children, and now we have a letter from their solicitors basically asking which estate agents are being used to sell the property so the kids can have their part of it. Does anyone know where we stand on this please, and what to write back? I do know its a tough task to challenge a will, is this the same with deeds to a property?
  18. Hi everyone, I need a bit of information in regards to Brighthouse. My girlfriend has got a few things from them and pays around £140 per week. A few weeks back she missed one weeks payments due to not having the right amount. She walked into her local store to pay the missed weeks payment as well as the payment that was due. The member of staff informed her that there was a £20 late payment charge to be paid on top of what was owed. She said she is not going to pay it and walked out the store. She phoned me and explained what had happened. I said to her that she did the right thing, but go back in and pay the money that was owed on the account. When she walked back into the store, the branch manager tried to force her to pay the £20 charge or he will not accept the money for the account. She argued with him and he called his area manager. After a lengthy conversation he put the phone down and told my girlfriend that she did not have to pay the £20 charge. Last weekend my girlfriend had the same problem only this time Brighthouse and the store manager were using dirty nasty tactics. She missed a weeks payment and the store manager came out to her house. He told her that she has to pay a late payment charge of £20 or he will not take her weekly payments and that she will have a visit by bailiffs to remove her goods. She told him to leave her property straight away. She was quite shaken by this and called me straight away. I was raging with fury after she told me what this idiot had told her. I know quite a bit about bailiffs and what they can and can not do. I reassured her that no bailiffs will come and remove her goods. He left her his card and told her she has got until 14:00hrs to pay the amount with charges. I told her to go to the store with a friend(I live in Portsmouth, she lives in Birmingham otherwise he would of been dealing with me) and take the digital voice recorder that I gave her a while back and ask him why he will not take her payments. She walked into the store and asked the branch manager if he was prepared to put in writing why he will not take her payments. He refused to do that and that she could contact head office and speak to them. She asked him if he was willing to take her payments and he replied no. She walked out of the store and called me straight away. I told her that she should never speak over the phone or deal with brighthouse face to face and never sign anything and that she should put a video camera by the front door in case they ever come back to the house. What I would like to do is write a letter to brighthouse about what this store manager has said, also to the OFT and FSA but I am unsure of what to put in it. Has anybody else had this problem with Brighthouse. Any help or advice of what to put in this letter would be most appreciated.
  19. I have been on Incapacity Benefit since 2004 but prior to that date I had worked non stop full time for 24 years paying my NI Contributions. I have just received "the letter" telling me they will contact me in 2 weeks and send me the ESA50 for completion so it is only a matter of time for I have the medical etc. I appreciate that I may not qualify for ESA but I do have medical problems and if I do quality for the ESA workgroup , will the first 12 months be contribution based or income based. I ask because I have savings. I thought I would get 12 months and then it gets means tested.
  20. Hi . My father sadly died in September 2011 and did not leave a will, his estate consisted of the family home where my mother still resides , and our grandparents former home which was inherited from my grandparents and jointly owned by my father and his sister and which has been rented out for the last 20 years. We (my mother , and 2 sisters) had to apply for a grant of letters of administration and signed the estate over to my mother and presumed my mother would have owned my fathers half share of my grandparents home . However , when looking through my fathers documents we have found the will of my grandfather which states on my fathers death his half of the property passes down to his children - which is myself, and 2 sisters. The question I need answering is - now that we have signed my fathers estate over to my mum is my grandfathers will now null and void. or do/ can we still inherit his share of the property ? Hope this makes sense. thank you
  21. I have a question that maybe someone could help me with. My father died just over 4 years ago and he left a will but I never got sight of it. My brother is the executor of the will and when I asked him what the will contained he told me not to worry about it. My mother is still alive and her will, will mirror my fathers. I rang up the Solictors who hold my fathers will and asked them if I could obtain a copy of his will and was told that he wrote a letter to the effect that I was not to see it and only my mother and my brother were to have sight of it. I was hurt by this and still am. I understand through other members of the family that I was cut out of the will and everything will go to my brother on my mothers death. I am not out to cause trouble for my elderly mother or brother but for the life of me I don't understand why and would like to obtain a copy of my fathers will just to reassure myself I suppose. Can anyone help me?
  22. My brother and I are joint executors of my mothers estate. She willed her property to us and we have received probate for the estate. My brother wishes to purchase the property (which has no outstanding mortgage) and we have agreed the sum for purchase. The property deeds are in the possession of my brother. Can he buy the property without having to transfer it into our joint names before transferring it into his name. I am prepared to sign to acknowledge the situation. Do we need to involve a solicitor to effect the conveyancing. Regards Morgansbobi
  23. Hi all, I sent Santander a secure message via my online banking saying "I am contacting you today to have you action the cancellation of ALL continous payment authorities on my account. For the avoidance of doubt, Direct Debits are to remain unaffected" I received this reply I have spoken to them on the phone and been told no, has to be a written request. So I sent a reply stating that as already demanded I expect confirmation that all CPA's are now ceased. I got this in reply, What is the deal here ? I could go too branch, but taking extra ID ! What planet are these goons living on !! From what I have read about CPA's, once a bank has been told to cancel them in writing they must do that. I have contacted them by a means of writing, afterall the year is 2012 ! and as you can see they outright refuse. Thanks in advance for replies.
  24. Hi, I have recently transferred bank accounts to Nationwide and I had a direct debit set up that is due today (monday) so I transferred the money across from my other account yesterday (sunday) via faster payments and it was there, available, immediately. However, I checked that it had gone this morning and it has but, it is listed first and then showing my balance as -157.00 and then the credit below bringing it back up to zero so if the money was available yesterday, how come it wasn't this morning when the direct debit went out and it is showing as paid in after the dd went out. My question is will this now be returned and charges applied? Doesn't seem right to me!
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