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  1. Hi, Please can someone help I'm worried that my bank account will go way overdrawn tomorrow and leave me in an even worse mess than I already am. I am setting up a debt management plan at the moment and as everyone knows, it takes a bit of time. Before going into this, I emailed all my creditors and cancelled the CPA that was set up and I also wrote to my bank to cancel. Nobody has taken any money since and so I am guessing this was actioned properly. Myjar, emailed me on that day to confirm the CPA had been cancelled and when I log into my Myjar account, it says card details as **** **** **** no numbers at all. If anyone reading this has a Myjar account please can you log on and see if this is what it says on your "my details" page or whether it does show a few numbers? I'm just trying to work out if they have actually deleted the card details and that this is just a threat. I thought that if they had confirmed that they had cancelled the CPA, then they could not take any payment from that card as it was then illegal? Am I right? I feel quite sick at the thought of my bank being overdrawn tomorrow morning by over £200 so any help would be great. It does say on the text to ring them if I can't pay but I don't want to be ringing anyone, I'm trying to sort all this out the correct way and they're just being impatient.
  2. Hi all I applied for the classic card on Sunday 6th July, got accepted, they said "make room in your wallet, your card is on the way" said 7-10 days. However, I have received no emails whatsoever, no PIN and no card as of yet. Then this morning, I got a text message saying it was from Capital One and to call the applications team. Has this happened before? I'm a bit worried about calling in case they have now declined me or in case it's not really a text from them.
  3. Thanks for the reply BAYV. I have tried to ring Edith but can't get hold of her so I just rang customer services and the lady said she had amended the direct debit instruction the the 16th and that I will receive a letter to confirm. She says I won't need to put anything in the meter it will just run the same and that my payment will come out on 16th rather than the 1st. Hope she's right lol !! Thanks again.
  4. Hi, We currently have a couple of things with bayv. Yes we know a lot of people don't like them etc and that the interest is high but it works for us. Anyway, we pay by direct debit on the 1st of each month. we still have a meter fitted to the T.V in case of any problems with the payment and then we can put in coins. I had to do this once when we switched banks but only for one week while they switched over. My question is just a simple one really and as it's now half past 7 on a Friday just asking.. Since we set up the date, my payday has changed and I now get paid in the middle of the month. We also get our tax credits each week on a friday. So if I ring up buy as you view on Monday and explain this, can I change the payment to the 15th (starting 15th Sept) or maybe to a weekly one without having the ball ache of putting in coins and then ringing to get someone to come and empty the few that are in the meter? I know they always say they need 2 weeks to alter a direct debit so if anyone knows can you please let me know. Thanks.
  5. Yes, good advice thanks, Well.....she just rang me and said she logged into her account and there is a new account showing (obviously the loan account) It says -9000 and available zero. She clicked on it and it says paid out 15th June but there is nothing been paid into her bank account so now she is panicking. She can't ring them up because she has forgotten the pin for telephone banking and when she tried before they said she had given wrong one and wouldn't speak to her. Any ideas on this please guys??
  6. Hi thanks for the replies and we have had a look at Zopa but she wasn't too keen. Anyway, she has applied today online with Natwest and it said she had been approved and once she signed the agreement online it says the money will be in her account the next working day. She wants to get the ball rolling with the home improvements but is still a bit unsure as to whether they may do final checks etc and change their minds. Does anyone know if this does happen with Natwest or has it happened to you? She just doesn't want to book appointments and then get a call on Monday saying sorry, NO or do you think she has got it and can get on with things now?
  7. Hi, Hope I am in the right place with this, My Mum in law doesn't really have much debt etc but has had credit in the past and always pays household bills on time and basically has a very good credit rating. She is recently widowed and gets around £1000 per month income from pensions. She has asked me for advice about getting a loan to sort out her home ( she shouldn't ask me for advice, my credit rating is terrible) So I was hoping you guys could help. She has banked with Natwest for donkey's years and even has a £3,500 overdraft which she never touches but she is afraid to apply for a loan in case they refuse her saying she can't afford the repayments. I said just apply and see what happens but she won't, she wants to know if they would say no BEFORE she applies (yes crazy I know) So, She wants just over £9,000 for 5 years. The website quotes £197 per month and as I said, credit rating is very good so what do you think they will say? Will they accept her or turn her down? Somebody give me some advice please as she is driving me nuts. She is 64 by the way. Cheers.
  8. Hi, I have recently transferred bank accounts to Nationwide and I had a direct debit set up that is due today (monday) so I transferred the money across from my other account yesterday (sunday) via faster payments and it was there, available, immediately. However, I checked that it had gone this morning and it has but, it is listed first and then showing my balance as -157.00 and then the credit below bringing it back up to zero so if the money was available yesterday, how come it wasn't this morning when the direct debit went out and it is showing as paid in after the dd went out. My question is will this now be returned and charges applied? Doesn't seem right to me!
  9. No they aren't it is an installment loan over 5 years. they have a sister company that do payday loans but this isn't one.
  10. Sorry for the late reply, my internet has been down. It is amigo loans formerly flm.
  11. Hi, I have a loan with a company and I pay it monthly via direct debit. However, I switched bank accounts last month and they transferred all my direct debits etc but a couple of them didn't get paid on time and so I rang them straight away and they said they could take a card payment. Problem was I don't have one but my wife offered to pay it with her debit card as a one off. I have logged on to my account with them to check that the direct debit is set up correctly and noticed that they have stored her card on there as a future payment method. I emailed them saying that my wife is not happy and that they should remove it immediately but they refused and said until I put a debit card of my own on (as back up) they will not remove it!! Can they do this?? My wife is livid!! The loan is in my own name, nothing to do with my wife and we do not have a joint bank account etc.
  12. Hi, I owe money to Paycheckcredit and it was due for repayment in February but I couldn't pay (£400). I tried to email them butthey will not accept any form of contact this way. I am not ringing them as they are very unpleasant over the phone. Anyway, my original payments that I made to them for previous loans always said Toothfairyfinance on my bank statement and not Paycheckcredit. Also, since I defaulted I have had emails from Toothfairy, Paycheckcredit, Northern Debt Recovery, Marshall Hall Bailiffs and now a letter from Appleton Massey Solicitors, all about this same debt it is so confusing yet none of them will allow emails. Also, this last letter from Appleton Massey says I now owe almost £1100 ans as it is over £750 they may start bankruptcy proceedings! All the emails I have received all threaten bailiffs and warrant of execution etc which I know is all false because it has not even gone to court yet. Any advice please as I do not know what to do. I could send a letter offering a repayment plan (like I have been trying to do by email) but who to?? All of them?? it's crazy. I do not want to be made bankrupt and I dont want to pay £1100 or more for a £400 loan. Could they do this without me fighting it?
  13. Hi, I am just asking a quick question here as I tried to ring Tax Credits today and it is closed until Tuesday. I just need to know if your award for the year 2012-2013 is based on last years income (which I think it is) because my wife was getting carer's allowance at £55.55 per week for looking after her father. He sadly passed away last month and so she will not get that this year and so our income will be around £3000 less. Rather than hang on the phone for 6 hours on Tuesday, does anyone know if this is likely to make any difference to our payments? I work full time but my wife does not she now has zero income for herself and we have on child. Thanks.
  14. Hi, No it was a payday loan from paycheckcredit/toothfairy and I paid it off in full it was only paid 2 weeks late but anyone would think I had left it and ignored it for months! Paid it off last week but still receiving emails and texts daily. It's getting me down big time.
  15. Hi, Has anyone please got a working email address for Northern Debt Recovery?? I have tried to email them several times and each time I get a message straight back saying that I must fill in the contact form on their website. However, when I do this, I then get an automated response which has nothing at all to do with my query!! I am so angry it is unbelievable. I cleared this debt in full on Weds last week in cash straight into their own account and I have the receipt but the idiots are continually sending threatening emails daily (still) and I want to complain to these people as high up the ranks as I can. They are so bad, trying to tell me that they have passed my case to bailiffs which I know is illegal as it was never a CCJ to begin with and I only actually paid it off 2 weeks late! Anyone??
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