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  1. I thought I would update you all so far about how things have been going on my end with the Tax Man namely HMRC. I phoned them and explained my plight and they are sending me a breakdown of the charges etc. In the meantime I took it upon myself to get my daughter who is a Chartered Accountant to go through this for me and see if she can see something that I can't because I don't understand these figures etc. She found that last year I paid back £415.00 to HMRC and they had not taken this in account and had added it on to the £957.00 I now owe, she also asked me why ESA had sent me a Tax re
  2. Thank you honeybee, you have been following my threads from last year with ATOS and I thought that was bad!! I will do as advised and let you know the outcome. I would not be without this forum as it helps me no end.
  3. Thank you very much for your help and advice renegadeimp, I simply am beside myself with worry as I have all my wage slips (I kept them) and my P60 as well as my pension slip every month. I also have a letter advising me of my cease of employment as from July 12th 2012. I paid tax through my employer and it was not up to me to work out the tax it was up to them wasn't it or am I missing something here? I just don't know what to do other than ring HMRC and tell them, prior to my sacking I had been off work for 6 months sick and can prove this too!! that is why I was sacked through a cap
  4. Can any cagger help me please? I have not been employed since July 2012 and received ESA of £71.00 per week from July 2012 until November 2012 and it went up to £100.00 per week but in July this year it stopped completely. No more money for ESA. I also received from July 2012 a small pension of £157.00 per month no more. I used to work for a company that sacked me in July 2012 for being sick and I paid my PAYE through them in my wages. I have now been hit with a TAX demand for Underpaid Tax of £975.00. I do not earn any money and do not work and I only receive a pension of £157.00 a
  5. No i did not Nystagmite, all I did was put in a GL24 in October 2012 and that was that until April 2013 when I was informed I had been placed into the WRAG group. How frustrating is that?
  6. RaeUK I have the exact wording in my letter for you: " Your appeal has been heard by an independent appeal tribunal. The tribunal has decided that you are entitled to Employment Support Allowance". I never knew that this had happened, where, when or anything!!
  7. Thank you coledog for your answer to me, I have put together a letter tonight asking the questions you have raised above as I never attended a Tribunal and never knew one had taken place either until I received my letter of the decision informing me a Tribunal had placed me in the WRAG. I am going to send this out tomorrow and ask for the decision to be looked at again. Yes this is contribution based as I was sacked from my job for being incapable of doing it last July 2012 so that's when I went on ESA at the assessment rate. This will come to an end in July 2013 according to my letter I
  8. Hi CD Thank you for your help. I did not go to Tribunal at all! I appealed on a GL24 and sent it in last October 2012. Lo and behold on April the 19th I was awarded back pay from last October and placed into the WRAG group. I have no letter giving me any points or anything other than the original one which said I had 6 points and was not entitled to ESA at all so I appealed straight away and got it back. I never knew it had been seen by a tribunal until the letter from the DWP stated that it had been seen by one. I can ask for the decision to be looked at again as I now have the evidenc
  9. Hi estellyn I have evidence at the time of the ATOS assessment that states that I am on high rate dla mobility and low rate care and the ATOS assessor knew this full well but chose to ignore it. I was told at my full body scan last year before ATOS that I have bad knees and also at my Bone scan. Anyhow to cut a long story short I now find myself in the position whereby I am being put forward for a double knee replacement by my GP due to the recent x-ray results. I cannot walk far and also have a blue badge. My GP is certain of the fact I meet one of the conditions in the support group
  10. Nystagmite I do meet one of those criteria that I have looked at even moreso now. This is a minefield to me though. I am on High Rate Mobility and Low Rate Care of DLA.
  11. Thank you very much RaeUK but I am still unsure of what to do next as I see my GP tomorrow morning again and I have to ask for his help yet again because there is no way I can attend to see a WRAG personal advisor. I realise that I have been deemed fit for some kind of work BUT it still remains that I have been to the hospital and my GP says it is impossible for me to work and my new x-rays demonstrate this quite clearly. I have had a few falls this year which my GP states are all to do with the nerves in my legs also, another reason he says I cannot work. It took my six months to be plac
  12. Hi Everyone I had an ATOS Medical last September and was found fit for work. I appealed last October straight away on a GL24 and last week was awarded WRAG, bu,t and this is the but,I have new evidence come to light to state that I should not at any cost work and my GP supports this. If I appeal again to be placed into the Support Group how do I do this and will I lost my benefit in the meantime that I have just fought for and won? I know that I have to see a personal advisor to continue to receive my benefit but my GP says that this is not possible. Where do I stand now? Any help w
  13. I am in the same position as you and can only sympathise. I too had a medical recently and was deemed fit for work. I too am on Morphine and have various problems etc etc but I am appealing on a GL24 Form and I suggest you do the same too. As long as I have a breath in my body I will do so as I was treated like a robot and nothing else. You are not alone but you are just a number and this government wants to take you off this benefit to make it look good for them. They are nothing but rob dogs.
  14. I have now appealed on form GL24 and also sent in a covering letter plus other medical evidence. Basically the ATOS person was a registered nurse who in her opinion said that I was not unkempt, did understand my medical condition well, could sit in a chair for 18 minutes etc etc, on no occasion did I sit in front of her in a chair for 18 minutes because I couldn't and kept getting up. She stated that I quote "I could return to work within 3 months" but on that basis I was still awarded 6 points and none for the fact that I have several other ailments and in actual fact said I suffer from
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