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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I'm 30 and I have WOEFULLY bad credit. The trouble is now, because nobody will give me credit, I can't redeem myself and I'm in a big catch 22 and i can't get out of it. I was earning a low wage, and pre-credit crunch, racked up £2000 o/d with ltsb. I then split with my partner and went to live alone at 22. This was the thing that set the ball rolling.. I lived from 2 credit cards: egg and C1, and then went to uni at 24. like a fool, in all naivety, i went into LTSB telling them i was a student, expecting them to transfer my o/d to student account. On a technicality, they told me this involved closing my current account, so i had to repay now, and btw, by declaring myself a student i had also declared myself unemployed and therefore insolvent when they recalled the 2k and i said "but I'm a student!". Into collections I went. i paid it back, yet had no access to student facilities, so racked up another £1000 with halifax, and a 300 on vanquis. by the time i graduated, i had hit a wall - 3 ccs and 2 o/d and a catalogue account had culminated in several missed payments and me having to go on a DMP, and i wasn't paying stuff on time due to that old chestnut of 'do i pay capital one or eat?'. I never owed more than 2.3 k though - we're not talking loads. My egg card got sold on then sold on again - last i heard of it was in 2008, i moved a lot and then after 5 years at uni juggling debt, am where I am now... i have AP on that o/d (with a DCA) and one credit card lost in the ether and one being paid off. 4 accounts are settled on my credit file and my current accounts have no o/d and are running fine. I'm now a teacher, my partner is on a good salary too, and i'm starting to think about a mortgage in the next few years. Fat chance. I checked credit. My score is below 300. Equifax, registers missed payments, but only one o/d is listed as D for default. Are missed payments technically defaults? How do they class it? I have had no CCJs, NO IVA, i'm not a discharged bankrupt, i'm in FTE, I have a smartphone contract yet as the title of this thread suggests, nobody will touch me with a barge pole and i'm getting desperate now. Ironically, they threw credit at me when i had no cash, yet now i can't get a £50 o/d extension or open a bank account! I've applied for in 12 months: vanquis, c1, aqua, argos card, and a nationwide account. Nada. I even applied for a secured credit card - they wanted me to pay the full £200 and there are still doubts about that! I want to show people that i got into a lot of trouble in the past, but i'm ok now. But nobody will give me a break. It's as though I AM a bankrupt. I'm starting to panic about a mortgage now. My partner's bank love him, he has great credit and a lot of equity and they do this 'pre approved £40,000 loan' crap with him. He just doesn't get it. He seems to think that as hes a great customer and we've got a deposit and good jobs they'll overlook defaults, but he's never been in the mess that people in debt have been in, and i don't think he gets the reality nowadays that if you have any black mark against your name, it's Goodnight Vienna for you and credit. I thought it wasnt too bad, as I've not been in serious trouble, but being turned down for AQUA was pretty shocking and that pre-pay thing!! My questions are this: Would my partner's standing really help us to get a mortgage or at least offset my defaults? Or is he in cloud cuckoo land? Can anybody think of ANYWHERE that will give me credit so I can show repayment - i'm even considering another phone contract? Catalogues? Loan? Would perhaps upgrading to gold or silver account with my bank soften the blow for an appointment to ask for a small o/d? Any ideas welcome! Many thanks!
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