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  1. And unless the alleged debt has been sold to Freds then Vodaphone is ultimately responsible for Freds actions ... Nice claim brewing here if the OP's employers get fed up with the phone calls & sack the OP or if they lose out on a future promotion because of this
  2. Depending on what exactly happened, This might amount to assault, maybe an unlawful search etc. Primark won't be thinking of making any court action, certainly not making any use of the video footage
  3. I suspect that is why they are telephoning the work number - in the hope that this will make the OP pay up to stop it
  4. Some parents might decide to pay RLP without understanding the position. Some parents might even be more likely to cave in to bullying of their children! You might have to get your parents to read up on RLP when you tell them about it. Clearly Boots have a problem if they detain people who go into their stores and don't buy anything while they are there. Perhaps Boots are trying to tell people not to set foot in their stores unless they are certain that they are going to buy something and that on no account should they examine anything unless they are going to buy it (in which case the e
  5. £87 for 1 month? seems a little high - did they fail to terminate the contract & allow it to run for a few months whilst not providing the service that they were charging for? Might be worth contacting 3 to confirm the termination date and to request a copy of the final bill. It would be worthwhile checking whether rental is paid in advance with calls in arrears
  6. It might be worth waiting a few weeks if the default date is around august 2007, rather than alerting them that the account is about to become SB. How about a CCA request / prove it letter first as a delaying tactic?
  7. No, you have had a months service paid for with money that they owed you, and they probably got that money sooner than they would have taken the DD, they have had an interest free loan and have deprived you of the use of your cash for the period that they held it. Have you checked that they didn't take the money that they say that they used the refund for? They claim that they applied the money to a different account - but did they really do that? If they say that they have given you a months free service then they really should give that - I would be on the phone to remind them tha
  8. If the SAR refers to standard letters then they should provide skeleton copies of those letters on request. If there were multiple accounts, they should have provided details of ALL accounts for the tenner. Time to write back to the data controller to ask for confirmation that there are no further accounts or an explanation of why they failed to fully comply with the initial request (as well as the missing data) and those skeleton letters that really should include how they are customised ...
  9. Not just a straightforward libel claim? The implication in other threads is that you can get an award just for the publishing of incorrect data that would cause harm, with extra for actual losses
  10. The correct response on the first occasion would have been "I'm sorry, you have brought the wrong receipt for this item, even though it was the same price". Instead, they appear to have made a record of what happened and were on the lookout on subsequent occasions. It is even possible that if all 3 items were the same price that they have all 3 correct receipts, just presented on the wrong occasions. This sounds like some kind of entrapment here, not pointing out mistakes at the time (whether they continued with the refund or not) I wonder if they retained the evidence (it
  11. If you look through the forum the [libel] damages that you can claim for them updating your credit reference is several thousand It will be worth getting a copy of your credit file to confirm that they have removed the update If they have then that is at least partly an admission that they got it wrong. If it is still there despite their statement that they had removed it, ... I imagine that Orange will start from the same position in court ...
  12. Voda T&Cs re passing to a debt collector are for when they are using a 3rd party collections agency If they are selling the debt then property law comes into affect & I believe that they must inform the contract holder (with a NoA) There might be an account number on the vodaphone portion of the credit reference that will identify the account to them The default dates should be the same if they relate to the same debt and they should be shortly after the last payment was made Would it be worthwhile your partner emailing Lee authorising him to talk to you about this?
  13. It is the CRA that is asking for 6 years worth of addresses and proof of Id to be sent to the DCA. Clearly the DCA isn't entitled to such information and shouldn't ask for it. I think that a simple letter to each entry simply stating that the entry is incorrect, that it has been incorrectly attributed to you and that you require the removal of it from your CRA file immediately might do the trick
  14. Regardless of anything else, Orange didn't have to charge you to "keep the number active until you activated the PAYG SIM". If that is a limitation of their system, they could charge nothing for doing so provided that you aren't using the phone. In any event, does it technically really need a new sim to convert to to PAYG?
  15. It's my view that termination charges are dodgy because they are charges for what hasn't been supplied. The "free" phone is paid for by the monthly charge and is "free" to avoid the Consumer Credit Act & HP etc It's reasonable to pay for what you have used (excluding any time when the phone was disconnected). Once you have done that, if you are challenged about any dates on forms, they could easily be "mistakes"
  16. If the bank is going to terminate the agreement and demand repayment, there should be a formal request to do so. LTSB claim to have sent my son a termination notice (although they seem unable to provide a copy of it)
  17. Have you thought of asking for a full explanation of why they required legal advice when they should have known that you were abroad and that you have previously been asked to pay on 1st April. I would explain that I could not consider making any payment without seeing a copy of the invoice and the advice received and whether that related to several people or just you
  18. Perhaps the claim should be the other way round - harassment by the store because they suspected they weren't going to buy anything
  19. Or consider billing them for the disruption to your life and inconvenience caused to you by them failing to give a proper description of items purchased on their receipts. What do they expect you to do - pin the receipt to the item? Wonder what happens if you take the wrong receipt with you if you have to return an item to poundland?
  20. Definitely simpler to work out whether another 10 seconds conversation will cost zero or an extra minute rather than just the charge for a few seconds more. the helpful bleep every minute that I can use on my phone would lose its value somewhat - just incurred extra cost so keep on talking for 50 secs
  21. do you normally get 36 pages of calls? look for the differences
  22. Presumably in the bills might be the reason for the increasing charges that you could have prevented after the first one had you seen it, so you might be asking for a partial refund when you finally get them.
  23. Given that this is their response there is no incentive for them to prevent slamming if all they offer is a new account with minimum term etc then they benefit from your not going through with it. Presumably also with the right to update your credit reference which they might not have had before (even if they did) They could just switch things back if they wanted to, they choose to offer that as the only way out Presumably you are making a complaint against Orange too. Who knows, in a months time you might want to switch to talk talk but will be unable to
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