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  1. Had the contract term expired? Is the amount being claimed just your unpaid bills or is there an element to cover part of a contract? Most likely they prevented you from making calls before they cut you off, so you can dispute part of the bill as they were charging you for something that they were preventing you from using (they could offer a partial refund for that period, but they won't). They will be relying on T&Cs that aren't necessarily "fair" in terms of legislation.
  2. Worth putting in your letter about the interest rates that are a direct result of their updating of your credit reference failure to correct that.
  3. Refer them to the contract where it says that they have to supply and that you would only pay for what they supply Give them a kick for referring an account in dispute to a DCA You could still be waiting for the revised bill excluding broadband and with compensation for lack of broadband Remind them of your previous written complaints and tell them that you require a response, re-billing for lack of service (or agreed credit), compensation for not providing the service and the service fixed.
  4. I think that the lack of a notice(s) of assignment from Marlin will be useful, as would the lack of default notices - especially if you didn't receive them I'm surprised that they have lumped two dissimilar accounts into a single claim Marlin would have got very little information from Lloyds. Mine was assigned to them in November/December last year. With my account I they had charged for services not supplied and then didn't refund charges applied just because of those, so I knew that mine was dodgy. Marlin were happy to carry on with LTSB's claim that everything was ok, but I
  5. I get the impression from my own dealings with LTSB that they don't keep default / termination / enforcement notices. I have seen plenty of threads where their default notices haven't been compliant
  6. Most likely your parents paid without reading the threads It sounds as though you are under 18 so I'm not sure why they would want to store anything for 6 years. One of the things about paying them is that they take that as permission to do that. I'm not sure what they will do with the information though ...
  7. When they start getting heavy, write to remind them that nothing has changed since they were spanked last time
  8. I once made a payment to a DCA while my son was away & not contactable. They rang and rang & I got fed up with them calling. They didn't ask whether I had his permission (which I did not). They wouldn't say how much he was paying "because of the DPA" so I made a guess & asked if that would stop them calling....
  9. As far as the account with the settlement is concerned, it is for the dca asking for money to show that there is an amount payable I think that the total lack of collection activity by Wescot after the lump sum paid shows that this was accepted as a F&F payment It's difficult to think of an explanation that doesn't include the F word somewhere along the line ...
  10. If it's no longer valid then they should remove it from their system or mark it as withdrawn.
  11. Write to their head office - a letter to stop processing your personal information for marketing purposes. You can get the template from the ICO website
  12. You need to deal with Orange directly and in writing Write telling them: That you cancelled the contract (giving the date) and did not request a PAYG sim That you have been contacted by a DCA saying that you have a debt payable to Orange because you did not activate the PAYG SIM that you did not request and is not mentioned in your contract with Orange That you require confirmation that the contact was ended on , that the alleged debt is cancelled, that any adverse entries are removed from your credit file and that you are reimbursed for all of your costs and time in resolving th
  13. Banks can reserve money that has been taken as a card purchase before the debit actually gets through. If you have online banking you can see that in "available funds" (or equivalent) going down The bank doesn't need to take money from you "to test the card" before doing anything since the bank knows the status of your card and your balance but iTunes don't and might be doing that, then blaming the bank
  14. Your friend should simply state that they are not teh person they are trying to contact and that you definitely cannot be contacted on that number. If they ask why they said they would pass on a message, just say they were curious, but that has ended and this is starting to feel more like harassment
  15. Hi Katngaz There will be more options than this. This is their side of the story, most likely to pressurize you into paying what you can't afford. You are correct that they cannot seize the car. You haven't said how many payments have been missed or whether Santander have issued a default notice Their action seems heavy handed There might be some terms & conditions that aren't totally enforceable. As well as the options that they have given, there is another that they suspend any interest charges, accept nominal paymemts until your husband gets a job. H
  16. This raises the question of whether a fixed debt amount or an account has been sold I think that to sell a fixed amount of debt, the bank has to create some sort of financial instrument to sell That only leaves them having sold an account. You should ask AK if they are now responsible for the PPI reclaim and refund of charges incorrectly applied as well as liability for any future legal action that you might take
  17. Presumably you have been given an itemised list of the alleged physical damage along with some proof that it could not have existed when the phone was manufactured/sold to you and maybe a high definition photograph or two?
  18. Lets not mention that many of those broadband customers are on the shiny new high speed broadband that we paid for the installation of
  19. If the account hasn't been sold then LTSB MUST talk to you and explain where the money has gone. Westcot is their agent & LTSB are responsible for what they are doing. Unless LTSB didn't hire them ... It would be worth asking LTSB directly if they have engaged Westcot to act on their behalf ...
  20. Overdrafts aren't always recorded Try ringing the bank and asking If LTSB have sold the account to Lowell (& you have had the assignment letters) then this is now Lowell's and nothing to do with LTSB
  21. The remainder of the term is definitely changeable. By the same logic you can challenge the last few bills where you had been prevented from using your phone but still being charged for it. Lets face it, they knew at the time that they would eventually get their money, one way or another, but they permanently prevented you from using your inclusive minutes for that month. Orange haven't sent you an invoice for the remainder of the term, until then you don't owe it.
  22. It might be that the original debt was £64 of which £19 is left Provided that the debt has not been sold then Orange would be very silly not to accept the money from you Their T & Cs might say something about their right to use debt collectors but will say nothing about you actually having to engage with them The original bill will include an element of time when they refused to provide the service (due to non-payment) in any case. That is effectively you paying for nothing. If the £250 that the DCA is demanding includes the remainder of the contract, you will most lik
  23. see post 42 + 2 days (or + 4 days if you can show that it's 2nd class) If posted on a Friday then + 2 more days (and 1 more if that was a public holiday)
  24. I think that most people believe that they are dealing with RLP instead of the matter being reported to the police (although I'm sure that RLP will claim that they can demand money even after a court has been involved). What will it do to RLP's operating model if people hear about paying RLP and then the store reports the person to the police (especially if they were told that the police would not be involved at the time).
  25. Getting a set-aside isn't an acknowledgement! When was the last payment made. Given that 1st Credit wouldn't be going for an SD immediately, this might be SB already, or just about to be
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