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  1. Can you post the full information please. First, is the default date 3 years ago or recently? Was this a final bill from when you moved out (in which case you would think that they would ask for an address for the final bill) Were you paying by DD and did you cancel the DD immediately? When did you first have a BT phone? Do you still have one? BT will be relying on a clause in the agreement to update the CRAs. I think that doing so 3 years later is unfair. Depending on the DD & default date question, I would start off by writing stating that they have j
  2. can you compare the calls on the bill with the call log on your phone to see if there is a mismatch? You might be able to get somewhere by analysing all of the calls - especially the longer ones or any made at strange times
  3. A request for judgement doesn't sound like a real judgement to me! It also looks as though they aren't the claimant anyway Keep the list of people that they have contacted - you had already replied so there was no purpose to contacting other people apart from to embarrass you
  4. No doubt vodaphone can show that they DID request the funds via DD and they were refused by the bank and will share that with the OP ... Presumably they keep that type of information so that they can justify the updates that they have made to the OP's credit reference when they are challenged to do so ...
  5. BT/Openreach MUST know who did this, since they must have done something to facilitate the transfer Unfortunately this won't help Bankfodder who won't be able to read this for a few days ...
  6. If they have applied overdrawn charges entirely because of their account charges, you should be able to claim those back, even if it requires taking them tothe small claims court
  7. The "Free" mobile phone isn't really free but is paid for out of the monthly charges (and the additional fee) I think it is described as "free" to avoid the contract being partly a HP agreement that would be covered by the CCA Perhaps it is possible to argue that since a part of the monthly charges covers a repayment amount for the phone, the agreement is implicitly covered by the CCA (or the mobile company is an unlicensed credit provider There were lots of artificial devices to get around legislation (eg selling carrots for a fortune but giving a free car to get around sunday
  8. When I log into my orange account, it says at the top: "orange, brought to you by ee" and the EE homepage has orange & TMobile logos Orange / TMobile / EE are the same company Really you have been "slammed" - like energy company sales people asking you to switch to them & then proceeding to do the switch after you say no. Complain loudly to EE for recompense for your losses (cashback and contract that you didn't want and didn't agree to and possibly early termination charges from Orange) and to Orange for transferring your number to EE without your authorizat
  9. You have to pay or the case will be cancelled. Not sure about mediation but I think that it helps if you go for it
  10. Having seen all of the EE logos on the Orange website it is difficult not to be confused. I think that I would have made the same assumptions that you did, especially as my Orange phone says EE as the service provider & I received many texts from them about their wonderful new company. As you didn't request the new sim and they seem to be taking advantage of the confusion about the company name, I think that you have an extremely good case. All you need now is a plan and your next step! I would write to both EE & Orange and demand a resolution that suits you
  11. I must admit that it is easy to walk out of a store with something in your hand. People don't steal testers and a quick look at the security tapes would have verified that. I think that to claim any money for an item not in a fit condition for sale (a tester is not) would land boots in hot water Your holding tester for an item that you have bought clearly in your hand is really a training issue for the till staff as well as the security staff, all of which took the wrong action and caused a great deal of stress and embarrassment. I wouldn't be apologizing to Boots in these circ
  12. You have another thread where you say that you offered them £5 per month but they refused to accept that Did you get letters of assignment for this? The amounts don't match your previous thread. In any event, the bills will probably include times when they are making charges but failing to provide the service (after the termination of contract or when you didn't pay bills) so you might have a defense. Did you receive any notification that this was about to kick off? To avoid a default judgement you will have to reply to the court (online) by the date given
  13. Might be worth inquiring why they went to these lengths and taking 10 years instead of contacting you much earlier
  14. Is it likely that the lender wouldn't get their money back if you died and didn't have the life insurance? Is it any more likely with it?
  15. They do buy debts very cheaply. LTSB do seem to have been selling a lot recently, presumably making some short term decisions and writing off the losses against tax ...
  16. What brand & model of phone is it You might find many others with the same phone & same problem
  17. They want some money even if you die. They might not be able to get their hands on the property ...
  18. Have you made CCA requests on the loans & credit cards? If the loans were to re-finance previous loans, there might be scope there for checking that the early repayment amount of the previous loans was correct if you have all of the documentation It's strange that they would sell off the account that is definitely enforceable and retain the possibly dodgy ones I would keep any everything about this in large envelopes from now on ... you will need to refer to it It might be worth a SAR to LTSB to get all information about all of the accounts
  19. I don't think that they can. They could set up a variable direct debit that would allow them to drain your bank account but I didn't think that they would be able to set up a standing order
  20. If paid quickly a CCJ isn't recorded on CRA files. If the OP is trying to avoid the CRA file update, he may need to be quick. I was wondering whether this was a default judgement obtained by sending papers to the wrong address. In any case, the it does sound a little odd. The debt could have been sold prior to the CCJ, but it should have said Moorcroft. If Moorcroft obtained the CCJ without owning it then they will be in trouble! Is the original debt actually correct?
  21. Vodaphone have noticed that VM and others have already got away with this and couldn't resist the temptation It must be so much easier to calculate how many minutes you have left rather than work out how many seconds you have left It's definitely makes things simpler if you now only have credit for one call and get through to an answerphone. Fortunately GiffGaff don't charge for GiffGaff-GiffGaff calls/texts and are much cheaper (no i'm not getting commission, just planning to swap to them myself)
  22. Why not just wait for them to write to you? I don't see that you will gain anything by writing to them until they come up with something specific.
  23. Have you sent the single line reply denying any liability to them or their clients? If not, send it now, then they cannot claim that their demand is not disputed.
  24. I think that you have to try to quantify this now. Your losses might exceed what the Brig is suggesting demanding from them. Brig's letter is excellent although you could add that should you have to go to court, you will be claiming much higher amount for their libelous comments on your CRA and any further financial losses. This isn't necessarily fraud. It could easily be incompetence of Orange staff - failing to enter an address correctly, possibly by mistyping the postcode. Their customer was making payments. As Brig's letter says, their conduct since has hardly shown that they ar
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