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  1. spoke to insurance company who are not sure if they will offer it to original owner first, not holing my breath
  2. but im guessing that i still have to pay a considerable amount for the car ?
  3. yes i have, The insurance company own the vehicle now and ive heared from the police officer who has contacted the original owner and he may be interested in purchasing it back Does he have automatic rights to get offered first? Thanks
  4. MID shows up nothing as its obviously not insured anymore and hasnt been for a while now ! Any ideas guys how i can find out what insurance paid out on the car ?
  5. No cover for a clone which is pointless in having a full check .* Any ideas how to get hold of the original owners name of the insurance company , police won't give it out so I'm stuffed otherwise , tried the mid database with the real reg number and it comes up with nothing
  6. Yeah it wasn't adding up was it , had a gut feeling myself , Only hope now is that the insurance have already paid out and just want rid of the car and sell it for peanuts which i doubt but live in hope i suppose cos im skint and it will be buses otherwise
  7. Today is a bad news day for me i'm afraid .........Car was stolen and cloned, police impounded the car today and are chasing up with the seller, police officer said it does not look good for getting my money back and the only thing i could possibly do is try and get hold of the insurance company that has paid out the owner of the stolen car and maybe do a deal with them for the title of the car that would have to be put back to all original with the vin numbers and so on
  8. God I hope so , I just wish I could find out more about the history of the car in some way
  9. But I have log books , keys , mot , service history ,
  10. I told them that , they asked if I had done a hpi check and all came back ok , yes I said , that's all you can do then she said ,
  11. I will try again but I fear the answer will be the same , they won't do a check for public use
  12. I've been to the police station today and even stopped an officer in the street , they will not use there powers to check a vehicle unless they do so themselfs for a traffic reason and not for public checks
  13. i checked the vin when i done the hpi check , it all matches , i just got this gut feeling that something is seriously amiss with this car and the key thing is just adding more stress,
  14. Hi everyone , i have a new problem I dropped the car at BMW today and within 30 mins they called me back saying that the cars ignition does not belong to the car, they checked the key and it belongs to a 535 not my 530 and not the dame year , the guy on the phone said it could be innocent and just be that the car has had a second hand replacement ignition but even tho that brings up questions, The only positive i can think of is that the guy i bought it from bought it as stolen recovered and a third party not bmw replaced the ignition and then he sold it on to muggins me , I got no problem with the car if thats the case as long as its not dodgy Do you think this is plausible ? stressed.com
  15. Pm sent mate , thank you
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