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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I wonder if someone could please help me with this? I had TalkTalk as broadband provider back in 2011. I moved property back in June that year, informing TalkTalk by phone that the landlord agreed to continue with the service and we just wanted a change of name. On the 06/06/11 I was provided via email with a change of name form, which we sent via Royal Mail following the procedure that the retentions advisor suggested and paying for all my account balance, canceling the direct debit. My Landlord, who moved back to the time to the property made calls to India (so I knew it was him) and realized that they never changed the ownership of the account, even when I called them months after the mistake, indicating that the form could have probably been lost in the post. Ever since, I've had a series of collection agencies trying to get the money back, to all of them, I;ve explained the same story over and over again until the last one with Moriarty Law, the ones that are now threating me to take me to court if I dont pay the inflated amount of £208.93. I do understand that these companies just buy the debts in a desperate attempt to get money back. I did explain on the phone that I don't owe anything to TalkTalk and how it was possible for them to keep chasing me as I understand that this should be categorized now as barred? I wonder if there's anything I could do or hit them back? I hate people like this chasing me for something that I've already explained, declaring that if they didnt change the name on the account it was their problem not mine and they are chasing the wrong person for the debt. I think after 7 years I've had enough of clowns chasing me for this and believe now that this is an unlawful practice under the limitations act? Can I now take them to court for harassment opening a case in the small claims court? Thank you beforehand for any help you can provide me with. Kindest Regards, GB
  2. Hi, Hope someone can help me here. I had a 2 year contract with Orange, all was going hunck dory until after my contract ended. My contract end date was 6th Nov 2012, I gave the 1 month notice period of cancelling my contract on 6th Oct 2012. Now after the day my contract was due to end (6th Nov 2012) I noticed my line was still active. I thought nothing of it, I cancelled my direct debit debit online. After a few months in Jan 2013 I get a letter from orange telling me to pay up for Nov 2012 and Dec 2012. I phoned orange and told them my contact had come to an end, they told me its still active, they did confirm that I had sent a cancellation request a month prior to my contact ending but were still insistent on getting money from me. Now the reason they gave me for not cancelling my contract was that I had told them to put my mobile number on a pay as you go sim. Orange said because I did not active that pay as you go sim the contact automatically continued on - even without my authorization. I told him thats the most abused thing i've ever heard and I refused to pay them a single penny. Now they have got a company called 'Moorcroft Debt Recovery' involved. They keep sending me letters to pay up or else... blah blah blah.... I want to know if there is anything I can do? I do not want to pay orange as they are just plain thieves. Anyone been thru this situation or can help advice please do so. thanks.
  3. Hope someone can help. I recieved a call from a Web Design company offering a free web design with no obligation. I agreed to the trail as their prices were competative. I viewed the web site that they had made and I was not impressed. I told the owner that I thought it looked basic an could they change the design, which they agreed. They changed the design and I was pleased with it. I asked them over the phone how to go ahead with this. They advised they would send me out an invoice and the process to inform my current website supplier. I recieved the invoice, but did not pay them due to an increase in work load in my business. I recieved a text from the owner asking me to pay the invoice. I sent him a text back asking if we could put this on hold until the new year due to my workload. I got a text back saying they could delay the website start date but would require payment straight away. I did not pay, again as I was very busy and not had time to look into it further. I then recieved a text from the owner again saying that if I did not pay by a certain date he would take legal action against me. I then sent him an email advising that I wished to cancel the order as I did not want to work with someone who would send threatening texts like this. I got a bit of a snotty email back to which I have not replied. I have had a couple od text messages saying they are going to take me to court plus costs and interest unless I pay the invoice. I have had a letter from him saying the same. I do not feel I am tied into anything as I have not signed anything, and I have his orginal email which states no obligation web design. Am I correct or should I be worried? Many Thanks in advance for all your help.
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