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  1. Hi all first post, as I'm new to all this any help/advice would be appreciated. I received a letter on Saturday 26th May from Nolans solicitors..... Debt is under 2k.. Excerpt from letter.. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ISSUE A SHERIFF COURT SUMMONS Our Client:- CABOT FINANCIAL UK LIMITED TAKE NOTICE that unless you make payment of this debt IMMEDIATELY application may be made to the courts to issue a SHERIFF COURT SUMMONS against you. DETAILS OF DEBT £ ****.** due in respect of TESCO PERSONAL FINANCE INFORMATION ABOUT A SHERIFF COURT CLAIM If a Claim is issued a court fee and costs will be added to the debt. interest may also be added. If Decree or Judgement is made against you this may make it difficult for you to get credit in the future, HOW TO PAY =========== Various methods of payments explained.................................................................................................................................................................................................. To communicate with Nolans via email. contact the person dealing with your account at E mail*******************. You should ensure that your name and account number ( *******) are contained within your e-mail. To protect data of a sensitive or personal nature we recommend that you use an email account in your name and to which you have exclusive protected access. ============================================================================= after reading forum I was going to send them both CCA request as NS has supplied an email can I deal with them by email and a letter to Cabot or letter both if this is the best way to proceed at this stage. TIA.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for some help regarding a letter I received from Thameslink regarding intention to prosecute. Background to incident. I work in London and buy a monthly season ticket from my Home station, New Malden to London Waterloo. On 18 Sept, the company i work for had a business contingency day and i was instructed to work from our contingency site (i got a call the night before). the contingency site is in Bookham (surrey). So on the 18th Sept I traveled to Bookham by train and tapped in at New Malden to pay by contactless debit card. When I reached Bookham there was a revenue inspector there who informed me that Bookham was not an oyster station. I did try to tap out at Bookham where my debit card didnt work, at which point the revenue inspector took me to one side to explain contact less not support here and took down all my details. I showed the inspector my ticket from New Malden to Waterloo and tried to explain i wasnt fare dodging and had attemted to pay and that i wasnt aware that contact less didnt extend to Bookham. Yesterday, I received a letter from Thameslink, stating that they intended to take the case to the magistrates court and want me to respond with what happened from my point of view. Any advice what i should do? and how serious is this, is it likely to result in a criminal record. Since then I've stopped using contactless, to get out out of the habit if tapping in / out. Feels like a trap. PS, the inspector didnt dispute that i had tried to pay with my contactless debit card, and after i had given all my details mentioned that i would get charged by TFL (whatever the maximum daily fare was) because i hadn't tapped out. Regards, A Zaman
  3. Hello, all Today I received an intention to prosecute from Thamleslink railway in relation to an incident some weeks ago. To provide some background, I was having a pretty forgetful few days... I left my coat & gloves on the train, forget my suit when attending a wedding and in relation to this post, I forget to get a train ticket. For context, I was extremely sleep deprived as I recently became a father for the first time and was under a ton of pressure. At around 6am, I arrived at my train station late for my train which I was under pressure to make as I had a job interview (the company I work for has been recently bought so I don't have job security & I have bought a new house). I use carnet tickets where I fill in the ticket with the appropriate date. I had forgotten to pick up a new blank ticket that morning and proceeded to use an old ticket unintentionally to enter the barriers and board the train (I didnt check). I suddenly realised the mistake I had made and in my panic, I changed the date of the old ticket to the day of travel. I appreciate this is an error of judgement but in my haze of sleep deprivation and panic, I made a bad choice. A revenue inspector asked me to produce my ticket, which I did and he accused me of changing the dates. I attempted to explain myself and convince him it wasn't premeditated but he informed me of rights and took my details. I admitted my mistake to the officer and admitted to changing the dates. This is my first caution and I am now obviously worried about the outcome (fine, criminal record, prison sentence etc). I am obviously happy to pay a fine as I did a bad thing but I dont want to lose my job over this. I have tickets to prove I had a blank ticket at home and have never done this before. My offences are listed as; - Altering a ticket with intent - entering a train for the purpose of travelling without a ticket Any advice on how I should respond to the prosecution letter and guidance on what penalty they could impose would be appreciated. Thank you so much.
  4. Hi my son just received the above letter from Essex Police. Location was M25 Epping nr M/Post 5563b anti clockwise on a special road ( namley M25) between J23-27. at 12;42 on 4th May he was doing 62 in 50. He was driving and on his way to Luton Airport. I asked him about his speed and he said he was following the speed of other cars on the road. He also (assumed) that the M25 was a 70mph. To be honest,do many of us actually check our speed if we know we are doing less than 70.Its not an area he knows, and also i know ive probably driven up that part of M25 but cant say i took notice of any signs on side of the road. So any advice on what they might do. will it be points, D A C or a ban? he is worried due to driving a co van for a living.
  5. Hello Everyone I started getting letters from Nolans probably around 2 months ago about a Personal Loan debt that was from years ago. The debt is not on any of my credit files so it was a surprise to get a letter from a sols about it. Its a Sainsbury's Bank Loan for £16k that i took out on 9/7/09, very shortly after (around 6 months lost my job). I had been making token payments of £20 per month to originally Blair Oliver & Scott who after around 1 year, passed the debt to Cabot around Nov 2011. I continued the £20 per month till around Jan 2016 then I lost my job again, and couldn't pay at all. If I am being honest, i thought due to the time since i took it out (8years ago) and the fact that it was off all 3 credit files (equifax/Experian/Callcredit) It had been written off by the creditor. Im always weary with debt letters as the terminology is always "we may" and very rarely "we are doing" but being so close to having a clean credit file the letter has came as a bit of a scare. Any advice? I can post a copy of the letter with personals omitted if it helps?
  6. Hi All, I hope I can get some help on a situation, unfortunately I was caught speeding on the motorway the letter I received from Essex police is to identify the driver "application for the identity of the driver" i was clocked at 108mph on a 70mph - no previous, no points clean drivers license - what should i do?, fill the document in and sent over? i mean it was me driving, also it was at 5.14 am in the morning. what could i be looking at as its the first time/offence? cheers Red11
  7. Hi All, I have an action by Arrow Global ( debt purchasers from HSBC) claiming £8234.93 Date of service 5th June Date of expiry of period of notice 27th June 2017 I intend to defend the action and I have a few questions. 1. If I make a request for all the documents and information that Arrow Global are required by the CCA 1974 to hold and they do not supply it all within the required time ( is it 12 days?) could I get the action dismissed on the 27th? ( My understanding is that if I do not respond at all the case can be found against me on 27th) On the CONDESCENDENCE they state 1. Asserts jurisdiction 2.Asserts their right to the money via debt purchasing agreement with HSBC 3.States agreement between HSBC and myself under the CCA 1974 4.Asserts defender failed to pay. Any advice at all would be most welcome. Kind Regards B.Man
  8. Priyadr11: did you pay£150? Did they ever come to your address to collect the money? The same thing happen to me yesterday. i said sorry and they made me sign in a paper and let me go. Could you tell me what can I expect? I really don't want to let anyone know about this because I live in a extended family. .I'm really broken ..couldn't eat or sleep ever sinc ..can anyone suggest me what I'm going to do ..I'm regretting very badly.. ..��I feel like my life is just going to stop now...
  9. Hi Everyone, I do hope I canget some help, I have red many posts and the work you guys do here is great. On 18th August I got stopped by a Revenue Protection Officer. I always buy a weekly Zone 1-4 travel card which is fine as I live in zone 4 sometimes when I sleep at my girlfriend’s house (who lives in zone 5) I do not beep in at that station but beep in at Finsbury Park. The ‘officer’ saw me beep in at Finsbury park and took my oyster card and I gave my details... .. and said I’ll receive a letter, he explained that they just want their money back I was surprised and scared that this letter arrived stating their intention to take me to court, this will ruin my career opportunities and I did not realise the severity of my actions. – I will never do this again but I do not know how to reply, I want to settle this out of court. On the letter the details of the 9 offences each are: • having paid the fare for a certain distance, knowingly and wilfully proceeding by train beyond that distance without previously paying the additional fare for the additional distance and with intent to avoid payment thereof or do I ask for their evidence? Does this mean they can prove 9 times I didn’t pay for the extra zone charge? I just want to settle this out of court I know it will cost but I will pay whatever it is even though i am an apprentice on minimum wage. Please someone help me. I need to reply to the letter by next week Kind regards and many thanks in advance.
  10. Good afternoon all. I received a Notice of intention to prosecute from Govia Thanes Link. The offence was exiting a barrier in an incorrect manner, although they have also included entering a train for the purpose of travelling without a ticket entitling travel. I was on my way back from london with my other half, her ticket worked fine at the barrier, mine didnt. We were rushing for our connection so I just pushed through. I did have a valid ticket which was inspected and handed back to me by the revenue protection inspector at Kings Cross. The letter is extremely worrying stating that they intend to take me to a magistrates court , I could end up with a criminal record, a £1000 fine, Prison, Suspended sentence, Community service, Compensation, Costs etc. Whilst I admit I did push through the barrier, I didnt cause any damage, this was written on the statement i gave, but I did have a valid ticket. This was a month ago, now Ive just got back from holiday to this letter. They are asking me to give my account of what happened which I have already typed out. Im worried sick, any advice welcome. Thanks Roger
  11. I am worried sick about a problem entirely of my own making. I arrived late at a train station and instead of buying a ticket and waiting half an hour for the next train I got on the train coming in without a ticket. I was found without a ticket and my details were taken down. Now I have an intention to prosecute letter. I am terrified of the consequences of my foolish, impatient actions. I realise prison is probably unlikely but I now know I could end up with a criminal record if I am prosecuted in court. The 'charge' stated in the letter is 'failing to hand over a rail ticket for inspection' which seems to fit two pieces of legislation. The letter asks me to write back within 21 days with my version of events but I have spoken to three solicitors who say not to, as this will incriminate me. Another said to write and that I didn't need a solicitor unless I got a summons. I don't know what to do: to write and explain, underlining how sorry I am and how I would like to resolve matters out of court if possible, or whether I should let a solicitor try to liaise on my behalf. I am worried that not replying myself as specified in the letter will mean Govia look unfavourably on me. However, I can't write to tell what happened without incriminating myself. I work for the NHS and am terrified that my hard won career will be over in a flash because of my rash actions. I would be very grateful for any advice you can give.
  12. HI, I have received a 'Formal Notice of an intention to file a default' from the RBS with the 28 calendar days running out TODAY! I have been in the middle east for 5 weeks and have just seen this letter. Can I ask for an extension to respond? If so, do any templates exist to help? Thanks
  13. Hi everyone I imagine, like many others, I stumbled upon this excellent forum having received this letter and diving onto Google. I’ve been reading a few posts from years past and taken on the advice there. I also entered into a thread elsewhere within the forum (I'm unable to link to it due to new member status) and use the template provided as a base for my own response, which is also contained below. THE DETAILS The letter reads: On Tuesday 14th April at 11:40 your details were taken by a Revenue Protection Inspector en route near Denmark Hill station, on board the 11:20 train from West Hampstead Thameslink station to Sevenoaks station. Proceeding paragraphs outline cost of travel fraud to rail industry and details of potential penalty for offenders. Alleged Offence: Entering a train for the purpose of travelling without a ticket entitling travel. NOTES For reasons unknown to me, my first name is printed incorrectly, it is wrong. My middle and last names are correct. During the encounter, I provided ID upon request. I’ve noted this in the letter below and presume(?) this to be of little consequence to the matter at hand. I’m super unfamiliar with trains and buying tickets in general. I cycle everywhere. On this day, I was visiting a friend for the first time at their home way out somewhere I’d not been to before. I punched the address into Google Maps and followed that route. I purchased a paper ticket from Victoria to Bellingham. I subsequently missed my stop without realising. I realised this once it was noted I was beyond my stated destination by the RPI. The paper ticket was retained by the RPI, my bank statement shows a £7.20 purchase on the 14th April. I was considering attaching this as supporting evidence. My friend whom I was visiting works alongside me. I was considering he write a supporting letter to be attached on company headed paper (intention being to make it more official and believable), confirming my intentions on that date to visit him, collaborating the address – this would be to clarify I was not attempting to travel somewhere further, which would have cost more, and thus purchased a cheaper ticket with intention of paying less. Hopefully that makes sense. I think that is all the information I can think to provide, please feel free to request more. My intended letter is provided below, please feel free to review and suggest amendments. A super long post I know; I’m not particularly rolling in money and the thought of paying out sucks. Be sure to know that any advice you guys provide is extremely welcome and thanks so much for taking the time out to read all this. Very much appreciated. THE LETTER To whom it may concern, I write regarding the letter received concerning the occasion on 14th April 2015 at 11:49 when I was reported for travelling without a valid rail ticket. I firstly would like to amend the name attached to the matter at hand where it should read: D****rather than the current G****. I can offer no assistance to this error having provided supporting identification upon request by the attending Revenue Protection Inspector in the form of VISA DEBIT card and my place of work Identification Card which provides full name and photo. My final destination during this period of travel was **ADDRESS**, a work associate’s home whom I was visiting for the first time. This is pertinent as it reflects my intended destination in relation to the encounter with the Revenue Protection Inspector. I additionally attach a supporting letter from this associate, **NAME**, confirming my intention to visit him on this date and time. My intended route to this destination was from Victoria station to Bellingham and a short bus ride thereon. I purchased a return travel ticket from Victoria station for this specific destination. (I provide additional proof in the form of bank statement where date, time and cost can be measured against this statement – I no longer retain the travel ticket as this was confiscated by the Revenue Protection Inspector). Being an inexperienced rail traveller (I cycle daily) I lost myself to both music and reading material and subsequently missed my stop; I was unaware of this. I was confronted by a Revenue Protection Inspector at the station Shortlands. I attempted to explain my mistake and made offer to both pay for any additional fares I incurred or on-the-spot-penalty. Both were declined. After providing personal details upon request, both myself and attending Revenue Protection Inspector exited the train at the station St Mary Cray. Curiously, it appears a ticket purchase for the date Tuesday 30th June via the website thetrainlineDOTcom for similar travel times as mine on the 14th April offer a lower price of £6.90 than that of the £7.20 I actually paid for my intended destination. Understanding that I was ‘out of bounds’ in regards my ticket and the destination printed upon that ticket, I do feel that my intention to travel in accordance within the rules of travel – that I have indeed purchased a ticket, that additionally my supporting materials collaborate this with evidence of purchase and intended destination, that I did make a simple mistake. I wish to offer my unreserved apology for my actions in the hope that you will allow this matter to be resolved without court action and thereby allowing me to preserve my good name. I have not previously been reported nor travelled without paying the fare due I understand that fare evasion is a serious problem and unfair to the vast majority of travellers who pay the correct fare every time, I hope that you will recognise that I did genuinely make an honest mistake and did not with intention, attempt to avoid payment for my journey. I am offering to pay the full fare that is due and the reasonable costs that have been incurred by the rail company in the hope that you will allow me to make amends for this uncharacteristic act. Yours etc. Should that last paragraph be included? I'm unsure what route to take here as the above was written in supprt of a different scenario as mine..
  14. Hi, I hope you can provide me with some advice. I have just received an intention to prosecute letter from Govia Thameslink Railways. Offences listed are: giving a false name & address & entering a train without a ticket. They are asking for my side of the story. I feel really scared about this! I always travel with a Zone 2-5 travel card & use the tube & overground, not rail. When I come into Zone 1 on the tube I always have approx. £10 on extra just in case & if short, just keep topping up the £10 when it prompts me at the barriers. I went out with my partner after work and came back on Thameslink from Blackfriars to Kings Cross. I didn't really take much notice & assumed it was like the Overground. My oyster card did not beep at the barrier & I proceeded assuming I had the required amount to cover me for Zone 1 travel. Arriving at Kings Cross my oyster card beeped at the barrier & I asked a member of staff where I could top up my card. I was then passed to another member of staff to one side and that is when it all went wrong.... The officer was a very poor communicator & coupled with my rising panic and stress levels it was a recipe for disaster. I heard the words '£20' penalty, caution, prosecution and panicked. Two other officers joined in and were not helpful. I couldn't understand why they couldn't explain the full process to me & my options and I was adamant that I would not pay a fine when I had nothing wrong. I had no intent to fare evade and it all seemed complete nonsense. I explained that if they looked at my oyster history they could see my travel patterns which would corroborate my story. The officer started filling in a form and was asking me to sign & pay & I refused. He asked for my name & address as it was a prosecutable offence & In a moment of madness I gave him a false one, however I told him it was a false one at that time because I didn't feel I should be prosecuted when I hadn't tried to evade paying my fare. After nearly 45 minutes of heated discussion I asked them to call the transport police, which they did. The police woman calmly explained the full process to me, including the purpose of cautioning me to answer questions. I told her I was unhappy with the customer service and communication I had received and why I had been questioned for so long before this part happened. The rail officer then cautioned me- which was awful. He then tried to get me to sign the form stating he would fill the answers later, which I protested about and showed the police officer. I then made him complete every field before I would sign- this took two more attempts. I still don't really understand why I was going to be fined £20 for being £2.80 short on my travel card, which I was more than happy to pay but never given the chance other than that is our policy. I know my actions were stupid, but I was stressed, scared and a bit outraged. I'm still scared & have been ever since, whilst watching the post for a letter. I'm 48 year old mother, who works a 50 hour week running a busy public sector department with over 200 staff. I would have to declare this criminal record & could potentially lose my job, ruin my credit rating, never get another job or mortgage & bring shame on my family. My family also live in the USA & this would also prevent me from being able to visit them, even though my step mom is unwell. The last 18 months have been very stressful as my father died suddenly, mother is end stage Alzheimer's, my brother has been diagnosed with early onset dementia and his wife has just died. I am applying for deputy ship & LPA for them and trying to support my nieces & nephews through a difficult time. My ex partner has been sectioned in a mental health unit post suicide attempt and I am still trying to ensure my daughter maintains some form of healthy relationship with him and she is starting her GCSE's. I have been on anti depressants and therapy but feel this could be the last straw. Please, please, can you tell me what to do as I don't feel I deserve this for an unintentional mistake followed by a moment of panicked madness? Thank you
  15. Hello folks Im considering starting High Court Action against my former employer for failing to act on a promise made. I brought a County claim against my former employer last year and the claim was thrown out of court as it could not be heard in the County Court. The Judge said that as I had mentioned the rules of equity it could be heard in the High Court (Chancery Division) I wont go into the nitty gritty on here but wondered if there were any Legal experts around to offer help and advice please? Thanks
  16. Hello there, i received letter from prosecution department "Notice of intention to prosecute" they found two alleged offence against me 1. giving false name and address , 2. intention of travel without having a valid ticket entitling to travel, so here's my response to them Dear Sir/Madam, I accept the liability that I was travelling without an appropriate ticket. I boarded your company’s train service at Huntingdon station with the intent to travel to King’s Cross station on the 6th of January. As later I had to travel to elephant and castle station I asked one of the members of staff at ST. Pancras station if I was eligible to travel to Elephant and Castle station with my off peak day return ticket. It was mentioned LONDON TERMINALS (Huntingdon-London Terminals) in that ticket. As most of the time I saw LONDON TERMINALS in my ticket but I never understand what was the meaning of it . I thought it might be the ticket for any terminals in London. So this time I asked one of the members of staff at ST. Pancras station that if I was eligible to travel with that ticket to elephant and castle station. The staff looked at my ticket and said yes. Then that staff opened the barrier for me. So I travelled to elephant and castle station with that ticket. As there was no barrier at Elephant castle station, so nobody stopped me there. But when I came back from Elephant and Castle to ST. Pancras the staff at the barrier stopped me. The staff said it was not an appropriate ticket for travel between these stations. Upon being stopped by the Revenue Protection Inspector, I cooperated willingly to clarify my honest mistake and provided personal information to aid his work. As there was some issue with my name and address, but the officer got it right from my ID in the end. At that time, I was under great stress from my studies and I was very nervous with the questionnaires by the Revenue Protection Inspector. I was very scared as it was my first-time experience. I'm deeply sorry for any inconvenience that might cause to that officer regarding my name and address. I was willing to pay for the ticket price, but however I did not have the means to pay due to my financial circumstances at that time. From my conversations with the Revenue Protection Inspector, I was under the impression that I was only being contacted to pay the ticket price or Penalty Fare. As you can imagine, receiving this prosecution notice has placed me under unduly stress. I have to stress it was not my intention to defraud Govia Thameslink Railway and I sympathise with the need for ticket enforcement to root out dishonest fare dodgers. I didn't have any intention or whatsoever to travel without a ticket. I had been given wrong information by the staff at ST. Pancras station which led me to mistakenly travel without a ticket. Though I had an off peak day return ticket from HUNTINGDON to LONDON TERMINALS. It was an honest mistake; I offer my sincerest apologies for my idiotic mistake. This is my first incident and it will also be my last I would love to pay the correct fare and any costs that have incurred in processing of the case. Again, I apologise profusely for my error.

 Yours faithfully, ***** [Note: I am sending my last few months’ statement just to show that I always buy ticket. sometimes I pay by cash for the ticket as well.] in reply the said "i refer to the above reference and your recent letter. having considered the points you have raised i'm writing to inform you this department will be going forward with the case A summons to attend magistrates court will be sent to you in due course. should you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact me." what shall i do now. anybody please help me. i am lost..
  17. Notice of intention to impose a financial penalty following an investigation into compliance by InterGen with Article 14(1) of the Electricity and Gas (Community Energy Saving Programme) Order 2009 Read More Here: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/notice-intention-impose-financial-penalty-following-investigation-compliance-intergen-article-141-electricity-and-gas-community-energy-saving-programme-order-2009
  18. Notice of intention to impose a financial penalty following an investigation into compliance by Drax with Article 14(1) of the Electricity and Gas (Community Energy Saving Programme) Order 2009 Read More Here: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/notice-intention-impose-financial-penalty-following-investigation-compliance-drax-article-141-electricity-and-gas-community-energy-saving-programme-order-2009
  19. Ofgem Notice of intention to impose a financial penalty following an investigation into compliance by British Gas with Article 9(1) and Article 9(1A) of the Electricity and Gas (Carbon Emissions Reduction) Order 2008 (as amended) Read More Here: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/notice-intention-impose-financial-penalty-following-investigation-compliance-british-gas-article-91-and-article-91a-electricity-and-gas-carbon-emissions-reduction-order-2008-amended
  20. Ofgem has been investigating whether British Gas complied with its obligations under Article 14(1) of the Electricity and Gas (Community Energy Saving Programme) Order 2009. Read More Here: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/notice-intention-impose-financial-penalty-following-investigation-compliance-british-gas-article-141-electricity-and-gas-community-energy-saving-programme-order-2009
  21. I have just received at Notice Of Intention To Prosecute from the Police for an alleged speeding offence which i know i did not commit. I saw the Camera Van from 400yds away and I ensured I maintained a speed below 30 as I approached it. The Police say the footage of me driving was from approx 30 yds away. Interestingly the words 'Recorded Speed' on the NOITP have been xxxxxxxx'd out. Does anyone know why this may be? The Police claim it was because the wording 'confused people'. I think the Police are trying to [problem] me as I gave the camera a cheeky smile as i drove past it and also because I drive a nice car. Any thoughts?
  22. Hi there. Ran into difficulty paying my t-mobile bill, which has now ended. Contacted by a company called Buchanan Clark and Wells demanding payment of £155.21. I checked my t-mobile account, and am still able to pay off my balance on their website, which comes to £140.21. I emailed BCW saying if I can pay them, why should I pay a DCA? I then to be safe set up a payment agreement at BCW's website, and paid on the 14th September by bank transfer. Received however a letter today stating that they would be making a home visit as the agreement has not been honoured, despite having my own evidence that I sent the bank transfer. Despite this, the balance has not been changed to reflect this. I have sent an angry email along these lines to ask why a payment has been ignored. I refuse to communciate with them by phone, only be letter or email. I will soon have enough money aside to pay off the tmobile bill, shall I just pay tmobile directly and tell BCW where to go? Thanks!
  23. I have a number of debts as detailed below that I have been making reduced payments against, for a little while in some cases. My age and circumstances now make it unrealistic to expect to continue doing so, and actually clearing the debts impossible. I am about to contact all and advise accordingly requesting that the balances be written off. If they aren’t I will reduce payments to a token £1 per month. At intervals I have been asked to increase payments, and I have responded that I am unable to do so and have volunteered an Income & Expenditure statement to bear this out. I have occasionally been offered a reduced lump-sum settlement opportunity including writing down the £24K mortgage debt to just £1,200 however, so I hope they will see the reality of things which is that at current payment levels the c£4K debts would each take over 60 years to clear, the c£25K debts well past 400 years, and I will clear the CCJ in 2085 aged 135! I'm not sure at the moment what approach to take with the CCJ, or even if that is possible and the debt will actually pass to my family/estate on my death … still looking in to that. Details, if it helps … My debts date generally from early-mid ‘00s and span a business collapse (Sole Trader) from which I never really recovered despite a short-lived further attempt. There is also a CCJ. This all had a devastating effect, including eventually the repossession of our home just a few years ago since when we have rented our way in to retirement. We have no assets and just state pension income. All debts are with DCAs except for one which is with the original debt-holder Cheltenham & Gloucester/Lloyds TSB. These are: Intrum Justitia from Nat West, Business Loan, Bal now £3,931, paying £5/mth since ‘03 Link from ?? (need to check), Bal now £3,702, paying £5/mth since ‘04 Fredrickson from HSBC, Cedit Card, Bal now £3,862, paying £5/mth since ‘07 Moorcroft from Nat West, Personal loan, Bal now £3,118, paying £5/mth since ‘04 Direct Legal and Collections Shortfall on repo sale of home by mortgage lender, Bal now £25,852, paying £5/mth since ‘10 Chelt & Gloucs/Lloyds, direct. Shortfall on repo sale of 2nd property mortgaged to release working capital, Bal now £24,000 +/-, paying £5/mth since ‘99 Also a CCJ in '02 for £50K at £50/mth since then Some have been with other DCAs too so they actually go back further .... for example Phoenix Recoveries, Lowells and Robinson Way at times as some were reassigned, but because of moves and more I just don’t have all correspondence anymore and can’t tie them down now. So …. I think my plan is sound, however before making contact to see what I can achieve I'd welcome any advice/comment ... good idea or not, any best way to go about it, anything further I might do to help myself, anything I could say in order to help, or avoid because it would hinder … that kind of thing. I’d love these to disappear so I can breathe easy now. Thank you for any assistance.
  24. Hello I wonder if anyone can give me some guidance on a letter I received from First Capital Connect? I was on my way into work on the usual packed train and I was standing in the guards area at the end of the train. There were about a dozen other commuters in the same area (as there are everyday I get the train). The train was stopped at Essex Road and we were asked off the train. In the time we were waiting for our details to be recorded another 10-20 people were taken off each train as it came through the station - one train every 4 minutes at that time. I know that you shouldn't stand in there and I know that it is very weak to say this, but people do it everyday on every train that is running, only because it is impossibly full due to the late running of the service. the Notice of intention to Prosecute states it is for - Occupying a part of the train not intended for use by passengers. I have been asked to fill in a form giving my side of the story. Is there anything I can do apart from being polite, apologising and offering to pay their administration costs? I really do not want a criminal record/prison sentence/etc. Any guidance would be really helpful. thank you
  25. I have a problem of a relatively similair nature to ones ive seen before on ehre regarding intention to prosecute I am appealing directly to silly 11 for the letter he sent to southeastern that got him off with a 35 pound fine, or anyuone else who can help me with stuff like this (cannot pm as made no posts yet) basically i had a ticket for my train home cambridge to kings cross, but lost it sometime between 15 mins before my train went and when i reached cambridge station. Stupidlyu had a moment of amdness at cambridge and tryed to follow in behind someone- unfortunately the train ticket i had been using was one not bough of a site like a trainline, was infact bought by a mate in case for me so no way of proving any of that. Explained this and weeks later now have an intention to prosecute notice regarding failing to hand over a ticket for inspection exiting or enterting the station by means other than the approved exit or passing through the gate in an incorrect manner. I'm utterly terrified about the prospect of court, I understand the basics about apologising stressing this was out of character etc but I want to know what else to say in this letter to them that is asking for my viewpoint. Any help atol would be unbelievable as at the minute I'm a little bit terrified. ow and jsut to provide additional information I was perfectly cooperative with them once they got me, they didnt make it clear wether id be getting a penalty fare notice or an intention to prosecute at the time but theyve made that clear now desperate to settle out of court just need to know what to write on this thing asking for what happened from my viewpoint with factual and honest information, will stress how court could seriously screw im my career, im a student who wants to be a doctor, understand you should offer to pay the original fare plus reasonable admin costs just need to know help with the specifics and general advice if anyone has any good termplate old letters could they ring me on [edit] or email me on asap as my reply has to be sent by monday as it has to have reached them by wendnesday thank you so much and please help so scared
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