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  1. Yes indeed BazzaS, I am immensely relieved. I know you and others here post regularly to advise people and I am grateful for the time and trouble taken (as I hope they are). I've made a donation to the site because I think it is a great resource and I feel lucky to have found it in my time of trouble. Thanks again.
  2. Yes, it's fantastic news. Thanks for letting me know about the donation facility; I am making a donation right now! Thanks again.
  3. To Old-CodJA, dx100uk, Stigy, and BazzaS, who all wrote and gave me advice and suggestions, once again thank you. I sent a letter as suggested have just spoken with the train company on the phone. On this occasion the company has very kindly allowed me to pay an admin charge and the cost of the ticket. I can't tell you how relieved I am. I have never been so foolish before and never will again and not only will I not go to court now I am free of a conviction or record which would have jeopardised my career (I work in health, with vulnerable people). Please accept my sincere thanks for your help.
  4. Thank you Old-CodJA for your comments. I really value your suggestions and appreciate the time you and others have taken to respond.
  5. Many thanks d100k for your reply and advice; as with the other two posters, I really do appreciate you posting your thoughts on this matter for me.
  6. Thank you for replying so quickly. Yes, the solicitors involved were happy to act for me (if that's the right phrasing). All said they have experience of these matters etc. I am foolish, but not so much as to think that they wouldn't paint the bleakest picture of not hiring a solicitor... but then again, I am completely out of my depth here. All I know is, I did wrong and I am very willing to pay a penalty for that, but a criminal record does seem disproportionate to the crime. Only one solicitor said to reply myself and then if a summons came in spite of that to contact him then. I have never been in trouble with the law before and, in 35 years of using railways, have only two penalty fares, once because I left my ticket in a coat pocket and changed coats that day. My departing station didn't have barriers and so I didn't realise I didn't have my ticket until I got to London. And secondly because I thought my oyster had tapped in, but it hadn't. I paid both immediately and without fuss. Thanks for replying so quickly. I did send a message back, but it hasn't appeared on the site. The solicitors have said that they would make representations on my behalf and that would, effectively, be the reply, just not from me myself. I asked if that would anger the company and they said not, but being that they are hoping for business I wanted to check if that were really true. I would definitely never not reply in some way, it's just that I now wonder if I am best advised to let a solicitor handle it for me. I am out of my depth and they have warned me that wording is very important and I could incriminate myself. They have all indicated success in these matters and so on, knowing what to say, etc. In my view I have done wrong and am willing to face a penalty for that, but a criminal record does seem disproportionate and I am frantically worried about my career and future prospects.
  7. I am worried sick about a problem entirely of my own making. I arrived late at a train station and instead of buying a ticket and waiting half an hour for the next train I got on the train coming in without a ticket. I was found without a ticket and my details were taken down. Now I have an intention to prosecute letter. I am terrified of the consequences of my foolish, impatient actions. I realise prison is probably unlikely but I now know I could end up with a criminal record if I am prosecuted in court. The 'charge' stated in the letter is 'failing to hand over a rail ticket for inspection' which seems to fit two pieces of legislation. The letter asks me to write back within 21 days with my version of events but I have spoken to three solicitors who say not to, as this will incriminate me. Another said to write and that I didn't need a solicitor unless I got a summons. I don't know what to do: to write and explain, underlining how sorry I am and how I would like to resolve matters out of court if possible, or whether I should let a solicitor try to liaise on my behalf. I am worried that not replying myself as specified in the letter will mean Govia look unfavourably on me. However, I can't write to tell what happened without incriminating myself. I work for the NHS and am terrified that my hard won career will be over in a flash because of my rash actions. I would be very grateful for any advice you can give.
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