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  1. Thanks for your reply. I resigned from my job so no redunancy pay, the whole point of this is that I missed the 3 month ET deadline as I was reliant on a promise by the Local Authority. The detriment I suffered is the reason for the claim. The council kept me hanging on then renayed on their promise. All Officers involved in this sorry affair have either since been sacked or resigned. The Police Investigations are continuiung I do understand that if the review was carried out the decision might still have been the same - but the officer responsible in making the decision to refuse my VR
  2. the promise was made to me to review the decision taken regarding my voluntary redundancy by providng sufficient info to the local authority. this promise was made twice to me by two senior officers and witnessed by other officers the review would have shown that the officer who made the decision was at fault. that officer was sacked shortly after all my proof was supplied The Local Authority are denying everything and have tried to brush this under the carpet but they have told me that two people who ii made allegations about were sacked... now why would that be???
  3. Because the elements listed in my Court Claim should have been heard in ET and I was out of time, the Judge summed up that this could not be heard in the County Court and judgement was that the claim be dismissed. Whilst in Court I listed several principles of Equity which the Judge said could be heard in the High Court (Chancery Division) but that was a matter for another day. I am aware that Estopple can only be used as a defence and not a shield but wanted to cite Evenden V Guildford City and Re Wyvern Developments which both supersede Combe V Combe. The modern rule of law in equity
  4. Thanks well here goes and its a long one...... I had worked for my employer, a Local Authority for over 20 years. I uncovered Fraud in my workplace involving two senior managers and used the whistleblowing process to alert the powers that be of my allegations. Despite two whistleblowing reports being submitted - these were not acknowledged and nothing was done. After a while I found my position was untenable due to the behaviour of the two senior managers towards me. There was a Voluntary Redundancy package on offer at the time and as our section were going through a restructure I decided
  5. Hello folks Im considering starting High Court Action against my former employer for failing to act on a promise made. I brought a County claim against my former employer last year and the claim was thrown out of court as it could not be heard in the County Court. The Judge said that as I had mentioned the rules of equity it could be heard in the High Court (Chancery Division) I wont go into the nitty gritty on here but wondered if there were any Legal experts around to offer help and advice please? Thanks
  6. My problems with MCA started last week. I had to cancel my Gym Membership due to failing health. I stupidly cancelled the direct debit and I know I owe this months payment. I rang last Weds to try and pay this and they would not accept payment of £15. I rang again today and they want £35 to close the account. The £35 is made up of £15 mays payment + £20 penalty fee for not paying by direct debit. I said I would pay £15 today and dispute the charges. They refused to take the payment. I have sent them an email of dispute in regarding this!
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