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  1. thanks will sent it special delivery gaurenteed next day. old codja im most certainly taking it seriously, the resentment is more stress because of this hanging over me and loads of degree work at the moment really appreciate all the help and will read it out loud and double check it before submission its not gaurenteed to work but its the best option ive got thanks to both of you
  2. Bazza S I am going to send it via special delivery next day Old Codja thanks very much for using the grammar, I was using a cheap version of word and just typed it out once without checking, was going to send it to the library and spell check it today. Fully understand your point about my language and my tone in the comment above, if im honest its not so much resentment as more fear and worry particularly as I've got laods of degree work on to worry about too. But yes I'm most certainly serious about this and seriously scared. Thanks for the corrections have implemented them and will give it another intense read through before printing it out. Understand it may not work but its the best option I've got so id be a total idiot not to try it.
  3. DEAR THE FANTASTICALLY HELPFUL OLD CODJA AND ANY OTHER TRANSPORT GURUS OR PEOPLE WHO HAVE READ THIS THREAD AND FANCY HELPING A FELLOW HUMAN OUT WHO IS TERRIFIED ABOUT GOING TO COURT AND THUS HAVING THIER FUTURE EMPLOYABILITY CRIPPLED PLEASE I BEG OF YOU READ MY DRAFT LETTER TO FCC AND GIMME SOME FEEDBACK. IT IS WRITTEN BASED ON OLD CODJAS ADVIE AND I INTEND TO SEND IT BY ROYAL MAIL RECORDED DELIVERY A WHOLE 2 MILES ACROSS TOWN FROM UNI TO THIER OFFICES IN WATERLOO WHERE I PRAY THEY WILL SPARE ME THE COURTS. IN SHORT READ THE LETTER AND ANY ADVICE WOULD BE AMAZING THANK YOU SO MUCH Dear first capital connect and the prosecutions manager, I am writing to express my sincere regret regarding my actions on Friday 23rd November 2011, and to plead with you to settle with me out of court for my actions. I wish to begin by apologising unreservedly for failing to hand over a ticket and exiting in an incorrect manner. This was a series of events that was totally out of character for me, reflected by my distraught reaction at the time once I had realised the true stupidity of what I had done. I want to apologise for the difficulties I caused to your staff and wholly apologise for my behaviour. I have never been in any kind of trouble like this before and thus feel that court action could have a disproprotionately large effects on my future career and employment prospects. I certainly promise and solemnly swear to never undertake such an unbelievably silly action of this ilk ever again. I have many exciting career ambitions and would be devastated if this one terrible mistake and susbsequent court action went on to permanently ruin my potential for future employment. I am hugely remorseful regarding what happened, and am writing to plead for a mutual resolution and settlement without the need for court action. I am writing to plea for you to settle of court with me, an arrangment in which I would be happy to pay the single adult fare (22.60 I believe) and any reasonable administration costs that have been incurred with yourselves in dealing with my case. I would again like to express my apologies for my actions, restate that this was totally out of character and ask that the vast effects court could have on my future employability be considered. My current adress and mobile number are included for future contact (I believe my mobile number might have changed since the initial incident). Thank you for taking the time to read this, which I would once again like to stress is sent with my deepest apologies. Yours sincerely,
  4. old codja would you say its even worth bothering to mention that i didnt intend to avoid buying a ticket and that i lost it or should i just totally forget that and concentrate on the unreserved apology
  5. i AM GUESSING IT IS BEST TO explain that i am desperate to avoid court implications on my career for example?
  6. my mate hasnt got any proof he purchased as he used cash. Just to clarify we weren;t travelling together, so there was certainly not kind of buy one ticket between too thing going in. he couldn't use it so gave it to me and I lost it sometime between my journey from waterloo to kings cross and then kings cross to cambridge, and have no proper proof that I ever had it- at kings cross when we all boarded none of the barriers were up because how busy it was so everybody including myself was just pouring through without using the ticket in summary I'm wholly screwed on proving I ever even had a ticket, so am trying to think of exactly what to write in this statement because I desperately want an out of court setllement- 81 of you have all read this and 2 have replied surely some of you guys mudy have some ideas? Help desperately needed for a student scared to death about a criminal record or court appearence for one mistake ruining my future
  7. I have a problem of a relatively similair nature to ones ive seen before on ehre regarding intention to prosecute I am appealing directly to silly 11 for the letter he sent to southeastern that got him off with a 35 pound fine, or anyuone else who can help me with stuff like this (cannot pm as made no posts yet) basically i had a ticket for my train home cambridge to kings cross, but lost it sometime between 15 mins before my train went and when i reached cambridge station. Stupidlyu had a moment of amdness at cambridge and tryed to follow in behind someone- unfortunately the train ticket i had been using was one not bough of a site like a trainline, was infact bought by a mate in case for me so no way of proving any of that. Explained this and weeks later now have an intention to prosecute notice regarding failing to hand over a ticket for inspection exiting or enterting the station by means other than the approved exit or passing through the gate in an incorrect manner. I'm utterly terrified about the prospect of court, I understand the basics about apologising stressing this was out of character etc but I want to know what else to say in this letter to them that is asking for my viewpoint. Any help atol would be unbelievable as at the minute I'm a little bit terrified. ow and jsut to provide additional information I was perfectly cooperative with them once they got me, they didnt make it clear wether id be getting a penalty fare notice or an intention to prosecute at the time but theyve made that clear now desperate to settle out of court just need to know what to write on this thing asking for what happened from my viewpoint with factual and honest information, will stress how court could seriously screw im my career, im a student who wants to be a doctor, understand you should offer to pay the original fare plus reasonable admin costs just need to know help with the specifics and general advice if anyone has any good termplate old letters could they ring me on [edit] or email me on asap as my reply has to be sent by monday as it has to have reached them by wendnesday thank you so much and please help so scared
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