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  1. Physically open. It is a sliding door that was completely slid open.
  2. After reading the first response to my post I edited the language I used. Cab was the wrong word to use in the first instance - where we were standing had no controls, no drivers seat, etc. A better description is indeed the corridor to the cab. The only equipment in there is a ladder and a poster saying how to perform mouth to mouth in 1986. There are keep out signs on the doors (I checked this morning) but you cannot see them if the door is open. I don't think the external doors opened - I entered from the internal door which was fully open. thanks PS I have never come across a website like this before, it is quite heartening to see people helping people for no reason other than its a nice thing to do
  3. Hello I wonder if anyone can give me some guidance on a letter I received from First Capital Connect? I was on my way into work on the usual packed train and I was standing in the guards area at the end of the train. There were about a dozen other commuters in the same area (as there are everyday I get the train). The train was stopped at Essex Road and we were asked off the train. In the time we were waiting for our details to be recorded another 10-20 people were taken off each train as it came through the station - one train every 4 minutes at that time. I know that you shouldn't stand in there and I know that it is very weak to say this, but people do it everyday on every train that is running, only because it is impossibly full due to the late running of the service. the Notice of intention to Prosecute states it is for - Occupying a part of the train not intended for use by passengers. I have been asked to fill in a form giving my side of the story. Is there anything I can do apart from being polite, apologising and offering to pay their administration costs? I really do not want a criminal record/prison sentence/etc. Any guidance would be really helpful. thank you
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