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  1. I've got to return this (upload) asap, I got it yesterday... could I have some help with reply SPO.pdf
  2. evidence see upload ============= see C4 14. 12. 14 ""intimating"" assignnation --------------------------------------------------- I've uploaded the only letter I've received with the date above ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will scan and upload the 30 pg document soon portfolio upload... I only received an unnumbered page, pages 2-11, 22,23, 29, and the signed page 29. do you think my post #25 should be used as evidence... it shows credit card statement and transaction report and credit card notes report from TESCO
  3. thanks for your reply, I received (see upload) I don't seem to have a Copy intimation of Assignment ******************************************* nolans.pdf
  4. this's what I received..... 30 page document; I've uploaded front page, page 1 and the last signed page ================================================================= assignment.pdf
  5. further information ============ relevant rules ========= 9.10 How can a party ask the sheriff to make any other orders? ************************************************************* (1) A party may ask the sheriff to make any other orders by sending an Incidental Orders Application to the other party. (2) That party must at the same time send the court a copy of the Incidental Orders Application with evidence that it was sent to the other party (for example a postal receipt or a copy of an email). (3) If the party who has been sent the Incidental Orders Application
  6. Update.. futher on from my 14th Feb. meeting at court, I have now received an Incidental Order Application>>> The Simple procedure Incidental Orders Form --------------------------------------------------------- C1. what orders would you like the court to make? ----------------------------------------------------------- BoxC1. ******************************************************************************************************* 1. To discharge the hearing fixed for 11th march restricting the issue as to whether or not the debt has been properly assigned. 2. To
  7. do you want me to upload the rest of the paperwork I received?
  8. Got a reply from nolans... I will scan the rest of the paperwork in the next day or two.. nolansreply.pdf
  9. Re. my reply to court and claiment.... Question from court....The respondent is ordered to write to the claimiant at least 14 days before the date (14/2/2019) of the case management conference to clarify these issues: * Does the respondent accept that he entered into an agreement with TPF and that he is in default in respect of that agreement? could i have help with the wording for this reply or will I just say yes x 2...
  10. Yes,.........all text that was in the .txt file was copied from the original interactive pdf, but for some reason there was missing text from box d1 when uploaded.
  11. for some reason some text was missing from response form copy... here's is the original with my details missing hopefully this works.... --------------------------- all the text is in box d1 but for some reason when i upload the pdf some text is missing... i have copy and pasted text from d1/d2 and uploaded it as a text file see latest post..... responseform.txt
  12. No....response form ... see attachment --------------------------------------------- sorry didn't mean to upload form unredacted.... fixed...... SPR Respondance Form.pdf
  13. Happy New Year everyone...... Got a Reply from court... see attachments (3) number 3.. orders CMD.pdf
  14. Thank you.... copy to nolans???.. So fill out Blank SPR Respondance Form then photocopy and send recorded delivery to Nolans ASAP?
  15. first of all sorry i have left this so late, I haven't been well lately. I'm intending to hand this in on Thursday name the issuing court: Glasgow Sheriff Court House Who Is The Claimant: Cabot Financial (UK) Ltd Who Are the Solicitors: Nolans Solicitors What type of action? (Simple/Ordinary): Simple What is the claim for – [D1 BOX SPR FORM] 1.On 14/07/2011 the respondent entered Credit Card Agreement with TESCO PERSONAL FINANCE under which the Respondent borrowed from them a sum of money repayable on demand. The said agreement was an agreement regulated under
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