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  1. Thanks for your reply, and yes it was an oyster card. If I write a letter do you think they'd not accept it and take me to court anyway if I offer money which is not enough for them, do I ask them how much would they think is reasonable an out of court settlement or just say like I offer £200 and see what they say? :O
  2. Hi Everyone, I do hope I canget some help, I have red many posts and the work you guys do here is great. On 18th August I got stopped by a Revenue Protection Officer. I always buy a weekly Zone 1-4 travel card which is fine as I live in zone 4 sometimes when I sleep at my girlfriend’s house (who lives in zone 5) I do not beep in at that station but beep in at Finsbury Park. The ‘officer’ saw me beep in at Finsbury park and took my oyster card and I gave my details... .. and said I’ll receive a letter, he explained that they just want their money back I was surprised and scared that this letter arrived stating their intention to take me to court, this will ruin my career opportunities and I did not realise the severity of my actions. – I will never do this again but I do not know how to reply, I want to settle this out of court. On the letter the details of the 9 offences each are: • having paid the fare for a certain distance, knowingly and wilfully proceeding by train beyond that distance without previously paying the additional fare for the additional distance and with intent to avoid payment thereof or do I ask for their evidence? Does this mean they can prove 9 times I didn’t pay for the extra zone charge? I just want to settle this out of court I know it will cost but I will pay whatever it is even though i am an apprentice on minimum wage. Please someone help me. I need to reply to the letter by next week Kind regards and many thanks in advance.
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