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  1. I spoke to the procecutor on Wednesday. After they reviewed the facts, he called back to say they were not pursuing the matter further. I received written confirmation today. What a relief. This has caused me untold distress for something very minor. Lesson learned, obey the rules even if you are in a rush.
  2. Good news at least Ive found the ticket. What I received is a Notice of Intention to Prosecute , however they are requesting a response from myself . "tell us what happened from your point of view" im not sure if they are actually taking me to court, or will look at my side and then decide. This is a very worrying situation. I have already drafted a letter taking on board DX comments with an explanation of what happened and apology, I will send this along with a copy of the ticket by recorded delivery tomorrow.
  3. I no longer have the ticket, but would be able to prove I purchased 2 tickets via a credit card. I know I should have kept it. I am 100% sure the ticket was valid. They took a photocopy and returned the original to myself. I was stopped, called back about 5m after the barrier. I returned to the other side with the officials and a PCSO. I then gave my details as requested.
  4. Good afternoon all. I received a Notice of intention to prosecute from Govia Thanes Link. The offence was exiting a barrier in an incorrect manner, although they have also included entering a train for the purpose of travelling without a ticket entitling travel. I was on my way back from london with my other half, her ticket worked fine at the barrier, mine didnt. We were rushing for our connection so I just pushed through. I did have a valid ticket which was inspected and handed back to me by the revenue protection inspector at Kings Cross. The letter is extremely worrying stating that they intend to take me to a magistrates court , I could end up with a criminal record, a £1000 fine, Prison, Suspended sentence, Community service, Compensation, Costs etc. Whilst I admit I did push through the barrier, I didnt cause any damage, this was written on the statement i gave, but I did have a valid ticket. This was a month ago, now Ive just got back from holiday to this letter. They are asking me to give my account of what happened which I have already typed out. Im worried sick, any advice welcome. Thanks Roger
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