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  1. Hi Apologies if this is long winded but here goes: 17/11/13 - Purchased Gloves from Debenhams.com £22.50 using my Debenhams card (Santander) No communication statement or anything from them. 02/12/14 - Letter from Lowell Group enclosing letter from New Day? advising that they had passed my account for collection to Lowell Group. £120.43 December 14 - Called Lowell Group as I had no knowledge of what they were chasing and I was informed it was Debenhams. Advised the call handler that I had received no statements from Debenhams in this interim period. Account was placed on hold at this point whilst they obtained the statements. 24/01/15 - Statements arrived and they were addressed to my old address which I had left in February 2012. I advised them that I had sent a letter to all accounts including Santander/ Debenhams advising them of my address change. Also there was a 12 month re-direct on mail and the new owner of the property was known to me and had regularly passed on any post received (including junk mail) to me. 30/01/15 - Telephone call to Lowell advising that this was the 1st sight I had seen of these and why had my address change not been carried out, I could send them a copy of the letter that was sent but as it was in word the date would probably update etc, this was not sufficient evidence. They could reduce the debt to £60.00, call was ended at this point whilst I tried to garner more evidence. Feb/ Mar - Mother In Law in Hospice and father receiving heart surgery 80 miles away, mother in law passed funeral etc...... Today 18/05/15 - Another letter from Lowell saying that they are passing the debt to a collection agent (me freaked out) back on the phone, gone back through the fact I had informed them of my address change and that statements provided had my previous address on. Advised them that I had been offered a £60 reduced settlement (I was going to pay today) to be told the offer was only valid for 30 days ( I was not told this) also that this would leave a partial settlement mark on my credit file for 6 years (again I was not told this) Asked to speak to someone more senior but got cut off. Frustrated to say the least..... So I searched my inbox and I have found the order confirmation for the gloves £22.50 and order update both displaying my billing address as my current address. I have a copy of the agreement and cant see anything relating to third partys? So where do I stand now???? Thanks for reading my post. Nuttytart08
  2. Apologies if this is the wrong section but its a bit awkward. I had some serious debt issues that are now statute barred, Cahoot was one of them and i went to open a bank account at Santander and they had my details already. I thought how will they have that, Then i found out they took over Cahoot some time ago. As the debts were not repaid and are now statute barred if they do let me open this account will they be able to claim any funds from it towards the debts i did not pay? I still have health issues and i am not working, Just claiming ESA with no other income. Will they let me open an account and can they take any money towards the old debts? Thanks in advance. PS. My credit file is now empty and nothing showing, All i wanted it a basic account that would let me pay bills etc. They said a 123 account would suit me. Do you think they will reject me?
  3. Hello all I have an outstanding loan with Santander that I defaulted on 4.5 years ago after suffering a huge wage cut during the recession. I am wondering why this loan has not been sold onto any DCA, all my other debts were years ago. I recieve a statement from Santander every 4-6 months and that's it. The fact that nothing is happening is making me nervous! Any ideas anyone? Should mention that I don't have any assets and the loan was originally with alliance and Leicester.
  4. Hi all Apologies for the long post but I have been lurking/reading for a quite a while now and wondered if somebody could explain in laymans terms if there's any chance of me having a default removed from my credit file as I can't really make sense of all the jargon?! I had a student account with Santander that had a maxed out £2000 overdraft. I had been reducing it slowly after graduation and managed to reduce the limit to -£1000 with a £350 cash deposit (which was a large sum of money to deposit into the account at that time). Only a few days later I went to New York and couldn't make a payment on my current account debit card (I'd forgotten to notify the Halifax that I was going abroad) thus used my Santander card - completely forgetting that I'd actually reduced the limit after making the deposit. This transaction went through fine, shortly after I received a letter to say my interest free graduate/student account had been changed to a current account, and I needed to pay back the overdraft immediately and would be accruing charges and interest until it was paid back in full. After finishing university I was only able to find work part time at a bar. So I set up a £50 a month payment plan. A handful of times I knew I would struggle to be able to make the payment but I always called the bank to let them know either prior or on the due date to make alternative arrangements and this always seemed satisfactory. Santander have sent a trasnscript letter, outlining they would have told me at the time of the calls that it could effect my credit score but I don't recall this. I struggled to clear this account in full, and felt I had done well in doing so, particularly having started to clear the account so soon after graduation - only to find out so many months later that the account that it had been registered as a default. The only reason I am even aware of the default is because a finance company declined my application. I then used a credit reference agency (Experian) to get an explanation and the result came back that I had a default that I was not aware of. I've received a FRL from Santander instructing to go to the FOS, which I will. I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea on my chances with this one? I received no default notice, and there is no 'D' on my credit score? In fact, there is no '1, 2, 3' it goes straight from solid green ticks to '5, 5, 6, 6' - which are the four months immediately after the account closed and I had to pay back the £350 to get out of my unplanned overdraft and THEN start the payment plan. As a student who'd just graduated from a fashion degree (not cheap) on a part time bar wage I find this to be unfair treatment. My account was managed well prior to the overdraft reduction and managed well after the three or four months where I struggled when the account changed over. I don't actually know why it was changed to a current account?! The account is now settled and had been for over 12 months, but remains open (but unused). Any advice at all would be incredible, I don't really have anyone to break this down to me in layman's terms… my mum's advice was 'well you just learn about these things along the way'. Sure… one default in mum! It's extremely frustrating as my credit score is actually ranked 'good'. Many thanks in advance! I really appreciate any advice, no matter how little W
  5. Hi recently I SAR to santander and have received back info regarding a Burtons store card that I had, I honestly didnt realise I had PPI on the the card as I had signed up for the card in store one day I visited Burtons. (sales rep saying I need two signatures at the marked Xs) what I am asking is . .. do I have a claim for PPI, if so could someone please advise me what to do. I can upload images if anyone needs to have a look at terms & conditions and some statements.
  6. Over 5 years ago my mother suffered a brain injury which rendered her unable to manage her own affairs. As you can imagine this was a very traumatic and heartbreaking time for us. As there was no Power of Attorney in place (we were due to put this in place and had discussed it with my mother), I was appointed as a Deputy by the Court of Protection to look after my mother's financial affairs. All very stressful and could have been avoided. My mother has a number of accounts with several different banks and building societies. Whilst it was an onerous task, most banks were helpful and sympathetic although admittedly many were ignorant of my role and what it was supposed to empower me to do. Santander have consistently been a nightmare to deal with, the type of issues I have faced: 1. Having to go into branch(es) to undertake simple tasks. 2. Having to be treated like a fraudster every time I try to undertake a simple task. 3. Having to explain what a Deputy is, only for the staff to look at me as if I am trying to defraud them and being humiliated and having requests refused. 4. Having internet banking disabled surreptitiously by a branch manager who thought I was a fraudster because they did not understand my role. 5. Spending hours on the telephone to undertake simple tasks (changing standing orders etc) because no one could authorise the actions I wanted to undertake (and am legally permitted to undertake). 6. Having online transactions blocked and cards disabled regularly. 7. Receiving letters addressed to my mother each time we tried to do an online transaction for her - asking if the transactions were legitimate. 8. Having to constantly re-explain my role and why it was not appropriate for them to keep trying to contact my mother etc etc... just so we could change her care home fee contribution! This is just a small sample of what has been a longstanding nightmare. It got to the stage that we avoided dealing with Santander because it was too time consuming and stressful. Ultimately I ended up paying for things myself as I was constantly worried that they would again stop a card or disable access or cause other issues. After the most recent problems, I again made a complaint and it appears now that they have resolved some of the problems (I now have internet banking back after 3 years without it, I now have a cheque book, I also have a debit card that works at the moment). The misinformation continues (the cheque book was supposed to be in my name as Deputy for, but came in my mother's name. I have been told to sign cheques in a few different styles. I am yet to test a cheque). I have received an apology letter from Santander and have been offered a small financial gesture from Santander for the 5 years of grief. I don't know whether to accept the gesture or, pass the complaint to the ombudsman. Has anyone else had issues of this nature? I'd appreciate any opinions on this. Thank you.
  7. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/17468/online-news/santander-returns-to-debt-sale-rbs-to-stay-out what a laugh... The transaction has only been undertaken following extensive due diligence to ensure that the customers are treated appropriately and provided all possible assistance to repay what they owe. We will closely monitor the accounts and Hoist’s performance.” they obv don't know robbersway very well then. dx
  8. Hello, I'm posting this for a family member as they're not very computer literate and need some advice. They have received a letter from Robinson Way regarding a debt that they have not been contacted about for the last 7-8 years, it wasn't a debt they were hiding from, but couldn't afford to pay at the time, they then moved and obviously heard nothing for the above time period. I told them that it is over 6 years old now and should be statute barred (is that said correctly?) Is that correct, do they not need to worry about it anymore? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hi I am after some advice please. I currently have a mortgage with santander they won't give me any special deal as I have debts. I have never missed a mortgage payment though. I currently have 2 accounts with santander and they have changed the overdraft charges which means I am being pushed further into debt. Would santanader be able to put me on a payment plan and freeze the interest on these bank accounts or be able to add to my mortgage. I have already opened another bank account to put wages etc in with another bank. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for looking greenk04
  10. Hi Guys , need advice please . Ive been told that i will have difficulty in withdrawing £20k from my Santander bank . Anyone have any good advice on here and what is the process . Seems pretty silly really as i need to purchase a car and its my bloody money ... Thanks in advance
  11. At my wits end with Santander. Back in early 2012 a transaction was processed on my account out of hours by my local branch. £200 was withdrawn manually this was not authorized by myself. After noticing my balance had been taken into the red, i contacted the bank who said go into branch to resolve, i attempted this three times and waited over 30 mins each time. In April 2012 after numerous collection calls and each advisor being told read the notes this is your error so please don't call again a default was registered on my credit file. Once this default was registered I registered a complaint that until now 2015 has always been routed to the collections manager. After much hassle I managed to get my complaint investigated by an executive complaint manager - media and esecutive complaints. His findings- The bank made an error. Apparently updated my credit file although default still showing £145 compensation Final response refer to ombudsman Upon receiving this letter I contacted him and he is unable to confirm if my details have been compromised as the staff member who completed the "transaction" no longer works in the business. I remain unhappy with the banks response and the duration this has gone on for and the impact this default has had on my character when obtaining credit. I seek case study and legislation from fellow caggers. I wont be shut up with £145. I have posted on their social media channels and have been promised a call back tomorrow, that's because they don't want there tactics exposed. If my complaint had not been routed to the collection team for nearly 3 years this could have been resolved a lot quicker even when i emailed the CEO the response came from the collection team. ( my account should never have been in collections) £140 does not cover the calls i have made to Santander over the period of time. My account has not been reopened and restored to how it was before all this either.
  12. Good Morning I wondered if some could help me please. Firstly, we are looking to move house and therefore need to sell and apply for another mortgage, this is why I am forced to sort the problem I have with A&L and Santander. Originally we had a CCJ with A&L in 2007 and agreed payment of £small amount a month, at the time we had both lost our jobs and that was all we could realistically afford. The solicitor ask for costs and interest to be added and I specifically remember the judge saying no. When we got the court payment work through, the paperwork did not reflect this… we were quite ignorant at the time so thought that A&L knew what they had said and so would not add the interest and charges. HOWEVER, they did add the charges! I was advised this is contempt of the court. Didn't really know what to do about it so just kinda remembered it incase I ever had to face the court again. Well A&L tried a year later to put a charging order on the house accusing us of missing a payment. So there we were before the judge again, once again, NO costs were awarded and the judge was not impressed that they had tried it on with us. I was so petrified they would take our house I forgot to ask the judge about the previous misdemeanour. I believe that costs were still added by A&L! and this time I believe it was on the court paperwork that NO costs were awarded. I was on the understanding wrongly or rightly that if you are in a payment arrangement, either, PRO ROTA or CCJ, no interest could be added. Well a few years ago, the debt was sold to Santander, and every time we get a statement they have added interest. Even though we paying £small amount a month, obviously the debt just increases every year!!! Not too sure what to do with this one, I feel afraid to fight anyone and don't know why I feel like that either.. I've fought all our other creditors in the past and won all of them re the CCA, with help from the people here on CAG, and i'm so grateful. CAG truly was a miracle to me. If anyone could offer any advise I would be so grateful. In my mind, Im thinking of writing to Santander to explain that the debt sold was a CCJ so no interest should have been added… don't know if thats right or wrong. But then I'm also thinking that A&L and Sandtander are in contempt of the court so do I have any legal grounds to fight the debt completely?.. I appreciate its a long shot. I just don't know what the correct thing to do is. Many thanks for anyones time. Kindest regards Red
  13. Hi guys, pretty new to the forum. Ive had my successes with bank charges in the past many moons ago. However i had a hammering off River Island / GE / Santander store card back in the day for my store card with regards to late payment charges, over limit charges etc etc. The account is since closed. Is there still any scope for me to reclaim these in this day and age? As i'd obviously like to pursue some of my money back if its a possibility but dont want to chuck a tenner their way if its not going to get me anywhere! If this is the case id appreciate some guidance. Initially i think i will need to send a SAR to Santander as ive since lost or binned all my statements. Thanks in advance!
  14. When i was a student in leeds i had a credit card, which i used to survive on when the company i worked went into liquidation. When i was unable to make the normal payments back i arranged with Santander to pay back what i could, which was all fine. However, Santander begun to get hot and heavy due to the fact i paying only small amounts (still always paying), then, for some reason, Santander passed it on a debt collectors, which i was told was the new protocol and how they were handling my account. Sooo, i began paying Moorcroft, the same amount, each time being asked if i could pay any more than i was (more pushy than Santander), which i said 'No, i couldn't'. After months of paying and paying, never arguing, never missing a payment (this was money i KNEW i owed), Moorcroft told me that Santander had called back in all their debts and they would contact me in the next steps of how i could pay them. But then nothing. Santander never contacted me. I have a Santander debt account, my money goes in, i used Santander to pay bills, to this very day, but i heard nothing. i contacted them, told them everything, the lovely woman on the phone could not find me, i didn't have a credit card with them, it showed i had but not anymore, she tried to help and the best advice she could give was just see what happens, so i have. 2 and half years later i got a letter today from Robinson Way with far more blown out amount them i owed (about a thousand more, actual amount being a thousand, again, no denying i owed it, i paid rent and survived off it during a very hard time). Currently i am confused what to do, i want to pay this off, i want this gone but if i contact anyone within Robinson Way they will begun contacting me and keep contacting me (Moorcroft would do this alot, pleasant phones asking if i could pay them). What i want to do is pay the amount i owe, not the amount which has grown from Moorcroft and Robinson Way. Am i alone in this? I do not want to be a criminal, but i am frightened to how to deal with this all. Can anyone help and advise me in any way? Thank you.
  15. Hi, We applied to Halifax to get a new deal on our mortgage, long story short they're being typical bankers. They've given our home address to Santander who in turn have stuck my other half with a business account debt that he shared with his brother years ago. His brother has been through bankruptcy and sufficient years have passed that it no longer affects his credit. I can't bankrupt my hubbie over the head of a joint debt as we'll lose our house but there's no way we can pay this. I have no intention of dancing with "Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited", nor " Robinson Way Limited", the company charged with managing the debt as he signed no contract with them. Can anyone advise exactly where he stands with this debt? Does it legally become his when the other named acc holder becomes bankrupt? Tbh his brother done all of the spending on the account but all paperwork lies with his solicitor from the bankruptcy case. 1 more side issue, our mortgage advisor has a loose tongue and I've found myself getting into a taxi with his driver brother and him fit to tell me every step of our negotiations. What can I do about this?? I'm not happy at all.
  16. Can anyone tell me the name and address of the above. Background is that back in 2005 the posted a financial association with a person I know to be a debtor, but being so long ago, they have no idea why it was posted. This has been rattling around their complaints dept for some months now, going nowhere. They are saying that they want me to forward a copy of my current credit report before they will remove it, (despite the fact that it would not show information from 2005). In short I think they are just messing me about. I am now minded to send a letter before action to their data controller. Would that be the right person? David
  17. I would welcome any advice.. My credit rating shows 999 (excellent) however i have one default account with santander credit card dated 12/01/2012 for £7286. I made an agreement with them and cleared an amount. however the outstanding balance still shows as a default (£1439) Now, I am looking to switch my mortgage deal, it is currently with santander also and will remain with them on a better rate. Obviously having a default with the same company as the mortgage may prove the stumbling block to getting a better deal. Am i best trying to pay the remaining debt? does it change from default? will the mortgage part of santander look at that in a positive light? Any advice would be great. Thanks Rob
  18. Early this year I asked Santander to close my 123 credit card account as I wasn't happy with the online presentation of it. I cleared it, owed them nothing. At the end of March I was contacted to say fraudulent activity was occurring. Someone was using a duplicate card in Tesco's Bristol plus other online purchases. I was angry because they hadn't closed the account as instructed. If they had then this wouldn't have happened. I was about to leave for two weeks holiday and I told them the indemnity forms they wanted me to complete would be untouched until I returned. Upon return I found a letter from Ian Frost Santander Fraud Dept dated 4th April apologising for the fraud and confirming that a decision had been made to refund my card. He also said a thorough investigation had taken place and that the dispute had reached a positive conclusion. He also arranged a credit of £30 to my current account - also Santander - for the inconvenience caused. I presumed this was the end of the matter and didn't return any indemnity forms, which looked initially identical to statements. I'd also received a letter from Andrew Eadle, Head of Complaints Operations who assured me they would be investigating my complaint, this letter was dated 3rd April. The account disappeared from my online webpage and I presumed that would be the end of the problem and also the 123 credit card account. But statements still arrived the following month.....so I phoned again and sent secure online messages asking them to ensure the account had been closed. You can imagine how angry I was last Friday 13th June, oh the irony....to open my current account statement and find that £519.45 had been taken by direct debit in respect of one of the fraudulent transactions. So the matter hadn't been resolved and they still hadn't closed the account. At the end of a 40 minute 0845 telephone call which involved being transferred to three different departments I ended up speaking to 'Jodie' who apologised and arranged for the money to be returned to my account straight away. Which to her credit she did. I read her the letter from Ian Frost and demanded a further written explanation and further compensation, for the telephone call if nothing else. She said the money had been taken from my current account because one of the indemnity forms hadn't been completed.......?!?! She then said she would be sending me further indemnity forms to complete and a letter of explanation. Today is Wednesday 18th June and I've had no letter, no phone call, no indemnity forms and no written confirmation that this account has finally been closed. To make matters worse, I received a further statement today for this 123 credit card account, dated 14th June. It says my new balance is £55.01 which I must pay by 9th July 2014 and that I have £1,845.59 left to spend on my card. This charge of £55.01 is for something the criminals purchased from Domestic Synergy Worldwide whoever they are. Anyone got any suggestions as to how I ensure Santander do not take anymore money from my account? I tried to contact Ian Frost at Santander but he was not available.
  19. Hi all, I currently have a santander credit card that I used to consolidate a couple of small cards and take advantage of a 30 month interest free offer. Every month when I get paid, I log into my Santander online banking and pay my bills, including my credit card. Today, as I do every month, I logged on to the Santander online system to find my credit card showing a late payment fee, and a double payment required as I missed last months. Knowing this wasn't the case - I logged on, read my latest statement and paid my latest payment - I phoned up Santander. In summary: - Although my new statement was ready, I should have waited until the evening because it wasn't due then (???). - If the statement is showing too soon, then we need to put you through to our online banking department..... - ...Online banking didn't understand what this had to do with them, put me through to complaints - Complaints reiterated that I shouldn't have paid the statement that was online and before my very eyes asking for payment, because it didn't really exist until the evening even though it existed. Managed to get the fee removed as a gesture of goodwill for my sin of punctually paying my bill, but this is absurd. Nobody could fix this mistake, all they could do was blame me for not paying my credit card statement that they had sent to me six hours later, because that's how bills work, right?? I still need to make a double payment as a minimum, and i was assured my credit record will be fine (but they wouldn't send me a letter stating this, which I thought would be useful when it turns out they don't bother removing the mark from my file). Apart from bang my head against my desk, can anyone advise of a complaints route that gets this sorted? Why should I be penalised because their system doesn't work properly?? Thanks for reading.
  20. This is an odd one from the start. As part of a previous claim we were given details of what we had paid off with a loan and turned up no less than 3 old GE Capital accounts, plus one that had been First National but we had sent GE Capital the settlement. So, SAR sent to GE Capital, not realising it's now Santander. Despite it being the same PO Box address it took them some time to send a very poor batch of documents. They have the agreements for 3 accounts, have returned nothing on the First National one and failed the SAR by not giving any info on a 5th account that was opened later. Yes, we did say 'all accounts' in the SAR. So, letter sent back to Santander to point out where they went wrong. They have, in the cover letter with the SAR, told us that at least two accounts had insurance. The oldest one clearly shows that this was requested and was even signed for on the application form. The next one had the 'account cover' option crossed out, no signature, but their own notes show that insurance was applied - nice of them. The third does not seem to have a transaction sheet to tell us if insurance was applied or not. The 5th account went into default and we know there were lots of charges applied before they passed it to a DCA (CL Finance/H Cohen) and they slapped on I don't know how much extra. We need the SAR to find out just what went on there and get it all reclaimed. Anyway, five FOS questionnaires have been completed and are on their way to them. We have account numbers for all, plus details of what was paid off and when. That should be enough for them to identify them all. Lets see what happens next
  21. My OH had a unsecured loan with A & L in 1995 in which she settled early but recalls that in order for her loan being successful ppi was added. It wasn't a large loan but nevertheless she paid monthly ppi premiums for about 3 years. The problem being is that she cannot locate the original agreement details but does have a couple of letters in relation to early settlement and rebate figures with loan account number and old address details. So she sent off the usual SAR letter to Santander and has now received the attached response. Has anyone received one of the same or is it the usual Santander reply letter ? Cheers
  22. Hi All, looking for some info... I just had a call from one of these PPI Co's...telling me I could have been mis-sold PPI type insurance on my old mortgage, which is paid up... I was fairly sure I had not been, but I did wonder and thought maybe I should check it out and though I accept I do remember having a PPI policy, just did not really believe it was mis-sold, but I do not remember if they told me I was obliged to have it, like some people were told. Anyway I told them (The PPI Claim Co) I would check it myself, partly because I wasn't sure whether I had any case and partly because their fee policy was no win - no fee but if any award was made their cut was 35% + VAT (which I found rather greedy)... So I got to thinking, I should probably find out what I actually had, as I cant really remember to be honest...the problem being, I have very little or no paperwork, the mortgage in question was sometime around 2000-2002 poss earlier, and I have no idea who to contact or where to start. I did think I could just contact Santader but am not sure if this is the best place to start as it was all such a long time ago and I have no policy numbers or anything to give them... I did pick this up from another thread and wanted to confirm if CAG members agree this is also the best place to start for me: FAO: Leanne Carter Business Manager Customer Contact Team Subject Access Requests Santander PO Box 1111 Bradford BD1 9NQ Another question I have regarding this address, I always thought we sent such things as SARs and other 'official' paper comms as signed for delivery, and I thought you could not send a signed for to a PO Box? Can someone clarify this for us? Thanks in advance and look forward to reading any input from the group.
  23. Grateful for advice: In short, I received a letter from Santander saying my application (made online) for a personal loan had been successful. The letter (dated 12/08/14, signed Pam Speed, Director of Santander Operations) said the money would be in my account within 2-4 working days if I followed "THREE EASY STEPS". 1. Read the Pre-Contract Credit Information and Pre-Contractual Explanation. 2. Sign and date the 'Signature to Agreement' section of Our Copy of the Agreement and, Step 3, Return in the envelope provided: Our Copy of the Agreement. These three things I did - 17/08/14. The 2-4 working days expired - no money in my account. I rang 26/08/14 and 27/08/14 to find out why (three times in two days). But Customer Service couldn't get through to the Applications dept. All they could tell me was my application was "pending". I persisted - but the applications dept. were unreachable by Customer Services. Then, a day later, when I called again, I was told my "application" had been cancelled - 27/08/14. I complained - Customer Services advised me to do so. But the Complaints department couldn't contact Applications either. They even said that when they did get through Applications would hang up because it was a call from the Complaints dept. Or were "rude". I am not making this up! Finally someone in Applications agreed to talk to Complaints and I was informed the reason my application had been cancelled was I hadn't responded to a letter requesting further information: proof of address, wage slips, 3 months bank statements (all of which I would have been perfectly happy to provide) if I'd received such a letter - which I didn't. When pressed, they said the letter had been sent out on 12/08/14 - the same day Pam Speed, Director of Santander Operations wrote to me saying: "I'm pleased to tell you that your application has been successful." I'm disinclined to believe any such letter was sent as 1. I didn't receive it and 2. why send two separate letters out on the same day . ..one, unequivocally, saying my application had been successful and another requesting further documentation? And 3. different members of Customer Services said the letter requested varying/different types of documentation. But, all moot in any case because I was not allowed to present the documentation due to my "application" having been irreversibly cancelled - even though I was unaware of the request, despite calling Santander three times to find out the reason for the delay in receiving the loan. My application was cancelled 27/08/14 - even though the letter I DID receive 12/08/14 said: "we can only reserve this loan for 28 days from the date your application was accepted". Even if the letter was sent, and I'd received it, was I given sufficient time to respond - 12/08/14 - date of alleged posting - and 27/08/14 - date of cancellation of "successful" application? I have now spent all this week trying to resolve matters - I simply want Santander to honour the agreement they entered into with me, and I entered into with them - in good faith. But dealing with the various Complaints depts. is a nightmare. They appear to have utter contempt for their customers, not to mention one another within the organisation! How on earth does this company stay in business, or function? And how do I get an answer from Santander about why they send at best misleading and at worst false letters to their customers? Why tell a customer in writing his loan application has been successful when this is untrue? Or are Santander sending out "holding" letters saying the loan has been approved, to buy time, when in actual fact it hasn't? Based on my experience, I would caution anyone entering into any legal contracts with Santander. To date I have not received written notice that my loan application has been cancelled, nor any letter requesting and detailing further documentation. Most grateful for advice on how I should proceed.
  24. I wonder if anyone can help me, in may 2013 there was an eviction order granted against my parents home, after weeks of giving them many different options they agreed to cancel the eviction date. Unfortunately payments have been missed here and there for various reasons, two weeks ago santander called my mother up and said they wanted to put a new agreement in place, they went through income and expenditure and agreed an amount however the date was brought forward. Later that day via email I complained to Jeanette Coyle, not only over the date change but also some choice customer service my parents had received. I pointed out to her on the 10th payment was due by the 15th and had been pulled forward by 13 days, I also brought up other points not relating to the mortgage. A few days ago I got a reply. On the day the payment was due to be made which I feel like was done on purpose as she has always been less than pleasant, that they were cancelling the agreement even though it had not been defaulted on yet and litigation would continue. I asked four times if this would happen regardless of if the payment was made that day, and she finally said yes. But then proceeded to say that this did not mean automatic repossession and someone would be in touch. And completely ignored by complaint, I feel this was all done out of spite. Someone called today, not really aware of why she had been asked to call and told us that the eviction would happen within 28 days etc. So now we face that again. I have a few questions. I am aware we can fill out an n244 form. My questions are. As they where already granted an eviction date I presume no chance is given to give a defence? My parents are out of the country, can it be filed by anyone else of their behalf? Can anyone else attend on their behalf? Can they ask for it to be dealt with on the phone instead? They're out of the country trying to sell property which will inturn pay the mortgage off in full. They have a date of the 28th for completion touch wood but as its different laws etc and the person buying is very nervous they think they may not complete untilt he last week which is the 12th of september. I orginally tried to get it spread out across the remainder of the mortgage which would be 6 years, they only allowed 2. They are 8000 in arrears and the have 37 left on the mortgage topay, but my mother has just started receiving a state pension of 630 a month which can all go on the arrears. the arrears are no ones fault but their own, but I can prove that my dads earnings are 2800 a month so can definitely afford payments. There is also my child living at the address.
  25. Hello again! I'm back with more issues again! haha. I swapped a 2006 BMW 330d that was a little worse for wear for a 2007 Seat Leon FR, using a website called Swapz. I obviously HPI'd it before hand and all come back clear, and as the cars where worth a similar value, and the BMW needed a little mechanical work I thought I got a good deal... Until someone messaged me on Facebook saying they had seen my car on a Seat Leon Page I had posted on, and they where going to swap for it but didn't as it had outstanding finance... I was quite blunt with them thinking they where taking the mick and said I'd HPI'd it and that all was fine. I even copied a screenshot of the Clear HPI into the conversation, and it was then I realised it didn't show finance details!! I then paid for a premium check with a different company, and sure enough it showed that it might have outstanding finance as the plate had been changed (it has a private one on it now) The chap who informed me was a motor trader who explained he had seen this before, and assumed it was a logbook loan. People take out logbook loans, then put the car on a private plate making it harder to trace before selling it on... Anyway... The HPI check I done told me to ring them for more info, so I did. The chap on the phone explained a little more, and then got in touch with the finance company to get some more info. It turns out the Company is Santander - and that the best advice is to go back to the person I got the car from, which isn't possible (he wasn't actually registered keeper on V5 as hadn't had it long!!) The Finance was taken out in July 2013, and I am the 3rd owner since then!! So, now what? The V5 is currently with DVLA, and the car will be registered to me at my home address any day now. Santander will obviously come looking for it, but where do I stand legally? I suppose first port of call is to find out what type of finance is held against the car, and how much outstanding?? Can anyone advise please? Thanks in advance, Tony.
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