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Found 5 results

  1. Millions have signed-up for Santander’s 123 account, but thanks to a change in fees, it is going to hit the pocket hard. From January, fees are going to almost triple. There’s around 3 million in the UK using the current account, and pay in £2 every month (or £24 a year if you prefer) and, in return, you get cash back on bills and a 3% interest rate. However, as of next year, customers will be paying £60 every year, which is £5 per month. If you have a smaller balance, you will invariably not reap the benefits. So if you have the minimum £3,000 in the bank, you will earn £90 in interest, with £60 of that gone in fees. That’s equivalent to a 1% interest rate. http://www.bitterwallet.com/santander-123-fees-hit-60/87779
  2. Hi hearing different storys about these. are they any good or are they a rip off
  3. Early this year I asked Santander to close my 123 credit card account as I wasn't happy with the online presentation of it. I cleared it, owed them nothing. At the end of March I was contacted to say fraudulent activity was occurring. Someone was using a duplicate card in Tesco's Bristol plus other online purchases. I was angry because they hadn't closed the account as instructed. If they had then this wouldn't have happened. I was about to leave for two weeks holiday and I told them the indemnity forms they wanted me to complete would be untouched until I returned. Upon return I found a letter from Ian Frost Santander Fraud Dept dated 4th April apologising for the fraud and confirming that a decision had been made to refund my card. He also said a thorough investigation had taken place and that the dispute had reached a positive conclusion. He also arranged a credit of £30 to my current account - also Santander - for the inconvenience caused. I presumed this was the end of the matter and didn't return any indemnity forms, which looked initially identical to statements. I'd also received a letter from Andrew Eadle, Head of Complaints Operations who assured me they would be investigating my complaint, this letter was dated 3rd April. The account disappeared from my online webpage and I presumed that would be the end of the problem and also the 123 credit card account. But statements still arrived the following month.....so I phoned again and sent secure online messages asking them to ensure the account had been closed. You can imagine how angry I was last Friday 13th June, oh the irony....to open my current account statement and find that £519.45 had been taken by direct debit in respect of one of the fraudulent transactions. So the matter hadn't been resolved and they still hadn't closed the account. At the end of a 40 minute 0845 telephone call which involved being transferred to three different departments I ended up speaking to 'Jodie' who apologised and arranged for the money to be returned to my account straight away. Which to her credit she did. I read her the letter from Ian Frost and demanded a further written explanation and further compensation, for the telephone call if nothing else. She said the money had been taken from my current account because one of the indemnity forms hadn't been completed.......?!?! She then said she would be sending me further indemnity forms to complete and a letter of explanation. Today is Wednesday 18th June and I've had no letter, no phone call, no indemnity forms and no written confirmation that this account has finally been closed. To make matters worse, I received a further statement today for this 123 credit card account, dated 14th June. It says my new balance is £55.01 which I must pay by 9th July 2014 and that I have £1,845.59 left to spend on my card. This charge of £55.01 is for something the criminals purchased from Domestic Synergy Worldwide whoever they are. Anyone got any suggestions as to how I ensure Santander do not take anymore money from my account? I tried to contact Ian Frost at Santander but he was not available.
  4. 123-reg are domain registrars. They have introduced a new charge to transfer .uk domains away. This contradicts previous terms and very visible statements on their web site. They have given no notice of the change in terms. I want to transfer to a new registrar, and have asked them to waive the charge as it was not part of my agreement when I paid for domains there. But they are refusing to waive it pointing to a clause (that probably was in effect) that basically says they can do what they want when they want: Rather than me trying to explain it all in further detail maybe simplest if I point you to this web page where they explain it very well. http://www.mayne.net/123reg-domain-name-hostage/ some people on there have had success, but 123-reg are still refusing to allow me to transfer away free. What are my legal options and levers here please?
  5. Hello, thought I better put this on CAG as an urgent warning to people! I have just discovered that a relation has signed up with this shower, and they ARE a shower They have 1 debt, of around £1500 and are on benefits - Employment Support Allowance and max DLA. This shower has signed them up, and guess what, specific figures and fees were glossed over very quickly. I have discovered that the relation is paying as an example, (I have changed figures for the moment) £100 a month to this Company. This company, for managing just the one debt, is taking £50 a month in fees, which if the relation was to stay with 123 debt solutions for the full term of paying the debt, means 123 will be making over £2k in fees, DOUBLING the debt, effectively. I am absolutely (insert extremely rude words) furious. The relative is in fact extremely ill, and is unlikely to even survive the length of the repayment term - heart and liver failure being only 2 of their health problems, but the company sold this to them as "doing the right thing" This is an absolutely disgusting disgrace, and I am going to war. To add to the insult, the relation, today, received an extremely unpleasant letter from the creditor, because 123 Debt have not, despite their claims been in contact, and so as far as the creditor is concerned the relation has simply stopped paying anything. So far, 123 debt solution have taken over "£100" and not even handed anything over to the creditor. 123 Debt Solutions also seem to be trying to box clever here, no direct debits etc for them, they have taken the relations bank card details and security code, and have given themselves a Continuous Payment Authority taking payments every 14 days. So my list of action is: Get the CPA withdrawn at the relations bank 123 debt solutions told to.... go forth and multiply, and that they are welcome to attempt to go to court for their "fees" I would love them to explain just exactly what they have done to a Judge, given the personal and health circumstances! The Creditor contacted, and offered £1 a month - the company involved does I believe have a bit of a reputation so screw them, from what I can see this has gone straight to a debt collector, after 1 missed payment. And every single regulatory authority who oversees debt management I can get my hands on contacted and formal complaints issued.
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