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  1. Hi Guys, I am slightly confused as to what to do. I will explain the situation below and then explain the confusion. Any help/advice would be more than appreciated. I received a phone call yesterday on my mobile phone from a lady called AMY from the "PRA Group". She claims that I have a "G.E.Capital bank store credit card" debt of £310.91. I am not aware of this debt and told her as such. She told me that I apparently took this agreement out in 2002 and that they had owned the debt (as mckenzie hall) since 2007. She told me that after the name change/merge all files were being revisited. I advised this was the first I had heard about it and took the relevant details and told her I would be writing/emailing them shortly. I have looked through my records and I definitely have no records relating to this. I have even gone onto my credit report and nothing there shows any reference to a g.e.capital account, mckenzie hall account or a PRA Group account. As far as I am aware I have never had such a debt nor never even been contacted about such a debt. I was going to send them a prove it letter, however, this is where the confusion lies, after reading some posts on here it seems to suggest it is also statute barred (if it exists at all). What is the best way to proceed? Should I send a prove it letter? A Statute barred letter? or a combination of both? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards
  2. Hi all. This is the first time I have posted here but am now at my wits end with LINK /IDR Finance. After a number of months struggling to deal with my credit card debts I decided to go on a debt management plan through CCCS ( now step change). LINK /IDR had accepted the amount that was aggreed ie a monthly payment of 43 pounds for a debt of £3,415.14. They didn't receive money because of mis-communication between cccs and link/idr. I wasn't aware of the problem until I recieved a letter saying that I have incurred a Litigation Charge of £102. I received a ccj claim form a day after. On speaking to cccs and link it turns out that because there was a discrepancy between them about the account number the payments were not recieved and after a couple of months of non payment they have now gone down the ccj route. I accept now that I will have to go through the ccj process(which I am gutted about . I began the debt management plan to avoid this in the first place!) but I am wondering would there be any point in trying to go down the route of a cca? Or is it too late for that? Any advice or help would be very much welcomed. Just to add briefly. I spoke to MBNA about the account they said that the account was sent to LINK/IDR for collection. I cannot remember if it had merely been transferred or sold to them. Seeing as the service dept department is closed weekends I will have to wait till Monday to pursue that.
  3. Hi all, I think I'm in quite a bit of hot water with this attack from PRA Group I've following the advice from other contributors in here & been through all the necessary communication with this DCA's solicitors & although very late in the day they have provided all that the court ordered them to evidence proof of debt, correct legal assignment etc. I was wondering if anybody would be willing to cast an eye over the evidence provided & comment on whether it is all in order or if there is perhaps any legal grounds to which I can defend myself in this claim based on any paperwork/contractual errors. The PDF links to the evidence provided by the claimant are attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  4. Hi all, I rec'vd a text this morning stating - "Please contact PRA GROUP quoting ref #xxxxxxxx or visit pragroup.uk.com to make a payment. SMS msg opt out text STOP to 60070............... now whilst I do have some defaulted debts I can possibly tell which one this relates to, if I email them quoting the ref no. they gave asking what this is about will i re-open the debt and extend the timeline?
  5. Hi Everyone, In 2012 I got a payday loan which snowballed into another until finally I could not afford to payback the amounts. The first loan was from Wonga (£430 still owed at point of default) and the second from QuickQuid (£220 still owed at point of default) . I received an email in August from Wonga and Red Castle DCA to say my debt had been cleared due to new FCA rules about affordability and all records would be removed from my credit report. I have checked all 3 credit reports, there is no information from QuickQuid or Red Castle on any of them and Wonga shows as £0 owed, but there is a default registered by a 'PRA UK', there is not much information about it, just say's there is £70 owed for a payday loan, it was defaulted in March 2013, and last updated in mid 2014. Does anyone know if QuickQuid are using this DCA? It's an odd amount since neither debt was for £70 and it is a different DCA than Wonga mentioned meaning it might be for QuickQuid. If it was for the Wonga loan which has been written off can I get this removed and if it is for QuickQuid I wonder why only £70 and how should I go about settling it and could I get it removed? I have no other debt other than my overdraft, so the £70 default can't be for anything other than the 2 payday loans. If I contact them what should I ask them for to prove the debt is correct/genuine, I don't have a £70 debt for a payday loan, one cleared and one for £220, and it does not say who it is from originally. Also I read somewhere the clock resets to 6 years the first time you contact Debt Collectors. I have been in contact with Wonga and QuickQuid about the debts before but not debt collectors, so worried about impacting my credit score for longer by calling them directly now, and if it was possible to go via QuickQuid/Wonga? Any help appreciated and happy to be joining the forums.
  6. Hi, I have really screwed up.. Did not take this very serious. Received a claim from PRA group, so put in a defence within 14 days than within 28 days. Than received a DQ file and just waited to hear back from the courts but did not hear anything until yesterday with a issue of notice of warrant of control by post. So logged online and saw the claim stats (see below) Is there anything I can do? can I still defence ccj? claim stats below A claim was issued against you on 06/07/2015 Your acknowledgment of service was submitted on 20/07/2015 at 09:12:06 Your acknowledgment of service was received on 20/07/2015 at 12:00:39 Your defence was submitted on 05/08/2015 at 12:30:02 Your defence was received on 05/08/2015 at 14:00:49 DQ filed by claimant on 14/09/2015 General sanctions order was made on 17/09/2015 Your defence was rejected on 07/10/2015 Defence was struck out on 07/10/2015 A judgment was issued against you on 19/10/2015 A warrant ????? was issued against you on 06/11/2015 at 19:24:08 Would really appreciate any help... Thanks Neil
  7. Yesterday I began receiving phone calls from a 0203 number, which turns out to be PRA Group Debt Collectors (Aktiv Kapitol). They are now bombarding me with calls (even the number is on auto reject) and automated voice mails requesting I call them. I used to have dealings with Aktiv over an old HSBC debt which passed in statute bared status over a year ago (if not longer). I won't answer these calls and will only deal with them in writing (if I have to contact them at all) but other than that what can I do? I am unable to pay off the debt (and it is unlikely I ever will be able to) and to be honest I thought I had put the days of being chased by DCA's behind me. Also, why start bothering me now when I have had no contact with Aktiv for years (save for an account statement last year)? The debt is no longer on any credit file (I check all of them religiously) although I am worried they will try to [problem] me in some way. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I hope someone can help please I took a loan with Barclays and defaulted on payments when my best friend died as we were still young the grief hit me so bad I had to go to hospital for a while so couldn't pay my loan. I've finally got my self together and out of the blue I had a letter from PRA group offering me a reduced payment I've never had a letter of assignment from Barclays not really had any letters from Barclays that I can remember. I checked my credit file a few weeks back to check where I am in life as I wanted to move out from my parents and then a letter arrives from pra? theres been no searches from PRA just report saying about Barclays debt and an orange debt for little money. and the PRA letter said Barclays there client would accept a reduced amount to settle the account and my credit file would show settled not satisfied. they said pay 600 + so I wrote and said with family help I could pay less but want it satisfied not settled. I don't know if I've done the right thing and I'm not sure if they've bought the debt if I've not had an assignment letter . my mum is trying to help me but we don't know what were doing tbh. any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Hello, please can someone help/advise me regarding an old MBNA/virgin card taken out by my sister in 2003. She had to take reduced hours and was unable to maintain payments with the account defaulting in 2011. PRA have purchased the debt and have Judge & Priestley dealing with it. When I've looked at the paperwork sent, an application form and terms and conditions (I've attached the documents sent). I believe that the agreement does not contain the required prescribed terms and as it was actioned prior to the 2007 amendment it is an improperly executed agreement and as such is unenforceable. If I am correct what should the next correspondence with Judge & Priestley be or if I am mistaken I will get my sister to complete the I&E form and return it in the hope of averting a ccj. Many Thanks in advance for your help
  10. Hi all My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I have looked but cannot find an answer. A charging order was placed on my property 5 years ago by Welcome Finance, I was not required to make any monthly payments. I received a letter today saying that the entire debt has been sold to PRA Group and they are seeking to recover the debt. I was under the impression that as a CCJ, then a charging order had been granted, that the debt was stagnant until I sold my property. Could anyone offer any advice? Many thanks in advance. Emma
  11. PRA... This is the third time they have rang to try and speak to me and this is the third time in 12 months ive told them to Foxtrot Oscar... :sigh: They just dont get it...
  12. Portfolio Recovery Associates contact me by telephone every few days. Most days it's an abandoned call with up to 45 seconds of silence before the recorded message kicks in (that's been reported to OFCOM) but today I spoke to an actual person, something that happens maybe once a week. Every time I talk to someone there, I do the usual refusal to go through the security questions and advise them to put it in writing. I have as yet, received nothing in the post from them. I asked the caller to have a look at my file on her screen and tell me how many times they've written to me. Once, was the answer, in March. I didn't receive this. I asked why they hadn't written since, when I had asked every operator I spoke to to put it in writing. She claimed that they are unable to send me any contact by post until I confirm my address, postcode and date of birth by telephone. I asked her to confirm that this is correct and reminded her that, according to her, the call was being recorded for training and monitoring purposes. She got quite flustered but repeated that they are unable to do this. This can't be right surely?
  13. Ok here goes... In 2011 i was using wonga pretty frequently, and paying back on time, i fell out of work at the end of the year and defaulted on a loan of £600. Eventually the debt was passed to mackenzie hall, and from august 2013 i started to recieve automated calls from PRA UK. Now im currently in work and want to start getting my credit rating sorted, whats the best way to deal with these lot? Note that they have my old address so i havent recieved any mail only automated calls and automated voicemails. Any help would be greatly appreciated its time i sort my financial issues out. On a side note is it worth me doing a credit check just yet? I dont want to give up my new address until i arrange a payment plan or just settle the debt.
  14. Dear all A long time since I have posted on here and hopefully it is in the correct forum. I have been receiving phone calls from PRA Uk who I believe are connected to Mackenzie Hall. I don't have any reason for a DDA to be contacting me and they are using my previous name before I got married and that was 13 years ago, I have an IVA back then but that settled and all done. Somehow they have got my work number and I get numerous call per week, its annoying, I am aware of their tactics and I haven't given them any info, not even confirmed my name. Just said the person they want doesn't exist, technically they don't. Reading on other threads there are template letters including CCA etc. However as i haven't got a clue what they want and I won't go through any security questions, what can I do, Keep ignoring them and tell them to go away and stop calling, it is a nuisance. Any tips to deal with this would be greatful. Thanks
  15. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/16721/online-news/pra-snaps-up-aktiv Credit Today; And another DCA is snapped up
  16. Hi Guys I got and hone call on Friday from PRA, ignored it because it was automated, then they did the one thing that is a massive no-no; They rang my work place! Somehow managed to find the number and embarrassed me, because my boss dragged me aside this morning and went "what the hell! " Anyway I spoke to PRA and they REFUSE to remove the contact details for me after i said in writing only. They have marked them *Incorrect contact* instead and refused. I warned them I would refer it to the ICO, and they still didn't budge! What do you suggest?
  17. So my phone has been ringing at all hours of the day (see my petition thread) It's PRA / Mckenzie Hall. ive been called as early as 7:30 am and as late as 23:15. I dont answer withheld numbers, but they have started using spoofed local numbers. When i am able to, i answer the call. They always Mumble who they are so it is barely audible and then ask "For security" personal detail which i do not give out over the telephone. I know what the call is regarding as I took one of those 12 month semi payday loans, and when i tried to contact them a couple of weeks ago to rexolve the issue they informed me that they had "sold" the debt to mckenzie hall and would not be able to discuss the issue. I tried telling them that i would not discuss anything with Mckenzie hall due to their reputation of being bullyish and unreasonable but got much the same answer again. Anyway back on point. They keep calling, and i keep giving them the same answer, to which they always say "we will take your refusal to pass security as refusal to co-operate and thus will carry on collection proceedings" digression number 2. given that they are not allowed to pass any information to anyone other than "the account holder" and demand this information to discuss it, does it not seem odd that they then tell "whoever" they could actually be speaking to, that there are collection proceedings against the intended recipient? So why wont these tools just do what they are supposed to and send me a freaking letter, telling me how much i owe? I'm not even trying to get out of paying it. I fully acknowledge that i owe money and am willing to pay. Im just not dumb enough to give out my personal details to any tom, dick or harry that happens to ask for it over the phone. not really sure where to go with it now as i'm still getting calls and voicemails etc etc. This close to christmas, with emploment contracts waiting to be renewed, im in no frame of mind to deal with some dodgy debt collector who cant even send a letter.
  18. Hi I was hoping someone here would be able to advise me on what to do. 3 years ago I took out a loan with Wonga for £100, and despite thinking I had paid it off, it looks like I haven't. This was in Jan 2011, and I haven't heard anything until today when PRA contacted me. PRA have put my account on hold for 14 days as I was adamant I had paid it back (back then I was very stupid and had so many loans which I only fully repaid at the end of last year). I have checked my bank account and the only thing that has come out is £53 in Jan 2011, which apparently is interest on the loan. I moved address in November 2011 but I haven't received an email, call or letter from Wonga regarding this loan until PRA called today. So my memory of things is a little hazy. But PRA are wanting £166, which they can go whistle for. I'm more than happy to pay off what I owe, that's not an issue. But given I've already paid £53, and had no contact, I'm wondering what the best course of action to take would be? Many thanks in advance
  19. Hi All, I am currently trying to negotiate a repayment plan with PRA Servicing Ltd (they are dealing with it on behalf of portfolio recovery associates ) and they have not replied to the letter I sent them. Does anyone know of any email addresses for them, I wanna chase up their lack of a response but IMO they are not worth the price of postage so want to email them instead. Any help from you guys and girls would be much appreciated
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