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  1. Thanks guy's plenty food for thought I'll consider a proposal and put it up for your perusal Cheers mm
  2. I'll have to check tomorrow after work for exact dates but I had difficulty end of 2011 and stopped paying around then So agreements are before then
  3. Yes mate they're all 2012 onwards iirc I'm curious as to how mediation plays out but guess I don't know till the call happens, is there ways to prepare,things to hit back with hopefully someone has been through it and can advise I'll keep you updated Thanks mm
  4. Very interesting jack and something to consider if court happens,i'll have a look at the default notice and what they've sent again. What's happening now is i've got a provisional date for the mediation phone call - which i have to confirm by calling back (they're constantly engaged but i'll get thru by monday deadline i'm sure) PRA sent a transaction log,system comments and customer information notes and once again invite me to withdraw my defence and fill an expenses sheet. I'm now looking for advice re mediation. Do PRA start off wanting full amount,do i offer 10% then it's back and forth,basically what would be a good result? I've read up on tomlin orders that were mentioned,to avoid the ccj which sounds appealing,do i bring them up to the mediator? I guess if PRA think they've got enough to win they might play hardball but tbh i'm not going to be bullied and the more i read about bankruptcy why not use any spare cash to do that then pay them and the rest off for god knows how long!? I know it's drastic but there's a letter just come from 1st credit too and i'm worried they'll all just do the same (over £22k of old debts that aren't statute barred) Again any advice or experience of mediation is welcomed Thanks mm
  5. One last thing do i put myself as a witness or just put 0? sorry for being a pain but i'll be posting them tomorrow cheers mm
  6. Thanks guys done it as advised,not too thrilled that pra will now get my mobile number but doesn't mean i have to answer! or signature for that matter!! or can i touch out my signature email and phone number on their copy? cheers mm
  7. hi dx i'm in till the end mate just needed a bit reassurance from sham on how things are likely to pan out Post 99 yes they just resent the same forms,tbh although the text is tiny i could read it with a magnifying glass (every home should have one) just wondered if it was relevant it was so tiny! I'm going to fill the forms today declining it being referred to the small claims mediation service One thing do i tick yes that i agree small claims track is appropriate for this case as its for under £10k? Other than that i'm good to go Cheers mm
  8. Hi sham thanks so much I was feeling a bit lost but that sounds like a good plan Much appreciated Mm
  9. hi sham the court sent notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track questionaire saying must be completed and returned by 16th sept and serve copies on all other parties. No court date Pra as i uploaded earlier say they invite me to withdraw my defence, presumably as they believe the supplied docs are sufficient. Just need to know if i've got a leg to stand on really, if i don't return these forms by the 16th it says the court could make judgement regardless. cheers mm
  10. Any suggestions? or is it time to negotiate maybe f+f settlement (would that stop ccj?) or a monthly repayment? Not sure if it's relevent but the cca text is barely legible it's that small (see attached) Need to decide as the clock is ticking Thanks mm
  11. Hi guys received a bundle of paperwork from pra, i've scanned them for you to look at but didn't scan the year's worth of statements, the expenditure questionaire and the cca that i've already uploaded. I need to respond by 16th to the courts and Pra by 19th sept All advice very welcome Thanks mm PRA DQ .pdf
  12. ok will do but given the lack of requested info do i turn down mediation? cheers mm
  13. hi dx deffo no default notice or notice of assignment which i'm guessing is what they mean by they've requested this information excuse my ignorance but what's refs 10c ? and if the t&c's aren't all there do i just return the pack to court declining mediation due to insufficient information? Cheers metalman
  14. UPDATE From the court i've received notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track and to fill in form N180 by 16th september. Just wondering how to proceed as there's a box to tick saying do you have all the information req'd looking at the attachments on my previous post do i? One letter pra said they're still waiting for more information that i requested Any tips much appreciated Metalman
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