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  1. Hi guys Just need a quick bit of input from Andyorch, when you have time Andy. It's been a couple of months since I've been on here - just been too busy to look in. Anyway, unfortunately one of my old post-2007 credit card debts has raised its ugly head in the meantime. I knew it was looming as PRA had resumed activity a few months ago, then their mates J&P sent an LBA a month back. I was hoping to intervene before they could issue the claim but I'd been away and they didn't hang about. Claim form duly received! I've done the acknowledgement and now just need to enter
  2. Credit Card-MBNA -Account start date 05/2006, defaulted -06/2010 at £6550. Noddle currently shows that I owe : £5250. I found a letter dated 01/09/2010 from Experto Credite advising me that Varde Investments(Ireland) Limited has bought the interest of MBNA Europe Banks Limited and they are legal owner of my account. ‘Under the terms of assignment Experto Credite Ltd has been appointed by Varde to recover any and all outstanding sums.’ I paid Experto Credite £20 on monthly basis until Aktiv Capital contacted me to inform me that they have taken over my account.
  3. Long story - short. ... got myself into a financial pickle with various credit cards etc. Due to dwindling income over the last 12 months I have now crashed. I have received default notices on my CC's as I have not made any payments to them over the last 3/4 months. I was just about to contact them [along with some of my other creditors] to advise them of this change in finances etc; with a payment proposal of £1 and statement of Inc and Exp., as now no income. Additionally I was considering the querying the validity of the contracts with the CC companies as oth
  4. Hi folks, Today I received an N1 CPC from Northampton County Court Bulk Centre in relation to an MBNA card I took out around 2007. I stopped paying them in around April 2009 and whilst not sure of the default date, it was either late 2009 or early 2010. I have not yet sent an SAR request and truth be told have received hardly any paperwork, the last was a statement from AK yesterday "reminding" me as to the balance. I do not recollect receiving a letter before action and that the statement that come yesterday contained no mention of court proceedings. The claim form s
  5. Here goes... I've been trying to find similar cases to my own, but have ended up confusing myself with masses of helpful advice - somebody please help. I have a Virgin MBNA card with a total debt of around £17K. I have stopped paying anything to them after the interest rate went through the roof, and I have been unable. I sent a CCA (with a postal order) on 10th May and when they phoned on 21st May I thought it was about that. It wasn't, just general hassle, so I copied the MBNA operative my letter (email) and waited. I waited until 8th July, at which point I
  6. CCA Letter sent to Aktiv Kapital. Let's see if they reply. Barclaycard assigned debt to Aktiv Kapital April 2011 £2,789
  7. Hi guy's, Firstly, what a fantastic forum! It's great to see people helping others through bad times. I have a question regarding a cca request I sent to Aktiv Kapital in relation to a defaulted credit card debt they purchased from mbna. They have eventually sent me a signed agreement but they did not supply it in the necessary time scales (took 12 weeks!), and there is no credit limit stated on the agreement. Is this debt still enforceable? I read somewhere that if they failed to supply a cca within 12+2 days + 30 days (something like that!) that a deb
  8. Hi all, I'm new to posting on this forum so please be gentle with me if all this has been done before. I've spent the last few days reading various threads on this issue but my head's now spinning!! Any help, advise or pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Back in October 2009 when I was in a financial black hole, I foolishly sold an MBNA CC Debt to Credit Card Killer/Momentum Networks. (That's a story in itself) Since then I've had the expected phone calls, letters, defaults, assignments to DCA which have been on-going, most of which I
  9. Wonder if anyone give me some help, Possibly Andyorch My wife received a County Court Claima few days ago Reference a MBNA (Virgin Card) POC Below The Claimant claims the sum of £ xxxxx.xx for debt and interest. On 24/2/2003 then defendant entered into an agreement with MBNA for a credit card under reference XXXXXXXXXXXXX. On 31/12/2009 the defendant defaulted on the agreement with an outstanding balance of £ xxxx.xx. On 28/01/10 the debt of £xxxx.xx was assigned to Varde Investments (Ireland)Ltd, who its self assigned the debt to Aktiv Kapital Por
  10. I recently completed a SAR request with Welcome Finance. I wrote to them to challenge the charges on the account, and their total charges are pretty much the full value of the outstanding amount so I was hoping to finally rib myself of this debt. I received a letter from Welcome saying it would take 8 weeks to process the complaint (fairly standard from seeing other posts on the forum). But I also received a letter saying the outstanding balance has been sold onto Aktiv Kapital (UK) Ltd! Does anyone know where I stand now? What happens if a debt is sold but the charges on the or
  11. Hi I have had some great advice from viewing previous threads with regard to getting debts I had written off from HFC and Barclaycard/Lowell by going down the SAR route, but I have a different issue which I havent been able to find anything about........ I had a flexaccount with Nationwide which I last used approx 5 years ago at least, it had an overdraft which spiralled to £902 mainly I believe made up of unauthorised overdraft charges. This debt has been sold to Aktiv Kapital who have recently started sending me letters and phoning (though at present it is only once a day - I k
  12. Hi Guys need your help soonMBNA card £7k. Assigned to Aktiv Kapital now in CCBC. I have done the acknowledgment of service online. I need to do the defence. MBNA initially offered a settle figure which was half the amount of the account. I couldnt pay at the time and still cant pay it all. I offered Aktiv kapital a lower sum but they wont agree and now have gone to CCBC. Aktiv kaptal have harrased me for some 6 months with daily phonecalls and voicemails. They use blocked number, unknown numbers , mobiles etc. They then sent it to soeone called Tempus solutions who did they same.What are my op
  13. Hello The Consumer Forum, I hope someone can give me some advice regarding what to do next with Ativ Kapital. (I apologise in advance for the long question) When I split up with my wife in 2000 I must admit to not looking after my finances, consequently quite a few non secured loans went into default, I know I had made sporadic payments over the years, usually after they had found me at one of my many moves over the folowing years. I had started making regular payments (5 debts x £15.00 each) in 2007 - 8 and had been paying this right up to last year. How
  14. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/16721/online-news/pra-snaps-up-aktiv Credit Today; And another DCA is snapped up
  15. Hello All, I posted some time ago about some potential debt issues and was advised to get my current credit report and then post in the corresponding forum for that debt. I have done that, and now I really need to know how to solve it. ANY help would be greatly appreciated! Basically, I have four things on my credit file which are defaulted and I need to get rid of one way or another. One of them is MBNA. Credit Card from MBNA - with Aktiv Kapital Current Balance £17xx Default/Delinquent Balance £22xx Default Date 11/2009 Opening Date 03/2007 I need to clear
  16. Have no idea were this debt has come from it was £70 now Rossendales have it,it is now £361.65, this debt is at least five years old ,(4 years)because we have been out of the country. Plus we no longer live at the address that the debt letters are been sent to, saying we need to get in touch in 7 days or else. Not sure I want this bill to get bigger and bigger, but thought it was a con of some sort in the beginning. But feel like getting in touch now is pointless and will fuel there debt collecting fire:!:
  17. Hoping someone can help me...today received papers from Northampton Bulk Centre issued by Activ Kapital for an alleged debt with MBNA. I have had no prior contact with AK and need some help to know where to start with this. Have gone through various posts on the forum and realise that a little knowledge could get me into trouble which is why I am asking from the outset. Hoping that you can offer some help..?
  18. Hi I had a virgin credit card which I stopped payiing last autumn2012 due to financial difficulties. They sent me a letter around xmas time to say they had passed my debt on to Aktiv Capital. Around a month later I started getting frequent calls from Aktiv Capital, but just kept fobbing them off, saying they had phoned at an inconvenient time. After reading one of your blogs I refused to give them information over the phone. That very day I received a letter from them asking for the full amount. Activ phoned me again that afternoon saying they had se
  19. I had two credit cards with MBNA, I had problems making the full payments due to health issues, I therefore paid them a token amount as suggested by "mymoneysteps" website. After about 9 months they wrote to me and said that they were recording the accounts as in default. They then (about 2 months later) wrote to me and said they had sold each debt to Aktiv Kapital. I have continued making the token payments to MBNA and have ignored requests from MBNA and Aktiv Kapital to make all future payments to Aktiv Kapital or corresponded with Aktiv Kapital in writing, I be
  20. Hi guys, These morons are chasing me for a alleged debt from 7 years ago, that is SB'd now and has never had a CCJ against it. I've sent them the SB letter from the templates on here by recorded delivery and they've signed for it yesterday. What do you think their next move will be? Will they just give up now or are they likely to keep asking for this alleged debt? also will this affect my credit file now? Thanks
  21. Firstly happy new year to one and all on the forum. I have had ten phone calls from these people in the last 2 days from 02084609778,I do not answer these calls but they are becoming a bit of a pain.I have no idea as to what debt they may be chasing as I have not had any correspondance of any kind from them.Do I continue to ignore these calls or do I write to them sending the harrasment letter.
  22. Long story short Aktiv bought MBNA credit card debt which had been incurred by my son. Unfortunately card was in my name. Son made payments to MBNA for years (his monthly payments to MBNA were more than my income) until he incurred mental health problems and b*ggered off leaving me with the mess. I've written to AK advising of situation, got copy CCA from them (it's an old combined application form/CCA from 1999 WITHOUT full T&C's), used template letter asking Aktiv to write off debt, explained about my son and said all I could offer was nominal £1 a m
  23. I sent a CCA request to Aktiv Kapital and when they didn't provide the agreement I told them I wouldn't be paying them. They've now asked when I left an address I was last at about 15 years ago. Any idea why they want this or what it has to do with a CCA request
  24. Ladies/Gents I would like to share my success against Aktiv Kapital. AK has been bullying and harassing me since 2009 for debt that didn't exist. I bough a fridge with a comet edge card in 2006 and shortly after it was delivered I changed my mind and sent it back. I didn't hear anything from them until AK started calling me day and night and threatening me with court action and subsequently registered a default against my credit file. I also discovered that AK had illegally changed the default date by 20 months. Fast forward June/ July. I sent Aktiv Kapital
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