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  1. Thanks DX Sorry to ask, but I am trying to establish what is what here. So you say only Black horse can issue the DN is this because they the original creditor (OC). Also I using a free DMC, but if I can do this myself then it would help. Any advice would be greatly recieved. I have never sent any of the DCA's a CCA request what purpose would this serve? Is to determine if they purchased the rights of the original loan? Cheers
  2. Hi all I need some help and guidance to see if I have a right of recourse against 1st Credit who registered 2 defaults against me last month with the CRAs. The DN's letters were sent only 18 days after being late with the 1st missed payment, that are usually paid through a DMP, the payment was late due to an admin error with the direct debit. When I got the DN letters they demanded the full amount of the debt and not the late payment, I contacted 1st credit by phone and at first they informed me that the default should have been served by Black horse when it
  3. Cheers Bazooka Boo, are there any templates for OFT and TS? I've heard that TS have already had quite a few compliments and have dealt with MH already Ta
  4. Cheers Brigadier2JCS How do I quote a reference number when I don't have one and what details can I use for PRA to identify me without giving anything away unnecessary. Cheers Alan
  5. Dear all A long time since I have posted on here and hopefully it is in the correct forum. I have been receiving phone calls from PRA Uk who I believe are connected to Mackenzie Hall. I don't have any reason for a DDA to be contacting me and they are using my previous name before I got married and that was 13 years ago, I have an IVA back then but that settled and all done. Somehow they have got my work number and I get numerous call per week, its annoying, I am aware of their tactics and I haven't given them any info, not even confirmed my name. Just said the person they want
  6. Hi all I haven't been on here for a while, but would like the benefit of fellow CAG members help with UKPC, I see that I am not alone from other threads that these people are chancing them arms. So, I parked in an private parking bay with the permission of owner, this was arrnaged through another website and paid them a fee. When I returned I was amazed to see a 'speculative invoice' on the screen. I emailed them via there appeals site, saying that I parked there with permission and there was a note to in the car to state that. Their polite response was say basically tough, you
  7. cheers PKea and AGB, my question is where is it actually stated we must have funds in the account the day before, or is more like on the day it is presented. I was always in the belief that is the day of representation, is this a loophole the banks are exploiting to muck us about and maybe try and charge us.
  8. I thought I would share a dilemma, pain in the rear more like it I am having with Lloyd's. For the last couple of months I have noticed they are taking DD's meant for a Monday on a Sunday Afternoon, but craftily dating them for the Monday. So they are actually leaving my account 12 hours early. When I asked why this was occurring they said they chose to do to get through the back log of work from a Friday and Saturday, which made no sense at all. I have said under the DD guarantee they cannot take this early than stated by the originator, they are saying in not so many words 'tough'.
  9. hi Just thought I let you know about a similar incident I had with HSBC, god bless them. When I wanted to cancel my Standing Order with them, which was to pay a loan also with them, I couldn't neither on the Phone, in the branch or online. When I asked why not, they siad it was in the T&C's of loan agreement I signed, I thought b*****s was it and checked to be sure, all the time I am clocked up £35 for each returned SO. When I told them they putting me in more financial difficulty by not canceling it they kept saying T&C's. I asked where and because it was not there, they ch
  10. Hi All I wonder if anyone else has had found Lloyds deducting funds from their account a day early and then having the gawl to date them the day the were meant to be deducted. I have just had the same happen on 2 consecutive Sundays whereas the bank will deduct funds from direct Debitd due on Monday therefore not making those funds available before. Can anyone shed some light on this, or is the banks getting up to no good again
  11. Well done Nailz, you too gave me the get up and go to carry, I have HSBC in the county court and as usual stalling for time. But I too will over the moon and relived when they cough up my hard earned cash, Well done once again and good luck with the others:lol:
  12. Hi all, just a quick update and looking forward to posting a success. I have just submitted my N1 claim form to our Local County Court, this felt really good but surreal as well. I have claimed for £1363+£290.75+£120 costs = £1773.75. This feels really good because I have a personal issue and their Policies from 2 years ago and it is about time we have been able to take on te big boys and play them at their own game. The best bit is all this lawful and theirs... well what more can I say.
  13. Hi all, I have just recieved a response from Mr Langdale. He has stated that they (HSBC) do not agreed with the charges are in any way unfair or unreasonable etc, etc. Therefore I believe it now time to take Court Action, so do I use the MCOL route or do it in person using the N1. Can anyone help me with this question. I am wondering why they said no to this letter and settled with others:-(
  14. Hi Nailz Good luck, as if need it, keep on going and wait for the full settlement, nothing else, it is your money not their's after all, their settlement offer is an insult. Jonah444
  15. Nailz as 'rippedoffagain' has pointed out go to the County Court across the road as this is a Civil matter not a Criminal matter, which are held in the Magistrates Court, good luck
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