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  1. Thanks Stu007 thanks for your reply! Even though I have full housing duty council have said they've not made any offer there just saying what options are at the moment. Regarding the debt from years ago I only now owe 329 and housing register people say if I pay it all off would go in my favour but won't guarantee I can bid for anywhere because they have to look at why I got in arrears in first place! I didn't know I had got into arrears I didn't know housing benefit didn't go through or was stopped going through! I went into hospital 3weeks after I was in hostel in 2012 shelter said don't pay it all off straight away till we know they will let me bid it's will be a negotiation thing. I had a meltdown a few days ago and I can't stay in this hostel because my stress and anxiety is so bad being around strangers and that I feel I can't do it anymore I ended up talking to my support worker and told him, he said he could see me struggling so we had good chat I said I can't go in different hostel nothing will change my fear stress and anxiety will be the same so he is coming to my appointment with my doctor next week so he is supporting me.
  2. Hi, I have had full housing duty accepted today I have been in temporary accommodation for 4 weeks which has really stressed me out don't get me wrong I'm pleased that they put me somewhere while waiting but my anxiety about being round strangers sharing bathrooms and kitchen has made me not cook all the time I've been there I'm bathing at my mums house and grabbed food while there my whole routine is a mess. My doctor wrote a letter to say im struggling in temporary and please find permanent accommodation as soon as possible. Today my support worker came and saw me and said I have 2 options temporary accommodation but less people own shower but still shared kitchen and I said ok but I still wouldn't cook he said just put toast in toaster or something or second option they give me somewhere like a flat and stay linked in with mental health and after year I have full tenancy I don't want the hostel place again can I refuse that option he said housing manager would decide I'm panicking now I've done it wrong. TIA.
  3. Hi I don't know what to do regarding the council housing options have suspended me bidding due to arrears they say that when I was in hostel I didn't sort housing benefit out which I did but there saying I didn't so anyway I'm having to pay 770 of for 25 days I was there so I have set up payment plan of 2.50 a week I'm on esa so now I have my payment card arrears team said if I stick to plan the suspension will be dropped when they see regular payments so I've asked housing options how much do I have to pay to get to be able to bid they said it doesn't work like that they don't have to tell me it's assessed on sticking to plan . My mum said she would pay off quicker to get me to bid now there saying they are going to assess my behaviour five years I've tried to get on housing list and they keep moving goal posts. Ok I know I'm not easy to get on with and because of my mental health and how agitated I get and anxious I get edgy speaking to them so I come across a bit stressed I honestly feel the council are not right what there doing I just want help with somewhere to live to shut my door and be left to myself how do I get the help I need just to have a home n support with my mental health. My mum says if she paid the full amount off or paid as much as she can and then I can't bid because council don't like my behaviour from the assessment I feel I'm in a no win situation really. My mum said I could private rent and the 770 could be deposit I don't know how much hb I could get on my own. What help can I get if I don't feel I'm being treated right.
  4. I will go back to doctors when I came out of hospital I was told I would have a cpn but it never happened, my mum has taken letter to council asking proof of the debts and has asked why haven't they been in contact before now when it could have been sorted and cleared if owed. Makes me more anxious that I'm going to be here for a while.
  5. No I have no support apart from my doctor and my mum.
  6. Hi, September 1st 2015 was when I went to council they put me in b& b one night asked me to go back to council next day then said they have no duty to house me so that's it I found room that's not suitable, I have applied for homeless couple of times they give me points then take them away or suspended them but they won't let me on list to bid, I was under mental health team where I have been diagnosed with more mental health problems been put on more meds to cope with things but due to shortages been put back under my doctor he has been so good looking after me. And now my going on esa support group for 18 months proves I'm struggling. When we were refused anything from council and them saying I have this debt 500 plus for 2 week b& b stay 50 for one night stay I didn't take up & one pound something my mum keeps all paperwork from council November we asked for proof they have never given it to us the debt is from 2011 or 2012 the thing is I have never had letter from them to say debt exists before last year surely council would have tried to get it back before now? It's like every time they give me points they take them away or I can't do anything with them . I honestly feel discriminated I went to a solicitor they said they can only help with homelessness.
  7. Hi, hope someone can help please. To start with I must point out I have mental health problems and and have just been put in the support group for esa for 18 months due to my problems.for 5 years on and off I have tried to get on housing register and it has been so hard to get on it the council have never accepted me being homeless they have put me in emergency accommodation and then they say I've intentionally made myself homeless because I don't get on well with people so it's my fault I had 90 points and then 5 years ago they took all most all my points away left me 2 points. recently I've tried again to apply for homeless again they said that I wasn't on enough mental health meds!! So I wasn't a priority they said, even my doctor sent a letter saying I was vulnerable adult with mental health and needed help they said they needed to know exactly how vulnerable I was they decided I wasn't priority they had no duty to me, even shelter said that they were discriminating against me I appealed and they said I had arrears for 2 weeks stay in temporary accommodation in 2011 or 2012 but I had applied for benefits to cover the stay they said I owed fifty pounds for a one night b n b stay but I had phoned council to say a friend was going to put me up so wasn't need . last November council said I can't go on register because I have 700 debt from 2 weeks temp accommodation and the bnb thing. My mum and I went to council and said prove the debt please because in all these years since I have never had anything from housing to say we have debt please. she said perhaps we couldn't find you or your lying. they said we can't help I said I'm homeless they said nothing I found a room in a house because I panicked and the room is a plaster board wall put up to cut up half kitchen off I have no door I have sheet up to block it off to give some privacy people are in kitchen at all times cooker doesn't work hob doesn't work. My anxieties and stress and mental health is really bad at moment I can't cope with not knowing whose coming into this property I have ptsd which I'm on high alert at all times. So council have not responded to my prove debt. Doctor has written another letter to say I need help with housing so I can be in control of my own front door so council have finally awarded me 30 points today but suspended it due to arrears now council have known where I am since last year still not arrears letters . I would like to know do I have any rights because they left it so long I know they hate me there because I'm not easy person to get on with I get very agitated building up to speak to them I'm stressed but I want and need help with housing. Sorry it's long winded this. TIA.
  8. I'm not sure how much I took out, I owe 2037 my credit file says. Ok I will sar barclays and see what's happening.
  9. Yes I went into hospital for a while after my best friend died it hit me hard and I wasn't working, I'm wanting to sort this out now. Pra I could pay with help the satisfied they offered but I'm worried I'm paying the wrong person and and its gonna come back on me. That's why I need your advice.
  10. So good people on here say CCA Barclays but if they haven't been in touch do I want to rock the boat really?
  11. Hi, Thanks for replies. I will check the files when I took it out when I'm home, don't know why but PRA are giving me alarm bells the fact I've never been pursued and second letter from them has gone from 2000+ to 600 if pay now.
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