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  1. Hello dx100. I was doing some more research on CCA's and the potential responses I should be prepared for and I found this thread ( http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?421323-Link-Financial-response-from-my-CCA-request/page2 ) which really has helped my confidence in this situation. Seems to me that form this thread the best sequence would be : 1-CCA's 2-Any lack of response would then be the basis for ending the dmp towards those unable to prove enforceability. What are your thought?
  2. Hello again wellI am finally downloading and amending the CCA requests. But I have just noticed that they have misspeled my surname on the paperwork as had the original creditor GE Money. Is it possible to exploit this is as well?
  3. Thanks again for your reply dx. With regard to the SAR request would that be something I could send to the original creditors such as MBNA, and others who have since passed on my debt to dca's? regards Kevinski
  4. Thank you very much for your reply dx. It has given me a much better focus as to what I must do. You mention about ending the dmp ASAP. Logically would this be a route to take after the CCA request?
  5. Ok here goes: The debt I have with Ge Money which has now been transferred to Elderbridge is as follows: Statement from GE Money 15/06/2016=£2012.09. Monthly payment is 98.50 but the interest charged fluctuates between £30 and £26. ( can't see how one month can have a higher pound value seeing as the loan amount is going down...) Paperwork from Elderbridge so far is a notification of Direct Debit Payments indicating that that they will be taking over payments from GE. Proposed transfer of ownership will take place 04July2016 although they say they will send a letter
  6. Hello all, Sorry for the delay in replying. Have been unwell. In answer to dx100uk about the CCA Requests I am embarrassed to say that I didn't. It feels a bit like "after the cart horse has bolted" by producing a CCA request if I have already agreed a dmp with them and might a request for one trigger a ccj request in response? GE Money are not in the dmp arrangement thus why I thought to ask for your thoughts. I am still trying to get used to the asserting of my rights. regards kevinski
  7. Hello, There definitely have been late payment charges on the loan. I don't think that we had PPI with it though.
  8. Hello all it has been a while since I posted here. I have had a loan wth GE money that has been in force for a number of years. I just recieved a letter from GE Money stating that the Loan is going to be transferred to Elderbridge Ltd. They state that in the terms and conditions of my loan with them that there is consent to transfer. I am trying to find the paperwork. But was wondering as a general point if this could an opportunity to free myself from this arrangement. We have been only paying minimum amounts and its taking an age to pay them off. As alwa
  9. Hello dx. Sorry for the delay in replying I have been away. Just a question to ask about sending a CCA. Does the fact that I have already been paying these dca's mean that I have cut off that route in challenging these arrangements? It was my understanding that by making payment in response their request meant I accepted/ created a contract of payment with them.
  10. the amount I am to pay monthly is the original amount of £43.64.
  11. The CCJ went through. So i now currently pay them through Step Change
  12. Hello dx100uk I have been looking at the CCJ information and i can see IDR had taken over the debt from MBNA. Then the after the CCJ was brought about I have been paying through stepchange. Now it appears that that IDR have sold the debt to PRA group. Can they do that?
  13. Just checked my dmp statements on the Stepchange website and PRA appears on the list of creditors being paid. I have asked Stepchange to provide me statements from the the first payment to find out when they were added to the list of creditors and to see who they replaced! I will be calling them on Monday hopefully because they have no one on the phone on the weekends But thanks all for your replies and support so far.
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