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  1. Hi everyone I'm in the process of sorting out all my old debts, and I've just sent Natwest bank a SAR (well 2 actually) relating to two accounts that appear on my credit files shown in default state from 3-4 years back. I just had a call from a person within their data protection team asking me to clarufi what I was aslking for in my SAR. I told them everything they help about me at Natwest relating to those two accounts! He then said I need to go into a branch to ID myself, because the address on my correspondence they didn't have on any of their systems! Never had this before with a SAR! Are they meant to be calling me? Anyone else had this problem as above? Advice? Cheers
  2. Hi All, my wife has been receiving letters from Wescots, chasing an old Natwest Overdraft. It was from a joint account that was closed by Natwest in 2007. While we were a bit daft, we had been paying it off through a company called Apex. After finding this group back in 2014, and realising we were being 'cash cowed', we stopped payments. Although this was a joint account we were both chased for the full amount of the overdraft. The whole amount of the overdraft was combined with a personal loan I had, and this has been dealt with in the county court. I have a charge on my property, and am making payment through Shoesmiths. My question is, has this overdraft debt been dealt with ?. If not, how do I proceed with Wescot, who seem to have the same address as Cabot. And I've heard Wescots are not beyond contacting your neighbours,to get information about you. Regards... Dave G
  3. Hello, I've been having issues with the balances on my Natwest account for a few months now and wondered whether anyone else is. I keep a tight track on my accounts and use the iPhone app to make sure I don't go overdrawn (by transferring money in and out between Natwest accounts), yet on quite a few occasions my balance has shown as overdrawn. When I query this with the bank they confirm I'm overdrawn and won't accept that I can't be as I ensure I cover every purchase before making it. I don't touch the account and 24 hours later the balance shows as back in credit. Very tiresome but not much I can do. This morning my account shows as balance of 0.00. I've transferred money in and the balance remains at 0.00 So, I live chat Natwest who tell me there's "so many transactions on the account" (there are 6) it takes time for it to update. They also tell me it's in credit but I just can't see it yet. When I attempt to use my card it tells me there's insufficient funds in the account. The account balance on both the iPhone app and Online banking still says 0.00 Now, Natwest tell me there's a negative balance - it's changed in the last 5 minutes - and I know the account will sort itself out in 24-48 hours and will be in credit without me doing anything about it! Sorry for the longwinded story but is anyone else having these problems? I can't understand how a bank can deny there's an issue when one day they're telling me I'm overdrawn and it's fine the next, without any intervention from me. It's also really really tiresome but I know I'm lucky as I have another current account I can use- what would happen to a person that didn't?1 So, is anyone else having problems with their balance like this? Natwest refuse to accept there are any issues. Thanks,
  4. If I reclaim back the 'unfair' charges that were put on me within the last 6 years, I will be able to pay off my overdraft - if not, they are going to come after me for it now I think. So I put in a friendly complaint asking for the unfair charges back... Here is the reply, is it correct? "Having considered all the information, I am sorry I am unable to agree with your complaint about the charges that have been applied to your account in the past 6 years because there has been no bank error. My Investigation Here is a summary of what I have investigated. In our view, the judgment of the Supreme Court means that the level of the charges in question applied in line with the terms and conditions of the account cannot be assessed for fairness under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 ("UTCCRs") or challenged under the common law penalty doctrine. We do not accept that there is any other legal basis on which the level of the charges can be validly challenged. Please note our systems only hold records for up to 6 years. I have therefore reviewed your account and can see that you have incurred the following charges..." Thanks
  5. I located my Advantage Premier account booklet and can see that I was charged £150 a year for the privilige of useless insurances etc so possibly a case of mis-selling. I was advised to up-grade my account to keep my overdraft facility in which at the time I relied on and when things eventually got worse, I then was requested to consolidate debts with a loan in which realistically I could not afford. I know that it was stupid to agree to but I felt helpless at the time and felt pressured into it. Things got bad to worse in the end I could not afford to keep up repayments. My finances were passed and addressed by a third party who agreed a set repayment plan with my creditors including Natwest. This was ok for about six months or so but they refused to freeze the interest when requested unlike my other creditors. eventually they demanded an increase in monthly payments from £50pm to £700pm which was not possible before I knew it, not only was I issued with a CCJ but my debt had increased by another £8,000 including interest and charges. I now have an agreed repayment plan with Irwin Mitchell since February 2008 in which I pay by direct debit. I recently requested a statement of payments from them and NatWest. Irwin Mitchell's cameback all in order as to what I paid when I recieved details from NatWest they had been adding quarterley interest payments which stopped in Sept 2010, therefore totals outstanding are different ? Irwin Mitchell also confirmed that the judgement amount was full and final and no added interest ? I know there are various issues involved but my questions are including the above :- 1) Can I still submit a Package Account mis-sale complaint to NatWest ? 2) Can I still submit a formal complaint to NatWest in the way that they addressed my financial situation at the time ? 3) Is there anything on the CCJ confirming about interest being added ? 4) Should Irwin Mitchell or NatWest submit a yearly statement ? I would appreciate someones time in how to approach this and what to address first. I recently submitted a SAR for everything pertaining to me including bank / loan account details and NatWest / RBS could only locate bank statements from 2001 and a few letter correspondences but no loan / overdraft agreements ? I have a copy of the original agreement but cannot see anything confirming post judgement interest being added. Sorry for long post but there are quite a few issues to address and thank-you.
  6. Hi all, Here's the situation: Opened a student account in 2007 with full overdraft and extended this a couple of times as per the normal rules and up to the max available limit of £2000 Ever since graduating have had financial difficulties with other credit cards and payday loans which are now (thankfully!) resolved. This is my last debt and i want to get rid, i want to pay it off but Natwest don't seem to want to help. I have already opened another account with first direct and have switched over my wages and other regular s/o and d/d so my ongoing financial commitments are covered. Currently, the account balance is around £2050 - incidentally, it was fees and interest that took me over the agreed limit - something that happens almost every month - (last month was charged over £100 in fees alone. I want to pay what i owe them back - but so far their only communication has been a request to settle outstanding funds within 7 days - and whilst i'm in better financial position than i was, i haven't got the ability to rustle up that kind of money. Similarly, a telephone conversation this afternoon basically stated that i should just keep paying off in dribs and drabs until the overdraft is cleared. Nevertheless, all i want is an agreement in writing saying x amount to be paid monthly until the outstanding is cleared. Will be keeping all communication in writing in the future. How do i proceed? Any help would be hugely appreciated!
  7. More than one million customers with RBS and NatWest will soon be forced to pay up to £2 extra a month for their packaged current accounts. From January 17, customers with the bank’s Black account must pay £26 a month for their deals. Those with the bank’s Platinum account will have to fork out £1 more, totalling £16 a month. RBS Black account offers worldwide travel insurance and access to airport lounges. The Platinum account includes travel and phone insurance and UK breakdown cover. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-3322929/One-million-customers-RBS-Natwest-face-price-rises-packaged-current-accounts.html#ixzz3rwIxQmWD
  8. Hi, new to the forum but here goes with an abridged version. Essentially been in a DMP since 2009, selling my home to pay off and during the tidy up have found some Natwest paperwork I didn't know I had, it is a loan agreement that has no term of the loan on it just a monthly amount and total loan. There is also a handwritten note from a staff member saying they have drawn the money down and will I forward a signed agreement as they will need one. I now know this is not correct and should have been signed first. Additionally I had to pay £15 pm for the privilege of a reduced rate, is this correct? I also found out I had PPI! never had it never needed it, only found this out as they wrote to me and then when I did the sums they don't add up!. Also I cant now get a mortgage as my defaults will be dropping off soon but for 5 years they have had an account on a status 6 as a late payment so it will remain long after I pay it off. any information to see if I can claim PPI , charges or interest back would be appreciated sorry for the long post but trying to to brief .
  9. Hi everyone this is my first post here so ill start at the beginning, when i was younger i had several loans from natwest and one rolled into a bigger loan several times over the years, after contact rbs they said i had 5 accounts with them and that so far they had one loan of £4.5 with an offer of £170 (like 4%) , then another account was 10k with £1900 offered (19%), then an £11k one still awaiting an offer , then an 18k one still awaiting offer. the last one was £1700 loan with no ppi so no offer. Heres where it gets interesting i was sold the ppi as you had to have it to get a loan with them and that in the event you were off work it would pay your loan until it finished or you went back to work , this however turned out to be false as i found out when i had a back injury was off work and the ppi ran out after a year leaving me with a loan to cover whilst not working which lead me to going bankrupt, being bankrupt then made it difficult to find work ( no banking industry ) and even when i ended up working for an insurer the highest level i could be employed at was the job i had at £21k pa, the next job up was £36k (which is what i should of been doing) so i lost out on 15k per year when i went back to work. Now i see that as some sort of damage (expectant measure, reliant measure, liquidated damages or professional negligence .) so in effect from me returning to work in 2009 (bankruptcy 2008) that until 2014 this was being held against me in terms of jobs and salary. Could i claim 5 years at £15k a year loss? Now that the bankruptcy is discharged will any payment from them go to me or insolvency people? My next step will be to SAR them before accepting any offers they have made or will make. is there any time frame for the SAR to be carried out by them? and how long do you have to accept an offer. thanks for your help
  10. Brief summary/history Other half's card. Commenced 1998, defaulted 2006 with interest frozen from that date. Default card balance was £6,500 - progressively paid/reduced to just under £5,000. PPI claim made October 2012 - initially refused but upheld by the FOS on adjudication. March 2014 NatWest credited £4,664 to the card, leaving a balance of £323. By my own (spreadsheet) calculations the payment should have been some £1450 more than they paid. Their payment was arrived at as follows: Refund of payment made 1998 to 2006 £2334.14 Compound interest based on rates charged £ 712.36 Sub total £3056.50 Gross interest at 8% £2010.43 Less income tax at 20% £ 402.09 Net interest £1608.34 Net offer £4664.84 It is their compound interest figure that I cannot agree with. During the 8 year life of the card, monthly interest rates varied between 1.385% and 1.620%. The average card balance was about £3200. My calculations show the compound interest figure to be about £2077 rather than their figure of £712. This would also increase the 8% gross interest amount due by about £1000. I reckon we want about another £2500 from them (before tax) I have written to them several times asking for a breakdown of their compound interest figure and have been stonewalled each time. They say they cannot provide these (complicated) calculations but that they are in line with the FOS and FCA guidelines. Their last reply even went so far as to 'explain' to me how compound interest works. I can scarcely believe the content of it. Here is the relevant paragraph from their letter: As a basic look at the compound interest aspect, if you compared the monthly balance of the credit card with and without PPI and the difference was £20, then the interest element would be determined from this figure. If the monthly interest rate was 1% and 12% per annum, this would mean that the starting figure for the compound interest is 20p (1% of £20.00) if your card then ran for 5 years, the compound interest on this PPI premium would accumulate as follows, year 1 = 22p, year 2 = 25p, year 3 = 28p, year 4 = 31p, year 5 = 35p. Therefore the total amount difference in balance of £20.00 in this example would be 35p. So, this 'expert' from RBS thinks the compound interest would be 35p. Well, I calculate it to be £16.33. She seems to have worked it out at 1% per annum rather than 1% per month. (I am not a mathematician so if I have got this completely wrong and she is right, please, someone, tell me I am making a numpty of myself). So, ladies and gentlemen of CAG, where do I go next with this shower? Suggestions and comments most welcome, thanks.
  11. If a credit card account is in arrears and PPI claim is up-held by bank, do they offset all of refund against arrears ? Will this also include the net 8% statutory amount or will that be mine ? I have tried looking on FOS website for some clarification for this circumstance but I cannot find anything ? Thank-you
  12. Will try to simplify this down and not elaborate too much, I have a tendency to over communicate. long story short, I am 38. Took out a loan with NatWest I don't remember how long ago but it must been in my mid to late 20's. Was unable to make regular payments, it went back and forth actually for years, sort of on hold. I commence work and commenced payments, regular every month for several years, £250, £150, £100 etc. It was never agreed in writing by me I just started to pay, NatWest did write to me once to ask for my budget details, I responded with a £250 payment that month. Fast forward it must be 10 years now ? £15k is now longer outstanding or what ever it was. Its now under £2k. Right this is were it gets interesting, I was working with a debt recovery agency, every month I would log into my online banking (not NatWest obviously) pull up make a payment and send £150, £250 My last payment was over £700, The debt collection agency which I had paid over £10k with over the last few years now, they suddenly wrote to me and said. Dear xx We have been instructed we are no longer managing your account hence do not make any further payments. Roughly that is what it said I was confused by this as I had just made a huge payment of over £700 and was down to a 5% or 10% of the orginal amount. Why would NatWest pull the account back. I will be honest and say at this time which I understand was just before Xmas last year, I feel I had around £1800 left to pay. Ok please continue with me. I was out at lunch time today and decided to pop into Natwest and ask what are they doing with my account ... so understand my surprise when this happened. Till girl, thank you bud01 (me) for providing your account number and sort code (I didn't have the sort code had to tell her the branch). I can see that your account is £2000 in credit. Can you double check that please. Sure, your account is £2000 in credit, (my current account). I explained the situation and she asked that I call the collections team. Fast forward past me buying a coffee and sandwich and taking over a meeting room to make a call to Natwest. I speak to a guy in the collections team, he is only interesting in knowing if I own my own house and I am who I say I am, which I honestly explained, I am renting, and I am mr x etc. He says I have to go through to another department, debt department or some thing I cant remember. I get though to a girl and explain the situation and ask her the following. 1- If my account is in credit why haven't you communicated to me and how could it be I am in credit 2- Why have you not communicated to me, and why did you dis-engage the collection vendor that I was working with monthly, and were is your communication to me irrespective of the monetary aspects. She went away and checked with another team and came back and said. Your loan account has had to be closed. You have a corrupted loan. Your debt has been moved to your current account. You are not in credit but in debt for £2000 At this point this upset me, I did the only thing I could think of and asked that every thing be documented and sent to me Has any one even heard of any thing like this? A few of my thoughts. 1- I should not have contacted Natwest, I knew I owed around that figure or maybe £1200, I should have let them finally come back to me, or maybe never come back to me. Obviously that is being un-unethical which is not the way I am living my life, hence I wanted to go into the Bank today and look into this. 2-If my current account is in credit, it is credit, there is a big difference between being -£2000 and being in credit by £2000. If I owe £2000 and my current account which is still to this day is in credit by £2000 then I don't owe any thing, their mistakes or issues is not my concern. 3- If my loan account is closed then unless that has been communicated to me in writing, the moment that account is closed then my loan is forfeited I don't know what is going on here but some thing fishy is happening, if my current account was minus or in debt £2000 then I could have walked out of the bank and would have taken it on the surface as 1+1 =2. Canceled my on going working payment schedule with debt recovery vendor. No communication for nearly a year current account in credit by the same amount of money I am in debt. Loan account closed. What do I do here? if every one is in agreement Natwest is fine here and I should pay then I may simply make four £500 payments. I am 38 years old. Work in IT in banking area. After my July pay review I am on £53900 (excluding over time) £2k loan is not a big issue, What do I do here? What is this called that NatWest is doing? Loan account closed = loan closed ? Thanks any one that can help on this. And if any one from NatWest is reading this, you are very unprofessional in the manner you have delt with my account, you stopped me making my regular payments which I was actually enjoying doing, the recovery company sent me a stupid letter with zero on it about what was happening, and then you do not communicate to me for nearly a year, now I find my loan account closed and my current account in credit, but also in debt. What are you guys doing?
  13. Angry customers of NatWest and RBS are reporting serious problems accessing their online accounts, with many taking to Twitter on Friday to accuse the accident-prone bank of another IT disaster. The latest IT problems emerged as customers tried to access their accounts and make payments, on a day that is payday for many people. NatWest said it is investigating the issue, but had no other statement to make. It told customers over Twitter: “We are aware of an issue with our online banking service, our tech team is looking into this as a matter of urgency.” But coming so soon after the last IT outage, the access problems have left many customers venting their anger over Twitter. Can't log in to #natwest yet again to check up on some transactions... and they want me to opt out of paper statements?! No chance. — Jacqueline F (@JackieF_0307) July 31, 2015"> Natwest IT problems The problems emerged early this morning, as some customers waking up and hoping to check their pay had gone into their account were unable to log on. Why does the @NatWest_Help app always go down on payday?!?! I hope there's no issues with payments again! http://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/news/rbs-and-natwest-customers-complain-of-online-problems/ar-BBlgcjC?ocid=spartandhp
  14. Hi All , need some help with a very long , ongoing saga with natwest.... has a business loan from natwest for £59.950.. . this was back in 2005 ( bought village shop) long story short had to default on loan as business failed in 2008 , limped along until 2010 .... ........ was hoping it was a recoverable glitch due to losing all passing trade as a result of a major build in the area .. ......was hoping to build business up again after opening of housing estate and race course etc from 2010 natwest went for bankruptcy and failed via a stautory demand they also went for a charging order on residential property but failed recently been to court for repossession whereby they won possession order........ ........... submitted a defence that was immediately thrown out.............. refuse permission to appeal still trying to negotiate with natwest four weeks on, as since 2010 been unemployed but an now working and would like to resume payments as even thought business is no longer trading i am actually living at the property after marriage breakup Issue i have is that natwest have now doubled the repayments from £574 to over £1000 a month which i cannot afford what i want to know is , are there any arguments that can be used concerning the fact that the increase is unreasonable? i know that this is not the same as a rental agreement BUT i am living there and there are rules about excessive rents and i am sure i have read about there being regulations that concern a minimum amount that you need to live on. this is in rural wales and the average income round here is not one that would allow for that sort of repayment each months , if it was repossessed and sold at auction no one local could afford a grand a month just at a loss as to want i can do to keep a roof over my head, i know there is nothing that can force them to accept, however certain regulations and their credit licence guidance says they must exercise forbearance and work with you if you are in difficulty. it seems all along all they are doing it working against me. running out of time now and dont knwow hat else to do i would be very grateful for any suggestions
  15. I have had a graduate account with Natwest for 2 years and the past year I have been paying interest on £800 on my my £1800 ARRANGED overdraft. It is soon to be converted to a 'Select' account and I will pay interest on the entire £1800 and £6 usage fee a month. I am going to teach abroad for 5 months and I have sufficient funds to pay the interest on this account and my phone bill that comes out of this account as a direct debit! My plan is to do this travelling then either get a job out there and repay my overdraft through that or come home and get a job. I am worrying about what will happen while I am away, I will try and put some money into the account but can the bank just take it off me? If they do and default me what can I do whilst away? I doubt my account will go over the arranged overdraft whilst away as I have some money in it (still overdrawn every month). Thank you for any replies.
  16. Hi everyone. I'm new to these forums and I'm not sure if I am posting in the correct place. Please feel free to point me in the right direction if it's better suited somewhere else. Although this story is fairly long, I will try and explain it the best I can. I am speaking on behalf of my Father because he has dyslexia and finds it difficult to read and write well. Back in 2005 my Father owned a fairly successful business but he was having trouble with the bookkeeping and accounts. Around this time, he was approached by a company called Barrington Finance, who told him that they were able to help him sort his difficulties out and get his books and accounts in order. Shortly after, the director of Barrington finance decided he wanted to leave his job and be in partnership with my Father, as he was bored of his job and wanted to take a new direction. The director then introduced my Father to a bank manager who worked at Natwest. My Fathers new business partner, and the manager of Natwest advised my Father to remortgage his home for £100'000 and to put the money in to an account for a new business venture my Father set up. The bank manager opened up 3 separate business accounts for different business's for my father and his new business partner, with an overdraft facility on 2 accounts. A mandate was set in place for the accounts, which stated that money could only be withdrawn/transferred with two signatures. That of my Fathers, and his new business partner. Around 8 months after these accounts were set up, my Father noticed some suspicious activity within his business, he then went in branch to check one of the accounts (the one he had put the £100'000 in), to find that the account had been closed and all the money had been taken out. He was at a complete loss for words as he had only authorised one transaction over that period. He knew straight away that his new business partner was involved in the disappearance of the money and the account closure. Upon viewing the bank statements of these accounts, there had been withdrawals of large sums of money which were not authorised by my Father. He immediately reported the matter to the police to which they said they could not do anything until they received confirmation from the bank that these fraudulent actions had taken place. He then approached the bank and reported the theft to the bank assistant to which they passed onto the managers. The manager did agree that fraudulent activity had been taking place and asked him to put it in writing so they can investigate further into the matter. The case was then passed onto the fraud investigation department. Whilst this investigation was happening (it took almost two years) the bank itself made a claim against my Father for the £10000 overdraft facility. He tried to inform the bank that their bank manager had authorised the overdraft and is involved in the theft and the unauthorised transactions taken out of the accounts. In the end, the claim that my Father was trying to make was not taken to court because Natwest said that the £10’000 overdraft he apparently owed and the disappearance of the £100’000 were not related. Before Natwest took my Father to court, he had payed around £7000 in legal costs trying to take them to court. After all of this happened, my Father lost his business, our family home… everything he had ever worked hard for. In 2008, my dad had to pay back the £10’000. He has suffered a tremendous amount of stress and depression from this ordeal, and we are all suffering to this very day. that is the general background to the story. I hope it wasn’t too difficult to follow for those of you that are still reading this. Of course there are further points to make but it would take way too long to explain on this forum. I have a few important questions to ask and some key points to elaborate on When my Father saw the account transactions, it showed that money was been transferred to his business partners account, his business partners WIFES account and then to the other two business accounts that were set up. When he asked Natwest to show him WHO authorised these transactions (there were 21 account transfers) they said that this is only kept on file in a note system for a very short period of time and then destroyed. Is this true? So if you have a large sum of money in an account that is only allowed withdrawal/transactions with two signatures, they have NO evidence to show who allowed this to happen? 2) Before the mandate was set in place and signed by my father and his business partner, £10’000 was withdrawn out of the account in cash, with only 1 signature, the signature of his business partner! This was BEFORE the mandate was even set in place! Surely this is enough evidence? And surely this is completely in breach of the contract??? 3) The bank manager of natwest was over-riding my fathers authority and allowing my fathers business partner to transfer the money without his permission. What is even more astounding is that the bank manager of Natwest was SACKED in 2008 due to gross misconduct. But they did not mention this at court?! Fastforward to 2015, we have now taken this case to the Financial Ombudsman. I sent off a case file that has all evidence and documents pertaining to the investigation back in 2007/8. The court had ordered Natwest to release all their documents of their investigation so EVERYTHING they did/said is all here with me in a file. before the case was passed on to the adjudicator, another person who was dealing with it beforehand said that Natwest have not issued my Father with a deadlock letter . can the ombudsman make a decision without the deadlock letter? We have asked the Ombudsman time and time again to get the deadlock letter from the bank but he has ignored these requests. He said that because it happened so long ago , Natwest have told him they haven't kept the case on file. BUT we have everything here on file because as I said earlier, the court ordered Natwest to release everything they were doing on the investigation back in 2007/08. What are the chances of my Father getting anywhere with this case since it has been more than six years? I would greatly appreciate everyones thoughts, comments and suggestions . If you have any questions that you would like to ask then please feel free to do so. Thank you for reading.
  17. I lodged a complaint via telephone this morning to say that I downgraded from Advantage Gold at a review meeting in March 09 after I had recently been made redundant with my then relationship manager. It was established that I had no need for the account. I was advised that it had been open since 1999 and I thought the charge was in relation to my overdraft. For the duration of when I had the AG account I had a company car and company mobile which were covered by the companies insurance and would not have agreed to purchasing this product. To reinforce the fact I was in financial hardship the relationship manager arranged for a loan I had to be extended therefore reducing monthly payments. I gave all this information to the complaints team at 8.09am this morning and they came back at 3pm to say that they were not upholding my account due to the length of time I took to raise the complaint. I informed them that I did not realise at the time I could complain and in fact there should have been some duty of care at the meeting and advice to do this give my financial situation (hardship). Due to the media it struck a chord and I went through some paperwork to find I had had the AG account and that is why I was complaining. I asked the complaint handler what investigative work they had done to come to the decision but she would only talk about the timescale as the reason for rejection. I am aware that you can complain outside the 6 year timescale and feel that this is unfair as my account number is still the same and active and they have full records of the AG account which I downgraded from. I really believe that no investigation has taken place today and they are trying to fob me off with the timing issue. Can anyone give me any advice as I feel that I would like to complain about this to the CEO as no mitigating circumstances have been taken into account.
  18. Hi I am wondering if anyone can help. I submitted a claim for a PPI refund from Natwest on behalf of my partner. His initial loan was for £1000 and was taken out in July 2001, and finished July 2002. Natwest made an offer of £196.56 total for his PPI refund. I asked if this was correct and the lady said it was, that the offer was for £105.72 with the rest for the 8% statutory interest. I asked how much his monthly payments were and she could not tell me. Said that information was not available to her. Unfortunately I do not have a copy of the credit agreement. Does anyone know if this offer sounds about right for a £1000 loan taken over 12 months ? Thanks
  19. Hi all, Wanting to try to reclaim PPI (and possibly late payment / exceeding limit charges?) for my girlfriend and confused about exactly how to do it? Have just tried to look around the forum but there are so many links and reems of information and I am not sure exactly what to do. is there a simple step by step guide relating to the below?..... Have been sat on a lot of this info since 2012 when we sent SAR requests - with the intention being to try and sort out her credit rating (due to previous defaults entered relating to the accounts below). We haven't followed up on all of this quickly as just been too confused and stressed with other financial worries - and just want to try and sort everything now. Have recently come to realise that PPI/charges may be reclaimable... .looked into it for a while and then lost all the information due to computer being stolen, and then just haven't followed up. From the paper notes/SAR info I can state the following: 3 Accounts 2 with Barclays - got SAR information August 2012. 1 - Barclayloan 2001-2002. Was paid off fully. Statement shows an "Insurance Premium" of £45 - which I've noted was "added to loan value" (via previous research on this forum?). Have noted £45 charge + circa £55 interest claimable" Must have been a spreadsheet/calculator I used? Not sure which or how to do this now? Calculate it on a spreadsheet + interest - write this into a letter and claim 2 - Barclaycard - defaulted Jan 2005. Passed to HFO services. circa £3000 balance. She ended up giving in to threatening letters and phonecalls and paid a total of around £600 to HFO services over a few months. Hence won't be stat barred until 2018. However - no CCA provided, HFO services seem to have had all sorts of issues....advised on here this is "deadlocked?" - not received letters for over a year. Statements received in SAR show PPI totalling around £170 was charged. Another £25ish was charged for some sort of "CVR accidental death" thing.. ..and then another £160 of exceeding limit and late payment charges was added - £20 per time. (All of this over about 8 months). I have made a note stating "circa "£340 charges + £250 interest recalaimable??" Assume using a calculator on here? Is this a case of calculating/adding up charges on the statement - working out interest somehow - then sending this with a letter as a claim? 3 - Natwest Credit Card. Balance defaulted Jan 2009. Last payment few months prior. Stat barred now, no contact for over a year. We wrote and asked for SAR info August 2012, but Natwest replied saying they had a different address and require proof of address and the SAR resubmitting. Did get some info back in response to S78 which shows PPI was included on the account though - but don't have full statements to see how much. Assume need to resend SAR now, get statement then.....not sure what to do next? Use a spreadsheet to calculate a £ figure and then put it into a letter? Thank you for any help or pointing in right direction!
  20. If your benefits are paid into a RBS or Natwest bank account and you are due a payment this week this maybe delayed here's why http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-33162855 and recaction from the Natwest customer forum http://communities.natwest.com/t5/Ways-to-Bank/natwest-down-again/td-p/38531 Why should these bank's be able to get away with treating customers like this ?
  21. My boyfriends Ex-wife took out a bank account before she left him in 2009. My boyfriend was a joint account holder and signed to say he was happy with this. The account was then changed to a packaged bank account (called a Gold Account) without my boyfriends knowledge. The account was never used and it went overdrawn with charges until Natwest closed the account and added a Default to my boyfriends Credit File in April 2010 which we have only just found out about. My boyfriend wrote to Natwest asking them to remove the default from his Credit File. Natwest replied with a straight NO saying they had the paperwork signed by boyfriend and he had agreed to it. He does not remember signing for a packaged account and I know they were regularly mis-sold (Natwest tried it with me until I changed bank). What do we do next?
  22. Hi can anyone help me with an issue on the amount of redress due from a credit card PPI which FOS have found in my favour against RBS for an old Natwest Card. the amount offered seems low Thanks J
  23. I'm looking for some help/guidance on how to proceed with Accent Legal. My husband and I took out a Natwest loan in 2008 for £25000. Within a few months we realised we'd made a mistake and couldn't afford the payments. We made an arrangement through Payplan to make reduced payments. Natwest got CCJ's in both our names and a charging order in just my name. Due to Payplan making an error I stopped paying the DMP last June and in September of last year our home was repossessed. Due to my husbands poor health and the stress of debts we moved into a rented house but told none of the creditors where we moved to apart from the mortgage company. Well forward 8 months and I have received a letter from Accent Legal. I forgot about it as I went into hospital for a hysterectomy but have received another stating that if I don't contact them they are going to enforce the charging order. I thought they'd be aware we no longer own the house as of course they have located me at another address. I'm not sure how to proceed. We have very little money. My husband is on PIP and ESA and we have 3 daughters. I tried to ring today but they are closed. I'm hoping they can put the account on hold for a few weeks while I recover. Also do I tell them the house the charging order was attached to has been repossessed?
  24. Hi I had a Nat West Business account with overdraft until 2012 when they decided to close it, without even trying to negotiate a repayment plan, last couple of years for been tough with work and health issues but I was just beginning to get back on my feet. I have never signed a overdraft renewal agreement with them, they just kept renewing the overdraft. I have had thousands of pounds worth of charges taken. Today I have received the attached letter in the post from a company I have never heard of requesting that I make contact to discuss the overdraft, referring to a recent letter I should have received from Nat West ( never received any letter last communication was April13). Not sure what to do, would appreciate some help. Confused49
  25. Hello people, I'm in a financial quandary here and need advice about how to go about sorting this out - I'm slightly bitter, I admit and I am up to my neck, frustrated, depressed and broke. Simply, I have a current account that was changed from a student account - The bank automatically changed it to a graduate, then to a current account afterwards. Obviously, as a student, I went into my overdraft, not really planning ahead and looking to the future - You do think that you'll leave university, get a job and pay off your debts. However, after university, most of us realise that there are thousands of other students in the same position and it's like a game of musical chairs for jobs. Anyhow, I'm at the point now where the bank are charging me over £20 a month for my overdraft charges, I'm sure it was all in the small-print, but as I say, you don't think about this do you? - To put a finer point on it, these overdraft charges are killing me and as a result, the £6 charges for unpaid DD's are (and have been) snowballing for months. I now find myself in a difficult position where as soon as my meagre living money goes into my account, after the bank have took their cut, I'm left up in arms and to be honest, aside of the fact that they are 'in the right' to take these costs, I'm highly ****ed off and frustrated, but what are you going to do? Anyhow, I'm thinking that I need to sort this out - I have reclaimed my bank charges on another current account I had with them, which has since been closed, so I can't do it again for this account - and I guess I just need to know my options. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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