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  1. Quick update after nearly 9 months and many letters and phone calls I now have all my PPI refunded and Natwest have removed all defaults from my accounts resulting in a restoration of my credit meaning I have now been offered a high street mortgage. Some great advice here thankyou I would say to others in a similar position don't give up! I sent some strong letters but always remained polite and consistent in what I said I wanted. After asking for defaults to be removed this was done very quickly - within a week-. I now for the first time in 7 years have no debt, no bad credit a deposit for a house in my bank account. To anyone else in the similar position I would say persevere.
  2. Yes pre 2007. What does cca mean?what does that show me please?
  3. I have overdraft with Natwest/ Credit card with Natwest, both defaults one which "drops off" in April one was registered in 2013 although I was in an arrangement to pay paid in full with PPI money Default Halifax (Idem) registered april 2009 Mint CC default registered april 2009 nat west Loan which has been registered as late payment every month since april 2009- this will be paid in full with my PPI money Capital one defaulted in april 2009 in summary that's the lot
  4. well after some phone calls I now have an offer which I am going to accept in respect of my missold PPI, this will then clear some of my DMP and I am in a position soon to pay the rest off, I will still owe around 12k and have £6200 to offer the other creditors, you think I am better to ask Payplan to do it or do I do it myself? thanks so much for all your help, donation to the site on its way as well
  5. Yes I sent them all of that but they seem to have chosen to only pay the missold PPI on the initial loan, standard letter from them I think but they haven't broken down how it was calculated so I understand it . I know I need to get in touch with them and query it but not sure whether it is better to write to them so I have a record.
  6. I have now had an offer of £1700 in relation to one account however the letter states that this will be used to "clear any arrears you may have with the group" They have however not taken into account that this was then rolled into the next loan. They have stated that if there are other "factors that should have been taken into account that would alter the calculations please write to us to outline them, enclosing copies of any evidence available. Alternatively contact us by phone. My question is that I want to raise that this was rolled into another loan which means that I have been paying interest on the PPI again as I took another loan to pay off the PPI therefore am I best to ring or write to them? any ideas anyone please and thanks
  7. Sent my PPI claim in using the form that was on their website. they have now written to me with a further form asking lots and lots more questions. is this normal practice?
  8. will do that tomorrow and start the PPI claim as well at the same time, thanks for the response.
  9. UPDATE - Just before Christmas I received most of the remainder of my paperwork and it has been interesting reading, I have been in my DMP 5 years and paid them over 9000 off one loan which was a total of 9500 when I went into the DMP, as they subsequently continued to add interest they are stating I still owe them 7400! I have a letter from them in 2009 agreeing to freeze the interest. Any ideas please how I word this letter to indicate that the loan is now paid apart from 480. I need this to be s very strong letter, any advice please anyone? thankyou
  10. Update= NatWest have not completed my full SAR request as they have not sent me bank statements, should I pursue this before I pursue the PPI and packaged account claim as I don't know how much I paid out in either until I get the full statements? thankyou
  11. THANKYOU I will try and get as much info as I can and take it from there
  12. Ok thanks I thought so having got some of the SAR info yesterday. So do I write to them? and ask for the interest to be removed as they had agreed to freeze it, it is actually the damn late payments that are causing me problems now, wish they had defaulted me they did for everything else:(
  13. scanning failure! will ask my friend to help me tomorrow, yes in writing they agreed to stop the interest and charges I was charged from 2009-2012 and then it stopped- this is on the loan account that they have not defaulted me on but I have continuous late payments
  14. Ok well my attempt to scan anything failed! Have gone back through the paperwork tonight they seem to have definitely added PPI to that one loan and then on the following one they have "rolled " it over. It was this loan that ultimately led to my financial mess- that combined with a lot of stupidity. Should I wait 40 days and then write back and request the rest of my information eg bank statements, income protection insurance(which they sold me whilst adding PPI to my loan!) and my credit card info. I went into a DMP in 2009 and have also found that they did not stop the interest as they had agreed to, but I don't think I can do anything about this as it is a informal arrangement, is this correct? thanks again
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