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  1. hi there, was wondering if someone can give me any advice......... Long story short, my son is off to Uni the landlord of the student house would not supply students with a freezer - they have a icebox in a fridge which is inadequate for five of them - she did give her permission for them to install their own. I purchased a freezer online from Appliancesdirect to be delivered to the student house on the understanding that he will take it with him when he leaves. Freezer was delivered 10th Sept, plugged in on the 11th and was working fine, the students have been out an
  2. Hi all, Just found this thread and need some help. Long story short , mortgage was with GE Home lending; without any notification from them its has been sold to Engage Credit. The issue is payments have still been coming out of my account in favour of GE, the first was forwarded to Engage and they accepted it. Engage sent me a letter wanting to know the relationship between bank account holder and mortgage acconut holder claiming it is company policy that they do not accept any payments whatsoever from third parties or persons not party to the m
  3. it's ok Caro, i am not taking anything as criticism, as totally agree with you, fully appreciate we broke the contract in that sense by not paying, we have never debated that side of it, it was as result of circumstances that were beyond our control. When we bought the shop there were no plans to build the racecourse or bypassing the road through he village so it was not something we could have known about and catered for in advance. We have always been willing to pay what we lawfully owe. That is partly why we have not made payments since being back in e
  4. It was suggested criminal proceedings as what they have done may be fraudulent - don't know, haven't looked into this route yet and don't know enough about it - i thought it was more to do with contract law and the fact that the contract is supposed to be flexible hence the name "flexible business loan" yet they refuse to budge - don;t know enough about that either !!!! The property is in negativity equity they will not even scrape half of what they think they are owed, should it go to auction, the property has been on the market on and off since 2008 with ver
  5. see that's the issue , its NOT a mortgage, never was, that's why the Stat Dec and bankruptcy was chucked out of court as Natwest kept referring to it as a mortgage. It was a secured flexible business loan. Been through National debtline, Shelter, CAB, local and online solicitors and no one will touch it with a barge pole. The best advice we have had so far is to hand the keys back under protest and duress and start criminal proceedings against Natwest, but the does not help at all with somewhere to live as the flat above the shop is currently occupied, that leaves me ho
  6. yes it went to court, first hearing was adjourned for 14 days as legal representation on either side didn't bother to turn up, we claimed that if no one bothered to turn up technically there was no case to answer, but judge was having none of that. At second hearing we were pretty much railroaded. talked over and not allowed to speak as we were representing ourselves due to the fact that we had lost faith in the no show and no one else is willing to take this case on as it has been going on for so long and is so convoluted. Second hearing had a delayed start as Natwest barr
  7. Thank you Caro!! there have been no payments for 5 years but not for the want of trying.......... we kept natwest fully informed of our difficulties when business was open , explaining about the loss of footfall / passing trade etc and the expansion of the local community ie racecourse and housing which would hopefully increase trade once road through village was reopened but rather than accepting reduced payments or a payment holiday they demanded the whole amount which was unreasonable and way beyond our means, they went straight for the stat dec and bankruptcy th
  8. it was originally over 15 years the loan was taken out in june 2005 but repayments stopped 2010 when the business closed
  9. possession was granted on 15th june, but i was given 4 weeks to move out - which i have done into temporary accommodation - some possessions are still there - have been negotiating during that time have submitted an income and expenditure form a nd made a offer to repay, was told that because i had submitted that offer natwest would not enforce the repo order in 13th july - which they havent. i was hoping they would get back to me accepting the offer but they have left it til the 11th hour to refuse it stating they w
  10. Hi All , need some help with a very long , ongoing saga with natwest.... has a business loan from natwest for £59.950.. . this was back in 2005 ( bought village shop) long story short had to default on loan as business failed in 2008 , limped along until 2010 .... ........ was hoping it was a recoverable glitch due to losing all passing trade as a result of a major build in the area .. ......was hoping to build business up again after opening of housing estate and race course etc from 2010 natwest went for bankruptcy and failed via a stauto
  11. HI Newstarter, the judge did not give a reason, in actual fact after reading what was put in front of him he did actually say that yes he could see what was offered was reasonable and more than the claimant had asked for but.... he was still going to dismiss it. My solicitor objected, but before she could put forward a valid reason why he came back with "it would not be enforced for 8 weeks" ( effevectively suspending it - despite it being "dismissed") to which the claimants barrister objected demanding that it be enforced immediately - the judge them coming back
  12. HI Ell -enn, no not yet, although solicitors have been appointed on both sides and finance on the buyers part had been agreed ( offer made and accepted)
  13. HI folks I am back again. We are still at the house and GE are still like a dog with an old bone. We have been backwards and forwards to court with various eviction notices. i shall try and fill you in as briefly as possible. April 2009, With regards to the shop, natwest tried to make us bankrupt but failed as they declared they did not have a "secured" interest in the business - they have and we proved it via land registry. they were ordered to rely on their "interest" ie go for possession first. Which they still have not done. We finally had to cease trading
  14. HI there, I was wondering if someone could clarify something for me as i have been searching on the web and have found nothing relevant as yet, if i do find te information i am looking for i will post it up here. i have an issue with High Court Enforcement Ltd who entered my shop claiming to have a warrant of execution to collect on a debt. This a debt that has supposedly gone to court and jugement was made against us despite us never receiving any paperwork notifying us of legal action. we told the bailliffs that we did not
  15. thank you everyone , so much for all you help so far , i have finally stopped shaking now , just want to note on heer as a point of refernce that hubby has just taken a photo of both my arms this eving becuase fingertip bruises have come out where the police officer grabbed me . that is resonable force is it ?
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