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  1. thank you - I will think about it in that case.
  2. we did, but I now don't believe the loan was that preferential...
  3. Could anyone point me in the right direction to try and reclaim package fees. We were sold this account to obtain a preferential rate on a loan but have not used the benefits otherwise. We have had the account since about 2000 - can claims go back that far and should I write to NatWest asking for all fees and charges on this account since the account was openend? Many thanks
  4. Having used this site previously and knowing how great the advice is can i ask how to go about a claim with Picture Finance- the loan is paid off but i understand they are now out of business. Is that the end of any claim with them? I am about to start a claim against Capital One as until i started lookiing at this for Picture i didn't realise i had been paying this on my credit card too. I know i should look at the statements more carefully. Do I need to send a SAR to them as i have all of the statements? Thanks for any and all advice:wink:
  5. Having previously used this brilliant site to reclaim bank charges I am now going to try to reclaim PPI. Trouble is I don't really understand it. I know for sure that my Capital One credit card charges me PPI monthly and I am certain that I didn't request this - i thought it was something i had to have with the card (duh!). I have 7 years worth of statements so do I need to do a SAR? How then do i calculate what to claim back. I am sure some kind soul will point me in the direction of a step by step guide. Many thanks for any and all assistance.
  6. Excellent! Well done! Could I just ask where you wrote to to get your statements - I've looked under the Barclays contact addresses but there's loads of stuff on there and not all about contact addresses!! Good luck with Capital One - they will pay up in the end - just settled mine with them. The Barclaycard belongs to the OH. Congrats again
  7. Thanks everyone - I will make sure the account is clear and cheque is in the bank before writing to the Court. Thanks again for all the brilliant support!! :) :)
  8. GUESS WHAT.............................letter from Capital One today saying they have cleared my card balance and will be sending me a cheque for the difference and would I please write to the Court to say they have paid up and claim s settled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even so they still make the point that they do not agree that their charges are unfair....... Thanks all - donation on it's way next pay day! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  9. Thank you! I'm just Little Miss Doubtful!!!!! Glad it worked out for you!
  10. Thanks for support guys! :grin: It helps having people confirm you are doing ok. I had the papers back from Court yesterday and Cap One have until 19 to file a defence. Do you think they will or will they pay up? Interesting I had a general order as well saying that perhaps the parties might like to consider whether the case should be stayed pending outcome of oft.............. Considered it .....nah, don't think so. Cap One can't insist that the case is stayed can they as it is credit card NOT bank charges.
  11. No - haven't had a chance to phone but I have written to the Court. It is difficult for me to ring from work. Will post it here when I find out - I've a suspicion they have stayed it.
  12. Many thanks for the support - starting to doubt that this is going to work. If it comes off I will be free of credit card debt!!!!!!!:grin:
  13. Sent my claim to Court on 14 Feb - they have cashed my cheque but I have heard nothing from them. Should i chase them or do you think they've held it with the bank charges? I am right in thinking that we can go for credit card charges and it is just the bank charges that are all stayed?????? Beginning to doubt everything..........
  14. Well done you - you deserve a BIG drink to celebrate now! Hopefully I will win too.
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