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  1. Thank you very much - I very much appreciate the reply. As I say, the trust are known for their bullying tactics and have recently taken a hit to the workforce - I think everyone knows that their time is almost up. There are a number of inaccuracies between the letters and obvious intimidation tactics at play, for example, the initial 'charge' was for X amount per day. The arrears have now bumped above that rate and the timeframes used seem deliberately set so 'customers' can't receive advice. I am deeply angered at this as even in the slimmest chance that I may have spent on
  2. Hi all, Long story short - I'm living with my partner and have been for some years now. However, the local housing trust (my parents' house), has received letters saying their rent is in arrears. I think it was around £13-15 per week. When my father questioned it, they said that new information had come to light that I had been living there (which obviously I wasn't). They said (verbally) that unless they provided them with an address for me that they would keep putting the charge on and evict them. To my mind, this is wrong. Whichever way you slice it, to do t
  3. Hi Andy, I'm Shaun... Without sounding like I'm going all violin on your arse, I am on benefits at the moment. Basically, I've been jobsearching for nearly 3 years and something that I've come to realise (With the help of a so-called Employment Advisor from A4E), is that, no-one wants to take on a Dyslexic/Dyscalclulic. That, again, is another thing all together, but safe to say, it has been difficult Andy. I do have a standard account (No Direct Debit/etc) with Santander, I think it's just a deposit account and you can't have anything charged to the account. I suppose I could use t
  4. Hello people, I'm in a financial quandary here and need advice about how to go about sorting this out - I'm slightly bitter, I admit and I am up to my neck, frustrated, depressed and broke. Simply, I have a current account that was changed from a student account - The bank automatically changed it to a graduate, then to a current account afterwards. Obviously, as a student, I went into my overdraft, not really planning ahead and looking to the future - You do think that you'll leave university, get a job and pay off your debts. However, after university, most of us realise that t
  5. Quite possible, thanks for the info. A+++
  6. Akh, I am sorry, I have a HC2 form, not a HC1 form...
  7. I have an appointment with an NHS dentist and I phoned the other to ask them about my treatment and she said that I have to pay and then claim the charges back even though I have a HC1 form. Is this true? Can a dentist just do this?
  8. I already have on another account, plus.. Haven' they stopped that now?
  9. I really do not know whether this is the right forum, however. I have an outstanding loan with my bank, it is £320.84, however I have no income going into my account, the only dosh I get is my student loan and that doesn't come in till september. My brother has offered to lend me £250 towards paying it off, he mentioned that they may settle for the £250 if I offer them a one off payment of it, considering the bank charges that they have put on top of it, for lates payments. So I went in and tried talking to one of them, she then put me on the phone to the birmingham collection d
  10. Lazaruseifer

    HC3 form.

    I recently applied for help with my NHS costs and have recieved a HC3 form, however, the prices I have to pay are very high, taking into consideration my low income. I am a 29 year old student, and my income is about £6,500 from student loans and bursarys. However, about 3,500 of that goes on accomodation. I spend about 2,500 of that on living expenses, i.e food, clothing, and an old bank loan from when I was working. I don't really understand the form to be honest, I am dyslexic and it all seems a bit... Offputting if you get me. The main HC3 form says I pay: £28.64 tow
  11. Even though they can stop me withdrawing money through my ATM card, can they stop me drawing out money from the cashdesk?
  12. Yeah it was a current account, had a debit card and all that jazz... Everytime I go in, the tellers and sorts say, "You have 2 student accounts?"
  13. Sorry mate, account 2 is 800 overdrawn, but this is what they have been taking the loan arreras from, it's all soooo confusing. I definetly didn't change it to a student account mate, honestly, it just happened about 3 months back, they cannot even explain it.
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