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  1. Update for you: I received a letter from NatWest today and they have overturned their initial rejection of my complaint and are now upholding it. I have received a full refund of all charges + interest (£1497.03) so a great result! Thank you for your help and advice (especially Dx and Fkofilee) Best wishes
  2. Dear All thank you for your input. Special thanks to dx and fkofilee for your advice. your understanding and interpretation of my case is spot on. To update you, I received an email on Wednesday afternoon from the executive response team which is as follows: Thank you for your e-mail of 9 June 2015, in which you detail that you remain unhappy with the outcome of your complaint. in light of your comments I will revisit your complaint and I hope to be in a position to respond within the next five business days. Yours sincerely Executive Office
  3. Thank you for your advice Baz, it is much appreciated. will update you on their response.
  4. Thx for your response Baz. I didn't do a SAR but have some old statements from 2009 which shows that it was an AG account and only states £12.95 as a charge. Unfortunately I do not have anything from my employer at that time re company car and telephone insurance as that was held at head office. they can clearly see that I didn't use any products. They have given me no evidence against my complaint, only that they are time - barring it. My account is still the same number, they agreed that they could see it had been downgraded. They seem to have twisted words to suit
  5. Thx to Baz1994 and dx Yes, they said their letter represents their final response. I have just emailed them back and copied in the CEO this email: Again, I am disappointed at your outcome and more importantly, annoyed at the inaccuracy in the response. To clarify and cover any ambiguity, I feel it necessary to reiterate the series of events as it appears that you have not viewed this complaint correctly. When the account was downgraded to a free account, at no time was I aware that there was cause for complaint, this was done as a money saving exercise and
  6. Hi All - quick update and some further advice required. I escalated my complaint to senior management at NatWest in writing and have just received a letter not upholding my complaint. However I am very confused with their time bar explanation: My Email Dear Mr McEwan I am aware that you are an extremely busy person and understand that you will not personally deal with this complaint, however I am very upset in the flippant manner I have been treated by your complaints team and would appreciate you asking a senior member of your staff to look into my complaint. I l
  7. I lodged a complaint via telephone this morning to say that I downgraded from Advantage Gold at a review meeting in March 09 after I had recently been made redundant with my then relationship manager. It was established that I had no need for the account. I was advised that it had been open since 1999 and I thought the charge was in relation to my overdraft. For the duration of when I had the AG account I had a company car and company mobile which were covered by the companies insurance and would not have agreed to purchasing this product. To reinforce the fact I was
  8. I have had a complaint upheld from Loans.co.uk and am awaiting figures but need some help in checking what I should receive. Original loan taken out in March 05 for 35,000 Plus PPI single premium of 4320.00 Interest rate was 16.25% Loan was paid in full the following year in March 06 Can anyone help me in terms of what I should expect the refund to be please. Thanks in advance
  9. Thank you - what points in the CCA do you think are most relevant to my case. Should I refer to this in my complaint? Many thanks
  10. I have recently been investigating a consolidated loan that was taken out in 2005 and have today received a copy of the credit agreement from GE. The document is headed igroup and GE have confirmed that this is there company and that Loans.co.uk brokered this loan. I am now in the process of starting my PPI complaint as it was a single premium of £4320 on top of a loan of £35k. The interest was 16.25%. At no time were we given any advice or options i.e. monthly PPI. I have only just established that the PPI only covered 5 years of the loan which was taken
  11. Thank you so much - If I hadn't become aware of CAG and this thread, I'm sure I would have just settled for their figure without checking. I shall definitely ask them what the build number is that they are working to. I shall update you once I have any news.
  12. Thanks Ken I shall follow your advice and be proactive, one thing, can you explain what you mean about mentioning "build number from this thread" Hopefully, if I ask for the full calculations and documents with the redress, coupled with the reference to this thread then MBNA will know that I am aware of the issue over calculations. It is disgracful what they are doing!! Much appreciated.
  13. Thank you IMS Unfortunately I no longer have the account statements to hand so it is going to be difficult to check. I was looking at Nathans thread 122 and was considering contacting MBNA and requesting that a full breakdown (such as the detail Nathan posted) to be sent with the redress. Do you think this is feasible?
  14. Hi All Can you help me with a redress query please. I have had my PPI complaint upheld by FOS and am now waiting for MBNA to calculate redress. When I closed my account in January 2008 I paid off the credit card balance of £23,000 in full. I had the credit card from March 2003. MBNA have told me that I paid a total of £2139.18 in PPI premiums and calculations for redress will be based on this. Can anyone help with an outline of what I should expect redress to be as I posted the query on MSE and it was suggested that I would receive £2139 + 8% simple interest? I
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