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  1. Dear All I was reading some threads re- PPI charges and how to reclaim and calculate etc. I put an SAR request and I received 2 parcels of paper work as my bank account goes back to 1999 - one of the first direct customers. I was going to through my paperwork and realised that the gentleman who prepared the papers for my request; wrote me a letter stating that: "He was unable to find any documents/statements for "february 2005 and May 2005 (inclusive) and apologising" I am very concerned with his response. Is anyone able to help me what I should do? Thanks
  2. Hi there, wonder if anyone is able to advise me. I bought a car in April 2010 on a 3 year credit agreement financed by first response. I am almost now in the last year of the agreement. the problem is that the catalytic converter and the auto gearbox is on it's last legs and is going to cost more to replace than the actual value of the car. I put the car through an MOT one month before it is due and there are numerous faults. I am wondering whether to get rid of the car before the MOT is finally up and put it in PX for another. My problem is this, will First Response finance me for another car so instead of a three year agreement, it will be a four year agreement to cover the remaining finance on the current car. I have checked the net for similar situations but can't find anything. Any advice appreciated Many thanks jb000
  3. At last got another PARKING CHARGE NOTICE for not displaying a valid ticket You are meant to pay £1 in the machine and they refund it at the till so it is free had no change on me The attendant was there when i got back to car I told him NOT to place anything on my vehicle "I have to as you entered a contract by driving into the car park":lol: I have since phoned ASDA customer service.....there advice is to take things up with town and city parking as ASDA don't own the car park:!: After asking ASDA is it not part of the planning permission to provide a car park and it would of been built as part of the store All they had to say is contact town and country parking Told them i am looking forwards to a letter reminding me to pay followed by another letter begging for money followed by the threat of court then nothing. It would appear that ASDA customer services have little ability dealing with customers as he hung up on me. didn't get the chance to tell him i will shop at Tesco Of course i will not pay and looking forwards to more begging letters
  4. hi there, i was wondering if someone could offer me some advice to dealing with first response debt. i am currently trying to get my debts in order and i have started with the smallest amount which so happened to be a letter my husband had received from first response the final payment balance on this letter was £80 collection fee for a car that we had. we had set up a direct debit on the 9.11.2012 for the amount of $15.11 per week (every friday) this dd has been paid on a weekly basis and should have been cleared on the 14.12.2012. however first response have been taking this dd right up untill 4.1.2013 when we queried this after we received a text for an outstanding balance and phoned them (after cancelling the dd on 10.1.2013) they have said that we still have an outstanding balance £3.37 which would mean the total we have paid is just under £140. they have told us that the letter they had meant to send us out was this final balance at that the first letter for £80 was wrong as the final payment was to include ppi payments and the final balance should be £133.78, we have overpaid without them giving us the right information and i was wondering if anybody could give us some advice on how to deal with this situation? are they right? are we owed cash back from this company? many thanks
  5. So I sent Barclays a SAR Request and included the credit card details in the letter. I am still using the card and have a balance on this. Barclays responded saying they can not send the SAR because it is possible the account has been closed for more than 6 years and therefore they have no records... Well that sounds like a crock of..... I beleive they assume I am chasing PPI (why else raise the 6yr mark?) The card is definitely still in use. I guess a response back saying the card is in use (with a balance printout enclosed) is the way forward... I know the card is older than 6 years is there anything else I can do to force them to get all the older documents as well?
  6. Neigbour was asking me to find out. Briefly situation is this; Guy is a delivery driver and was accompanied by a second driver. Van was snapped speeding on motorway in roadworks areas doing 60 in 50 restriction. Company responded to notice by giving name and address of one driver only to Police. He got NIP and instead of filling it in sent a letter saying he could not state who was driving as both were driving periodic. Police returned NIP with a letter saying he MUST complete.He has 2 days to send off. He does not know details of other driver such as address /second name and he has since left the company. How does he respond on the NIP ? And should he sign it ?
  7. HI Quick question my eight weeks are up since submitting my questionaire, the last letter I had stated I would have a reply by the 6th September, nothing has come through do I put this to the FOS now? Or give them a couple of extra days. I phoned today and they could give me no indication when they would respond.
  8. Evening all, I sent a SAR to Sainsbury's Bank back in June and received a reply a couple of weeks later thanking me for my request, and that they are processing it, enclosed with it an 8 page privacy statement. I have received a letter today dated 1st August from HBOS PLC and it says Unfortunately, we have not been able to identify the card number you quoted in your letter for your Sainsbury's account. However, we have identified the savings account you have with 'Another Bank' (don't have a savings account here??) if you do also require this data. If you are able to provide us with additional information for your Sainsbury's card we will make further investigations, I have enclosed a copy of your letter as confirmation of the data you supplied. It then goes on to say that they will close their files if they don't hear back within 4 weeks. I have checked the number and it is the correct number, and I also put the address where I was living when I took out the card. The account was sold in 2008 when they refused to pay out on my PPI claim, (so well within 6 years) and is loaded with penalty charges. What 'additional information' could there possibly be to send (very tempted to send a blood and pee sample)? Are they just fobbing me off knowing that there is PPI and charges to reclaim? They did not send back the postal order so should I just send them a failed SAR letter? Your thoughts and advice as always, greatly appreciated. Up2
  9. Hi, I have had no response from NatWest after sending them a SAR by recorded delivery, and then after around 50 days I then sent a reminder with a 7 day deadline, also by recorded delivery. I sent a £10 postal order with the original request. I havent heard a single thing from them in response to either letter. Can anyone please advise me as to what I should do next? Thank you, Marc
  10. Hi I have sent recorded delivery to Cabot a cca request. It has been delivered and they have cashed the cheque. It has been 20 days since sending it in and I havent even had a letter from them saying they are looking into this ar any response at all. What do you guys suggest do I just send send them aa account in dispute letter.. Thanks for looking Also sent one to Scotcall who have done exactly the same thing!!!!
  11. Hi I was wondering if this is the forum to ask for advise regarding a laptop I purchased from PC world just over 5 months ago on March 14th of this year, the laptop has sincedeveloped a fault in which the hinges attaching the screen to the keyboard have become loose through no fault of my own. The laptop is a Lenovo g570 and a quick search of google with the relevant search query throws up a lot of pages regarding this fault which is well known. I took the laptop back to PC world and was immediately met with the response that this was obviously accidental damage and therefore my fault!, to which I replied it was indeed not my fault, the sales assistant insisted that this could not have happened on its own implying that I was indeed lying!, and actually questioned me on "how could this have happened on its own" I replied could she prove it was my fault which kind of stopped that train of thought in her and made her call the manager down. Fair enough I thought perhaps this would be dealt with more professionally now, the manager stated that as this was outside PC worlds 21 day warranty I was not able to get a replacement but that they would send it back to Lenovo who would then ascertain if the damage was accidental and therefore charge me, or if it was indeed a fault with the laptop and would be repaired under warranty, I stated I will not be paying anything at all to Lenovo and that my dealings were with PC world as they had taken my money, the manger replied that was up to me basically telling me I am now dealing with the manufacturer. So the laptop is now in PC world and will be sent to Lenovo tomorrow morning, I received no timescale on a repair and I am very disgruntled with PC world to say the least, and will never be using their shop again. I was really just needing some advise on what steps to take if Lenovo do try to charge me and I refuse. Any knowledge is much appreciated, thanks.
  12. Hi Today i received a letter from a DCA called C.A.R.S (Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions), they state that they will be attempting to visit me at home within the next week to 'Establish Reasons For Non-Payment' to an old Monument Credit Card (balance of £620.21) which must date back to at least 4 years ago. I have responded by sending them a letter back requesting all communication to be made via letter and no doorstep callers and will immediately follow up with a CCA request. However i've just looked at my Credit Report which lists everything but for some reason this debt is nowhere to be seen on it, what does this mean and is it to my advantage ? many thanks
  13. Hi, Got my SAR response regarding my car purchase loan (regulated HP) Not a single PPI, arrears fee, late payment fee, etc.... This is one of my loans that was paid methodically without fail... OH well nothing to claim there - got other fish to fry though! They also supplied the Loan agreement plus all the T&Cs G
  14. I recently brought a new [to me] car, and as you don’t know a car until you’ve had it for a while I took out an AA membership – which I did via Quidco so it worked out about half price. Anyway the kind people at the AA gave me a ‘free’ 6 months trial for their Home Emergency Response – and whilst I’d never take out such cover under my own choice I thought it was a cleaver way of pushing a product. Which brings me to yesterday we got up in the morning and noticed the toilet was blocked, also when we ran the tap in the basin the toilet filled up and when we filled used the shower the water takes ages to run away. So we went to Wickes brought a plunger & a toilet rod and had a go at removing the blockage…long story short we couldn’t fix it…then I remembered the AA, I checked the T&Cs and it stated that if it’s the only WC then they consider it an emergency. I called them at 8.40 last night and I explained that we’d had a go at the usual things and this was more serve than a simple plunger job. The popped me on hold for a few mins and said they would attend between 8am – 12pm today…not exactly an emergency response when its 12-15 hours after the call but I accepted this as it was cheaper than calling a plumber our of hours. 12pm came and went no one in our house has been able to shower or use the toilet for over 24 hours now so I’m getting twitchy, add this to the fact I’ve had to take the morning off at zero notice and I decide to call them – they said the guys on his way and to wait another 20 mins – I waited 40 and her turned up. He comes in and looks at the toilet full to its brim and I can see his discomfort – he said “I know this isn’t what you want to hear but I’m actually an electrician” – amazing, I wasn’t even angry it was too funny! So bless him he got a plunger and had a go any way – he spilled poo everywhere and made it worse – admitting defeat he cleaned up and called the office. They’ve just called me back within 5 mins of him leaving and they’re going to subcontract this out. I’m not waiting for them to call me back with a time but no word if it will be today or not – It’s really unacceptable! I don’t expect an solution here just wanted to sound off :S
  15. Hi, Just a quick question that I'm hoping someone can help me with. A company issued a CCBC claim against me for a debt that was clearly statute barred. With the help of this site I submitted the relevant defence. On calling the court they informed me the claimant did not respond to the defence within the 33 day period (which expired 3 months ago now) and therefore the claim is stayed and the claimant would need to apply to a judge to reinstate the claim. In these circumstances is there anything further I should do i.e. apply for the the claim to be struck out? Many Thanks M_band
  16. Thought you may find this interesting: http://socialwelfareunion.org/archives/2067#
  17. I sent off a CCA request to a DCA with a £1 postal order payab;e to the DCA. They have returned it asking I make it payable to the Creditor. They have also asked me to cinfirm if I have ever opened an accoun t with their client and the balance. They finally state if I am disputing the balance or feel it may be subject of fraud I should supply full details. What is the best way forward do I send a payment payable to their client, and what is their role in this matter
  18. Hi, MKDP LLP have placed two defaults on my credit file, so i recently sent a CAA and proof of Default Notice request to MKDP debt collection agency on the 13th September. I received there response today saying "At this time we are unable to resolve your query, which requires further investigation. We will be liaising with the Original Creditor where applicable and we will contact you as soon as we receive a response but no later than 8 weeks form the date on this letter." Though isnt the prescribed period 12 days to produce this information? Where do I stand not is the debt unenforceable until they produce the agreement? Also, I heard somewhere if they still fail to produce it in a month they commit an offence. I'm just looking for a bit of information to draft a reply. Any advice would be appreciated. Thankyou.
  19. Well it was way overdue and I was forced to put in a defense with out it but the claimant has finally responded to my part 18 request. The documents attached are incomplete a cut and paste job for an agreement and incomplete statements of the alleged debt. The say that I have no prospect of defending sucessfully quoteing CPR 24.2b no complelling reason why the case should be disposed of at a trial. They give me 14 days to respond. Can anyone advise be about the format of my response I would like the case transferred to my local court for a hearing. Any thoughts anyone? Getting deperate
  20. Hi, In 2009 i opened a student account with Natwest with an arranged interest free overdraft, i can not remember the exact amount though it was around £1000. As it was interest free and within my arranged limit I never thought much about it. After recently obtaining a copy of my credit report i found a default notice placed on my account by Natwest to the amount of £1298.38 defaulted on the date 30/06/2011.I do not recall receiving any default notice and no longer have my original documents. To gather all the information about the account i sent a request under Section 77 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 using a template. I also requested to be provided with a signed true and certified copy of the original default notice. I recieved this in response from Natwest today: "We understand that you have made a request for information on the above account under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and that you have asked for a copy of the signed agreement for this facility. Under Section 78 of the Act, on receipt of a written request the Bank is obliged to provide: A copy of a signed agreement Any other documents referred to in the agreement A note of the state of account (i.e. the balance, details of interest and charges outstanding and the applicable interest rate) signed by a representative of the Bank. It is important to point out that the Bank does not require customers to sign an agreement under the Consumer Credit Act in order for the overdraft facility to be applied to their account. Therefore, a copy of the signed agreement is not available and does not need to be produced to you under the terms of Section 78. All borrowing facilities are agreed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the account and overdraft facilities are finalised by way of confirmation letter." It goes on to say this regarding the request for a signed true and certified copy of the original default notice: "We can confirm that the Default Notice was sent on 3 December 2010. The Bank considers this notice was served in accordance with the requirements of Section 176(2) of the Consumer Credit Act. This default was, therefore, registered correctly and will not be removed from your credit file. The default document is a system generated letter so we are unable to reproduce and supply you with a copy of the default notice". I am unsure how to respond, are they saying i never signed a credit agreement under the CCA 1974 and one does not exist?.If so how can they issue a default notice under Section 178(2) of the CCA 1974. Also, surely they must provide me with a copy of the original default notice so i can check whether it contains information in the prescribed terms. How can they claim in this letter is complies with the terms of s.176(2) of the CCA 1974 when they do not even have a copy of the letter themselves? Any help or advice on my next step would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  21. I am dealing with Vanquis and some other issues on behalf of a relative. We sent them a signed letter from her, giving me full authority to deal with them on her behalf. We received a "response" today - demanding I fill in their own little form, and supply a photocopy of my driving licence or passport. On reading the rest of the form, despite me only dealing with the relations issues on her behalf, signing this form will give them the right to access MY credit files, and other databases, and to communicate my details to 3rd parties. Is all this Normal, or are they taking the mick?
  22. I requested a section 78 etc from MBNA on 30 July and I've not had a response. This is the second time I wrote to them, not having had a response from my first request but I think I may have used the wrong address, so I wrote again to the Chester one. But no response. Do they often do this? Where do I go from here?
  23. I have just had a response from MBNA regarding my PPI unsupriingly they rejected as this seems a standard response from them. They claim first that i ticked the the box for PPI where as im sure it was already ticked secondly they claim there was information on a second screen which i have a problem with. I have drafted a response to them, at the moment it is very rough and needs some grammer correcting etc. but i thought i would put it up for comment as it would be relevant for most people rejected by MBNA as the information provided on a seperate screen seems a common way for them to fob customers off. I am writing about a mistake made by one of your members of staff relating to mis-sold PPI and i am writing this letter to give you an opportunity to correct this mistake before i complain to the FoS and FSA I believe that the PPI box was automatically ticked on the application screen there was no information regarding the PPI such as costs etc. There was no information that the payment protection involved the purchase of insurance indeed it was called payment protection cover. Nor at any time was there information that the policy could be cancelled. The letter sent by your staff member claims that information appeared on a separate screen i do not believe that a responsible financial institute to behave as in the first case it would not necessarily be clear that this separate screen provided any information about payment protection insurance and indeed in a lot of cases it would open behind the main screen or in a separate tab thus it would not be noticed at all A responsible financial institute would place the necessary information next to the tick box to ensure that it would be seen at the time. In the second case as an IT professional I always ensure that my browser does not allow second pop up screens as this is a method used by certain websites to place viruses on machines and deliver unwanted advertising this is common practice among IT professionals and users alike which is another reason that placing any important information on a separate screen is irresponsible as it means a responsible computer user would unwittingly block this necessary information. If this information did exist as your member of staff asserts you would have provided it along with the rest of the information you provided regarding the application. As it was not supplied I believe that no such separate screen existed. I also believe that failing to provide all terms and conditions for the credit card and the PPI on the same screen as the electronic signature would breach FSA guidelines. Nothing in the documents sent by your member of staff lead me to believe that the PPI was sold fairly As such MBNA did not provide the written documents required under the FSA’s rules (such as, for example, a policy summary, statement of price, or statement of demands and needs). A list of the relevant documents is set out in the FSA Handbook, as are the timescales for providing the documents and, where relevant, the need to stress to the customer the importance of reading the material.
  24. Sar'd Norhtern Rock as have loan and mortgage with them, sent the letter template from here with the wording "if you require a fee blah blah" becasue I had so many to SAR I didn't want to put cheques in them all as I know from previous experience (reclaiming bank charges) some creditors waiver the fee. I have had no response by letter but they do keep ringing my mobile (which i don't answer as I don't want to say ANYTHING on phone) Wrote again 13th June and gave them 14days before I reported them and told them to communicate only by letter but still no repsonse so sent a copy of original SAR on 14th July but this time I enclosed the £10 fee. I have told them on this one that after 40 days I will, without warning take court action to force compliance and as I have now enclosed the fee which I assume is the only reason you have failed to action my request, I expect my request to be actioned without further delay. Lesson to oneself - Always send a £10 fee in the first place it's a lot quicker! (and saves on stamps sending chasing letters recorded delivery at £1.55 a time!)
  25. After recieving a letter from a DCA I sent off a CCA request to them. Today I have recieved a letter from the original creditor who the DCA had sent on my CCA request. Basically in their letter they say the following "Section 78 only applies during the lifetime of the agreement. As the above numbered account has been closed, and the balance paid off in full, there is no longer a regulated agreement between ourselves." Does this mean this is now unenforcable?
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