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  1. First response is the main/origional creditor, it was finance for a car and they refused 2 give my husband the loan unless he took ppi. I didn't think ppi was mandatory and also don't understand how they can still ask for ppi payments after the initial credit payments have been stopped?
  2. hi there, i was wondering if someone could offer me some advice to dealing with first response debt. i am currently trying to get my debts in order and i have started with the smallest amount which so happened to be a letter my husband had received from first response the final payment balance on this letter was £80 collection fee for a car that we had. we had set up a direct debit on the 9.11.2012 for the amount of $15.11 per week (every friday) this dd has been paid on a weekly basis and should have been cleared on the 14.12.2012. however first response have been taking this dd right up untill 4.1.2013 when we queried this after we received a text for an outstanding balance and phoned them (after cancelling the dd on 10.1.2013) they have said that we still have an outstanding balance £3.37 which would mean the total we have paid is just under £140. they have told us that the letter they had meant to send us out was this final balance at that the first letter for £80 was wrong as the final payment was to include ppi payments and the final balance should be £133.78, we have overpaid without them giving us the right information and i was wondering if anybody could give us some advice on how to deal with this situation? are they right? are we owed cash back from this company? many thanks
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