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  1. Yes the account is closed. What about a SAR?
  2. I did yes, I'll have to track it. How rude of them! I dont' have any debt with them but did have a CC for years with them and I suspect paid PPI on it.
  3. I haven't had a second response to this. Please can someone advise where I may find a procedure for raising a case with the ombudsman. Thank you
  4. I requested a section 78 etc from MBNA on 30 July and I've not had a response. This is the second time I wrote to them, not having had a response from my first request but I think I may have used the wrong address, so I wrote again to the Chester one. But no response. Do they often do this? Where do I go from here?
  5. wow! thanks I'll keep you posted!
  6. would I have to send the fee again?
  7. they've responded from the prelim letters and SAR using this address....
  8. Proper claim as advised using the spreadsheet. All sent to: Barclaycard House PO Box 5592 Northampton NN4 1ZY
  9. I've already SAR'd HSBC for a credit card. I take it another would be required for the mortgage? or shoudl I haev included all accounts I hold with them on the one SAR?
  10. I sent a similar letter to the above and still waiting to hear back. Where can I find the FOS complaints process on here?
  11. A little update on this... I SAR'd Barclaycard and the data was baffling! It the end I have requested that they return the unfair charges on the card. I've had no response from them at all to this. I also wrote a letter ref the card protection annual payments and haven't had a response to this at all. Is this typical Barclaycard? Where do I go from here?
  12. Hi all, I just received a call from one of the notorious claims companies but it did get me thinking of whether there was anything in it and again, as always, something we should be doing ourselves.... It was about admin fees when mortgages were set up. They were saying they would made at setup and charged throughout length of the mortgage etc. They were telling me that because I had 2 mortgages with them, probably 2 charges etc etc. They also said protection plans were sometimes added to mortgages without the consumer knowing. Of course, they wanted a 349 up front payment
  13. what do you think to this response to their rejection????? Dear xxx I refer to your letter dated XXX and your decision to reject my complaint. I am therefore responding to your rejection and giving you a further 14 days in which to respond and change your rejection, at which point I will then be referring this to the FOS. I strongly disagree on every account you mention in your response and I find the response simply, insulting. I will refer to them individually below: The product is not PPI I understand this and have never suggested it was. However, Income Protection
  14. I think the problem is I had to use my phone as the scanner isn't working so it was a picture which I don't seem to be able to convert to PDF. Sorry. I think your answer will still be the same. I'll try challenging them again with a closing statement saying I will give them 14 days to respond or something then I will be referring to FOS. That sound ok?
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