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  1. hi there. this is my first post and i am very worried. I ordered a set of headphones from Very catalogue recently and when they arrived, they were not in a sealed box as one would expect. When i opened the box everything seemed as it should but when i picked up the headphones they were clearly not right. the extendable ear part would not click into place and they looked flimzy. I packed them back up and called the catalogue immediately and arranged a return collection straight away. i thought that was the last of it until i received them back stating that they were old and used headphone
  2. Hi, my apologies if this is the wrong place for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Around a year and a half ago my son was living with me and had an account with a catalogue (Premier Man I believe it was). He ordered around about 70-80 pounds worth of stuff and against me knowing a great deal, never paid it back. He's since moved out and for some time now letters have been arriving regarding the debt. It was eventually passed on to another company and another etc etc. Most of the letters eventually had the usual 'WARNING' stuff and how he had a certain amount of time to pa
  3. Hi I hope someone can advise. My daughter has been living with me for past 3 years and in that time she has signed up to a catalogue in my name without my permission online. I have had no knowledge of this until she has now moved out. She has intercepted any post from the catalogue and seems to have been paying it. I found out after she left on bad terms, questioned her as to whether she is going to continue paying it and she is refusing. I have no permanent address for her. Where do I stand with getting this debt out of my name? Thanks
  4. I'm after some intial advice about claiming back payment insurance on a now closed Catalogue credit account. I cannot find a reference or indeed an agreement from me and I thought that little payment added to the account each month was just there or compulsory. I have at times struggled with the finances on that account and paid alot of money out over a very long time. I did manage to get it all paid and close the account. What would be my next course of action into looking at claiming back all the monies I didnt need to pay.
  5. Hi, my partner had a catalogue about 5 years ago and fell behind on the payments. The debt is currently at about £1040 because of all the interest added on each time she didn't make the minimum payment they were demaning (about £500 a month). She has received a couple of letters from CapQuest saying they have purchased the debt. The latest one says they are able to obtain updates from the credit reference bureaux regarding her current financial position to be able to evaluate what steps should be taken to get the account onto a paying status and help repairing her credit f
  6. Hi, I purchased a cooker from my mums catalogue around 9 years ago. About 6mths after my husband had a mental episode and was hospitalised and i had to give up work to look after him and our children. As i couldn't afford the repayment each month to my mum the account was passed to me. The debts started mounting up so we seen a debt specialist at the CAB office who sorted out all the debts and offered them all £1.00 each (apparenlty we had to offer all debt companies the same amount). Empire catalogue accepted the £1.00(shop diect) payment and everything was fine.
  7. Hi, I need some advice about a purchase I made from Very catalogue. I purchased a washing machine and paid for fitting, their delivery company Yodel, arrived, fitted the machine and left. After they had gone I tried to use the machine only to find the water hadnt been switched on, when I turned the water on my kitchen ended up flooded because the hot water tap hadnt been connected and i hadnt been informed, I also noticed they had dented the machine, it rocked badly and my lino had been ripped and warped by the fitting. I got straight on the phone
  8. Hi Everyone! This is my first post but i have been perusing since my own bailiff visit 2 weeks ago. The short version: 2 weeks ago they came knocking, I paid the council directly the next day, the bailiff wasnt happy... ..I then called rossendales to see what was left on the accound and there was £15 to pay.. ...so i waited until i received their letter dated 14th August. ...and it said please make payment with the next sevendays so wecan close our file... ...so this gives me until tomorrow to pay? Well they came again today and i gave them £105 just to get rid, i
  9. avoiding catalogue chaos 2 August 2012 the latest issue of Disability magazine features the ombudsman's money tips on avoiding problems with catalogue credit
  10. I have a debt with J D Williams and it has been passed to Lowell, then to Advantis. I sent a letter to Advantis with £1 requesting a copy of the CCA. I have now received a letter back from them stating that a catalogue account is not covered by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and therefore a contract is not required to open the account. Is this correct? If not, how can I reply to their letter saying that they are wrong? Thanks in anticipation of assistance
  11. Hi all I am new here so hope I am doing this correctly. I have had a catalogue with Studio for many years now, always paid on time ( approx £220.00 ) every 28 days, although from that amount I was actually only clearing just over £100.00 from the balance. Late last year my husband was made redundant and has since found another job but significantly lower wage. As soon as I knew I needed help with the Studio payments I contacted them and for several months now I am going round in circles. They refused my offer of payment (£20.00) and refused to stop adding charges
  12. Thousands of people are spiralling into debt after ordering clothes and furniture from catalogue companies. One debt charity receives 100 calls a day from people who have fallen behind with ‘buy now, pay later’ plans. Catalogues are often used by the housebound, young mothers, or those on low incomes who want to spread costs over a year. But many purchases involve signing up to an expensive credit agreement where shoppers are charged up to 40  per cent interest — much higher than a credit card or personal loan. And if there is a 0  per cent interest-free period, many shoppers don’t real
  13. Who do I sar for a catalogue debt to get copies of statements the OC or the DCA? Thanks
  14. Hi I've received SAR back from a catalogue company. On the statements it is just showing the items purchased, interest charged but no insurance data, however they did include the total amount of premiums paid on a seperate sheet and the date insurance commenced. Am I right to reclaim: 1. Premiums paid 2. Compound interest at their rate ie 34.9% 3. 8% simple interest If the above is correct, how do you calculate compound if you don't have individual dates and fiquires? Thanks for any help
  15. In feb, I purchased a mobile phone from very. After approx 4 weeks, the screen was glitching and it kept turning itself off. I was told by VERY that I could not return it as I was out of the 28 day period. It would have to be repaired. It kept happening in the following week, so I parcelled it up as a return and a letter explaining and sent it back, as I felt a repair after this time was not acceptable. We received a call stating they had received it and a few days later it was credited back to my account, so I got a cheap replacement. In may we received a packa
  16. Dear Mr Neild, after reflection and the fact that I feel so betrayed after years of loyalty I have posted this on the consumer forum and will continue on different forums throughout the U.K. If I can prevent just 50 from shopping with it will have been a success. I have already stopped 5, and will continue with my campaign, this is what I sent: Unfair kandco rewards system - long term Customer I was a empirestores agent for many many years with 15% commission on all goods. They merged last year with kays & gt universal and became KandCo. I have paid into my account
  17. hi, I'm really in need of some help. My partner has had a ccj for an old debt taken over by wescot. We have moved house quite a few times recently so I'm assuming that is how we missed the original court papers. Immediately we knew about the judgement we contacted wescot to ask what the bill was for. aparently it was an old catalogue debt but the only one he had was only for a couple of hundred pounds. This is now £1700! Have asked for details of the original bill but they have never replied to our emails. We asked for the order to be varied there is a
  18. Hi, I returned 8 items of clothing back to Littlewoods on 17th November in the same bag. They have only refunded my account 7 items. I have contacted them about this, and the only reply im getting is "Thanks for contacting us about your return. I'm sorry but we have not yet received the returned items. If the return was collected/sent more than 14 days ago, please let me know the catalogue number, the date you sent the parcel back and the bar-code number, which you'll find on your proof of return" I threw out my receipt as Littlewoods sent me a text message saying that the
  19. hi, am new to this site and would like some advice about how much i should be offering to littlewoods & very which i owe around £8000 once bnpl & charges are added, i am on benefits with 3 children & struggling to make ends meet at the mo ....& just dont no which way to turn, i have been struggling every month to pay them £204 which is taking me more & more overdrawn with my bank... ..thankyou in advance!!!!! hi, thankyou very much for the speedy replie, how do i go about offering them £1pcm do i need to put this in writing
  20. My partner has received a few debt collection letters for an alleged debt with jd williams. The amount is quite substantial. I have followed advice previously given on this site and requested a signed copy of the credit agreement using the template letters, they have responded by admitting there is no signed credit agreement. I followed up by sending them an 'account in serious dispute' letter I found on here and they have now responded by saying that, although they cannot take the matter to court they can continue to chase the debt and it does exist. We have had financial probl
  21. Hello everyone, I am new to this site today and am hoping someone on here can help me. I started receiving text messages from a company called Mackenzie Hall about two weeks ago. I ignored the texts as I assumed they were spam but two days ago I received a letter from them as follows: "We are attempting to contact the above named person regarding a personal matter. We have been provided your address as being the possible residential details for our subject. Therefore if you are the person named above, then please contact our office immediately on telephone number 0844 411 565
  22. I have a bit of a strange situation whereby my mother opened catalogue accounts in my name with Freemans, Oli, Next, Littlewoods, Great Universal and Empire. Some I knew about some I didn't. Any CCAs were signed by her in my name. At the time she had a good job but payments fell into arrears on all accounts when she couldn't keep up with payments (sometimes due to medical reasons and my dad has been very poorly since around 2005). I have taken over control of all the accounts from my mum although initially she was making total payments of around £400+/month into payment plans that I had s
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