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  1. Really appreciate the replies. I know I shouldn't have really opened them either, my own mistake and doing there. I'll return the letter I opened the other day regarding this and send it back to the address with an explanation then. Was simply worried I'd have people turning up on my own door and threatening to take my own belongings. I couldn't help but worry. Really appreciate the replies guys.
  2. I've had no real contact with him over the last year due to personal reasons. And really? They can come into my home and take my stuff even though he doesn't live here? So for example, if I moved to a new house and the previous owner had ran up debt, bailiffs could come and take my possessions despite the fact that it had nothing to do with me and was the previous owner? Will sending the letters back do any good?
  3. Hi, my apologies if this is the wrong place for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Around a year and a half ago my son was living with me and had an account with a catalogue (Premier Man I believe it was). He ordered around about 70-80 pounds worth of stuff and against me knowing a great deal, never paid it back. He's since moved out and for some time now letters have been arriving regarding the debt. It was eventually passed on to another company and another etc etc. Most of the letters eventually had the usual 'WARNING' stuff and how he had a certain amount of time to pa
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