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  1. so whats happening them are them posts still under review?
  2. I have seen them now is that because they breach data protection?
  3. also having trouble finding a registered address for them
  4. they've sent me this today As you are aware all of your orders have been accepted by you and been paid in full by us via your chosen payment method and are concluded. I will draw your attention to our terms: "You also understand, agree and accept, that once your items are in TRANSIT (by either use of our FREE Courier Service or FREE Send Service) they will be processed through our Quality Approval Process when they reach us and you are unable to cancel this transaction or order once your items have commenced Transit. " "If for any reason you include items we do not accept with your order these items we will be disposed of responsibly and they cannot under any circumstances be returned. You hereby accept and agree to hold us harmless and full indemnify us against any loss material or otherwise that you may suffer due to disposal of these unaccepted items by us and/or our partners or affiliates." This is also very clearly stated on the shipping label we sent you, that you printed out and retained: " Please Note: Goods which are received by us forming part of a Trade or Order which fail any stage of our Quality Approval Service, you understand, accept and agree that will not be returned under any circumstances. They will be rejected by our inspection team and recycled. The valuations you have been given are done so under the assumption that the media items will arrive at our warehouse in a clean, saleable condition with clean, un-cracked cases and un-damaged boxes. Goods that arrive and are subsequently found to be below this standard described in this document during the Quality Control Procedure will have a refurbishment or replacement cost deducted from the offer price, not to exceed the items offer value. A Carriage Fee per item will be applied to any item falling in to this category. We are under no obligation to return or pay for such items." Please consult your records for this. Due to your contravention of our terms your account has been closed for future orders and/or use. Regards, DiscDevil.co.uk - Cash for your CDs DVDs & Games Visit Us on the Web
  5. I think I will have to just leave it on this, they are not responding to my emails and it was only a few quid so I just know not to use them again,
  6. I don't think they are going to return the items, I thought it was a bit suspicious that they accepted nearly every type of game, I have asked them to return my items but I am not holding my breath
  7. exactly they wasn't rubbish they claim 80% of the overall items sent were water damaged, they aren't that well heard of so im guessing theyre not a reputable company the cds were playable in a used condition not rubbish
  8. oh yes sorry they were mostly singles plus some pc which they do buy and I believe they were in a reasonable condition they refer to me concurring which I did on the ps1 games but there were only about 2 of them,
  9. its a very ignorrent email they obviously don't pride themselves on customer service!
  10. latest email I received from them: We are under no obligation to photograph any items within an order that arrive with us, let alone image every single item that arrives at our warehouse in an order. However, we do so when an order flags up with excessive damage such as yours, to give an indication of the general condition of the goods enclosed, we photograph a proportion of the goods to satisfy us from a legal standpoint should we wish to make claim of a breach of Terms. As you yourself also concur you did enclose sub standard waste and refuse goods which in itself is a breach of our Terms. When an order reaches the standard such as this, the goods have no value in terms of offers and begin to incur wasted handling charges and disposal costs, we have every right as per our Terms & Conditions to make claim for our disposal costs. It is for this reason we state on our 1) Terms, on your 2) Orders emails and on your 3) Shipping labels that we do not accept sub standard/damaged/refuse/waste goods. The sending of these types of goods is a circumvention of those terms. Your orders items are in holding at our warehouse and will be sent to a recycling centre and NOT processed in the usual way for goods which we have made offers for. The confirmed offer and subsequent payment made to you is in accordance with our Terms & Conditions and we will not increase or amend. The order is closed and ask that you either cease to place similar orders in future or that you close your DiscDevil account if you are unable to work within our Terms. The notations on your account also show a clear degradation of packing and goods standard is occurring for each order you are placing.
  11. I used these to sell some cd singles and have had nothing but trouble, I sent them 82 cds my offer was 11.50 and they rejected most of the goods and paid me 80p, I did send them some ps1 games that were missing inlays them I can understand, but they claim most of the cds were water damaged and refuse, I complained to them but they fobbed me off with there terms and conditions and I complained again so they said they can take action against me for breaching terms and conditions, I am so angry at the lies and they have my goods I know its not much money its just the principal of it, can I take any sort of action against them? Thank You
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