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  1. Funny what a search at company house can bring up....So certified as say Ms xxxxx and at company house is names as secretary as Ms blahblah same name as other bailiff......I dont know where im going with this!
  2. I've been reading this thread in earnest as I have done a little bit of digging myself concerning the 2 Bailiffs that called on me. Chief Bailiff has his own LTD "company" and the other Bailiff that was with him, is employed as his secretary! Both are certified to Rossendales. I am now wondering what I can do with this information They way they were towards me, it really does make sense about them getting full payment or they wont get paid!
  3. Hi there Yes they were charged at the same time. I have spoken to my MP's secretary this morning and also the council...who are starting the formal complaint procedure for me. The problem as I see it, it's not the £15 but the misinterpretation of the letter stating that I have 7 days to get the payment to them, and they clearly have not done this. They have levied my partners car when I told them it wasnt mine and the fees that have been charged. The council have said in their eyes the liability order has been closed and they would have paid the bailiff their fees as I
  4. Also when I called them today...regarding the "Please forward this amount within the next 7 days to unable us to close our files" Dated 14th August... When i challenged the lady on the phone, she went away for ages, for her to come back and say...Ok the letter says exactly what you have said, but it doesnt mean that it stops us recovering money owed. Ummmmmmm???Surely I should have had 7 days? Fancy levying a car for 15 pounds worth of fees!
  5. Thanks for your response Ok im going to ask them tomorrow to send me a breakdown of fees. last time they were here on the same liability order.. ....They had on there owed £830 :O the council tax was £640.. .so i called and paid the coucil that amount. ..Then called Rossendales to see how they were coming up with the other figure with there fees.. ...funnily enough they guy on the phone said i only owed £15.85 as I had already paid them £25 when i first received their letter. when i got the letter, it was given to me by my postman and it was addressed to my old
  6. Hi Everyone! This is my first post but i have been perusing since my own bailiff visit 2 weeks ago. The short version: 2 weeks ago they came knocking, I paid the council directly the next day, the bailiff wasnt happy... ..I then called rossendales to see what was left on the accound and there was £15 to pay.. ...so i waited until i received their letter dated 14th August. ...and it said please make payment with the next sevendays so wecan close our file... ...so this gives me until tomorrow to pay? Well they came again today and i gave them £105 just to get rid, i
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