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  1. Oh and the court were unaware that Arrow global have taken over Wescot. Showed him the letter but he wasn't interested, said to contact Wescot...
  2. Into court yesterday to 'answer questions' . 2 1/2 hours!!!!! Had to fill in a form with all financial details, income/out goings etc. We weren't expecting that! We/he was ordered to come to court to answer questions and provide documents. There was a list of additional questions not with the paperwork that should have been,. The court officer asked if we had them. I said no and he took the papers off me, looked through and patronisingly waved one in the air 'yes you have this is it'. It was a list of required documents. I pointed this out and he said 'it's the same thing' !!!???? What are things coming to when a court official can't see the difference between a piece of paper with the heading 'list of required documents' and one saying 'list of additional questions'. He hasd possesion of the latter , not us. This whole thing has cost us an additional £50 in costs. Have emailed Wescot to ask the reason for the questioning as the officer said it's usually done because of missed payments. This has never happened. We got to the car park with 4 minutes until we would have had to pay £50 parking charges!!! Anyway, awaiting SAR from shop direct now...
  3. This is what Littlewoods said. Said Wescot owned the debt so we would have to ask them. I don't know when it was sold . Prior to 2006 I presume as Wescot submitted a print screen of their records saying contact was made in 2006.
  4. I have done much googling and midnight is no a definitive time. Very ambiguous. Is this fair of orange to use this term or could it be construed as misleading?
  5. Going to post office in the morning first thing. It wasn't lack of enthusiasm last year just bad things in life that sometimes get in the way. The courts actually wanted £40/ month originally. Wescot agreed to £20/ month.
  6. I top up £10/month and for this I'm rewarded with 400 fee texts and some internet, 1Gb. I don't always do it in one go. I topped up £5 on 31st July and later as usual got a reminder text telling me to top up before midnight on !0th August to get my top up rewards. I left it late and it was 10.32 when I topped up. I assumed this was before midnight on the 10th... Didn't get my rewards and today I have been told that although I topped up on the 10th I didn't do it before midnight????????? I got a little annoyed at the stupidity of this excuse and they hung up on me. They will not back down. I have had to top up by another £5 and am waiting for the reward. Can somebody help me work this out? Have I got it wrong when midnight is??? They said that the text meant that I had to top up on the 9th when it said midnight on the 10th. Until today they had kept saying , yes your texts are coming then today all change. I'm just confused right now:???:
  7. wescot have a screen print thing of theirs saying his 'wife' spoke to them in 2006. This is not the case but if it were would this count as acknowledgement of the debt so it wouldn't have been statute barred when the ccj was granted? We couldn't contest the original claim as we didn't receive the papers. Wescot have played a lot of dirty tricks all the way through. The original debt was for over £1000 worth of goods from a littlewoods catalogue in the space of about 6 months, if I remember correctly without fetching the papers, during 1998/1999. He was living with his mother and unemployed with no credit history as he wasn't allowed to breathe without her permission. ..Anybody else ever been able to get that much credit in those circumstances back then?
  8. sorry. AG now own the debt as they took over wescot??? wescot are asking us to go back to court to prove our income. We make a small payment of £20/ month at the moment agreed by wescot last year. Have heard nothing from AG since the letter, Still pay to wescot.
  9. yes dx. I really didn't want to look back at how complicated and out of hand it got. Had a letter a while ago from Arrow global saying they now own it but we owed £400 more than the original debt! Really want to look into it again if we can. Just couldn't take anymore stress in the end last time. Felt better to give in and pay a small amount each month than keep arguing. Have to go back to court next week with all the proof of our income. They also want costs for us doing this lol Another £50 !
  10. This is a very old debt 1998/1999 with last alleged 'contact' in 2006. There is an enormous thread on here somewhere to do with this with loads of good advice. had to just let it go on in the end due to a family bereavement and just paid monthly what they agreed. Just want to get back to basics and look into it again. It's not our debt is all I can say. It's complicated. Only thing they produced was old DCA records, nothing of the original debt.
  11. Just a quick one. Which do you send to who when a debt is disputed. Original creditor or DCA? Original creditor says they have no information as the debt was sold to DCA. CCJ was granted last year to DCA but there have been developments. Should have done all this before I know but circumstances weren't good. Thanks for any advice. Just want as much info as possible from OC and DCA.
  12. I cycle to work. I can't afford public transport. I leave my house on a main road and cycle on the pavement. If i don't I have to run the gauntlet with articulated lorries going far too fast for the bends in the road. i then turn the corher and attempt to use the cycle lane. It is invariably blocked by parked cars as the resdents don't use their driveways?????? I then turn again and cycle on the road. If I am delayed for whatever reason i get stuck in the 'school run'. Women are the worst drivers in this respect, I am woman so I am allowed to say this. They drive aggressively and don't seem to know what stop lines are at junctions! Then i have to cross a motorway junction. I use the pavement again here. Most mornings I pass two families here. Mother, two young children and one little one in a pushchair. Both families of a similar age. One is lovely, if the path is narrow I stop and let her pass, where the path is wide we pass each other with a smile. I don't go fast and her children stay by her side. family two, however, is a different matter! I say family two because they are always a few minutes behind, rushing. Mother yelling, children trotting, eating crisps for breakfast. I always stop. She plows through children scattered all over the path. I have tried to rejoin the road here after crossing the motorway roundabout. Impossible as the traffic light sequence does not allow for the speed of a cyclist coming from my direction. I have to get off, stand in front of stationary traffic and wait for a gap. All pedestrians have to do this here as traffic comes from five directions with no pelican crossing!!!!! The next part is always fun. Up a steep hill, cars parked both sides, children, dogs, you name it, it's running wild. Yes another school! Rude aggressive parents! Driver I doubt have passed a test. I also pass disability scooters and these are the most rude and aggressive of all!!!! It's a matter of politeness and mutual respect, road users and pavement users. You can't legislate for that or fine for it, it just has to happen...
  13. Scotgal, I totally agree. There are so many things that don't add up! Still waiting on hospital records... Neither hte medical director nor the consultant were 'able' to attend the pathologist's meeting. I wonder why?
  14. Thank you all. We now have the pathologist's report. They assumed alcohol was the initial cause of his fits. No signs of alcohol abuse in his flat. The pathologist had the impression that he had been completely immobile throughout his hospital stay.Not the case! We have now put in a request for his hospital records. Will update as soon as we have anything.
  15. I saw the advice to ask for his records but with one thing and another I forgot to do it. How do you go about requesting these? Thanks again all for the advice. We will record the interview.
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