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  1. Hi! No I have not checked CRA but I know I bought items so therefore want to pay, just cannot afford the payments no more. I realise they are probably not enforceable so I do see your point, it's frustrating I must say. As far as I'm aware the management plan she took didn't charge her, it's something I'm going to look at tonight and see what I should do. I just hate that a collector has been to my home, makes me feel rubbish.
  2. What's a CRA file? I had the catalogue maybe 5/6 years. A friend is using a DMP and she has had no hassle at all (touch wood) can't remember the company name off hand but they dealt with it and she pays so much a month which is split up
  3. I have been offered a reduction twice via letter from this company but I'm not happy about a man calling at my home. I'm in the process of seeing if I can do a debt plan so the company can deal with them, I'm at a loss as to what else I can do
  4. Today a debt collector called, I didn't answer the door but they pushed a card through asking me to call and arrange payment ... What do I do? Thank you
  5. Yes, I saved the statements once I told them I couldn't afford the monthly payments. Without checking there was either 3 or 4 lots of £20.00 charged as default sums
  6. Thank you for the advice, as yet I have heard nothing else from them ..
  7. Hi! I've heard nothing else yet since the last letter saying the above. This seems to be a pattern, it goes quiet for a few weeks then I get a letter through .. So still none the wiser or further on it seems
  8. Update. Hi all! Today I've received a letter from gpb solicitors, legal action pending. Full payment is expected within 10 days. It says a county court judgment MAY be obtained and if awarded further costs will be added. Also says if judgement is obtained they may have my personal belongings seized by a county court bailiff? Really? This is doing my head in now :0/
  9. Thank you, it does say they will be doing the solicitor thing but seems a bit harsh for a catalogue debt in my humble opinion, I'm just sitting right at the moment as they said they would send collectors round if I ignored a previous letter. They haven't knocked yet ..
  10. Received another letter today from IQOR. It says they notice that I've not made contact and balance is seriously overdue. They say they need to recover full balance immediately. They have asked me to call them and if I don't they will refer my account to solicitors with instructions to review my account for litigation and enforcement where necessary (?) they also like to remind me that any solicitor fees and legal costs incurred during successful litigation will be added to my account in addition to statutory interest...
  11. I am not sure, I should think so. I last paid the minimum payment around May / June and that is when I informed them I could no longer keep up the payments.
  12. Thank you, I have not wrote to them or called them as I see no point when they won't consider my offer. I was going to pay them an amount via standing order but have been advised to pay the DCA nothing, also advised to pay Studio directly by SO but 1. they do not accept payment this way and 2. now the debt has been passed to the DCA I am not sure I can pay Studio now
  13. Hi all I posted some time ago about a studio debt ( this has vanished for some reason ) To cut a long story short, after many attempts to offer a repayment which was refused the debt is now with DCA IQOR. After advice from you lovely lot I have so far ignored them but today I have received another letter offering me a substantial reduction on the debt if I call them, if I don't call them it says they will send a collector to my home, advice please? Again I am sorry for posting but my original post is not on my threads now ...
  14. I've just done a search direct from my online banking and it says studio don't accept payment via the standing order, maybe they once did .. I begrudge sending postal order and can't do a cheque. I'm in 2 minds to set up one for the DCA even just a pound so they get something, I've not heard from studio since they sent it to this debt agent to deal with. Very annoying because I'm not actually refusing to pay they haven't been helpful at all
  15. Ok I'll take another look, I am pretty sure I typed in studio cards last time though and it didn't bring anything up. It doesn't say on back of statements, only via bank ( going into branch ) by card via careline or by post. Then it says tele banking and Internet banking are not ways to pay
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