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  1. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help. From the age of about 7, my mother claimed Disability Living Allowance for me as I was diagnosed with ADHD, Aspergers/Autism and Dyspraxia. My Mother used the money to take me out on trips to the sea side, the zoo and to buy me things to help me through school/college. When I turned 18, we applied together and I moved away to go to college out of my local area and to have a shot at going alone. The money I received was used partly to put fuel in her car to come and help me shop and get me through day to day life as required (Such as learning tools, computer repairs etc - My handwriting was never the best so being rather methodical and meticulous about things, I always prefer to type letters and so on). However, this expired when I turned 20/21 and almost as soon as it did, I entered employment in Security. My ways and means of doing things with precision and care took me higher in the security industry and now I'm living in Cambridge earning a relatively good wage, but I don't go out shopping and so on, on my own and rely on friends taking me or coming with me. I drive and work independantly, but I still "use" my mother to shop for me and take care of laundry and so on as I find it really difficult to actually do this alone. Most of the fear regarding this, is that in doing my own laundry and shopping, I either forget to get things, get duped into sales tactics at the front of stores and I genuinely have issues with caring for myself in relation to work clothes, which have to be perfect due to the nature of my site. Hence, I ask the question. Can I claim the Disability Living Allowance as I did before and use the money to cover my mothers expenses in performing these tasks with me as it's a 60 mile journey for her to come up to me and she does 3-4 loads of washing every time I get time off work. I'm not a rinser of benefits and I don't want to come across as being lazy, as I genuinely get really anxious when in public on my own. Mum's got all the forms and so on, but I don't want to be investigated for fraud and so on seeing as I seemingly live a normal life to outsiders. Regards, Yukiko.
  2. Sparks_


    Looking for advice please, I had to reapply for DLA after receiving it for a year, I was on medium care and high mobility rate, now they have only awarded me medium care and no mobility at all, even though I need someone with me when I go out to carry anything I might need and I can only walk for a short while at a slow pace before i experience a lot of pain and tiredness. There was nothing in the letter to say I could appeal the decision nor any contact number for information, I wondered how do I go about appealing this decision?
  3. Hi all just to let you know that I phoned DLA this morning to be told over the phone that we have got high rate DLA and care until 2014. So happy, can look at cars now, thanks for all your help.
  4. Applied for DLA back in Nov 2011 - form was filled by my local cab office. At the time I was told not to send any medical evidence in as the DLA will write to my G.P & consultant for this. Thinking this person knows what they are talking about I followed through on this advise. Of course was rejected and then I was told to call DLA and ask for a reconsideration over the phone as apparently this was the easiest way to do this and so I did. It was rejected again. Anyway it turns out all this was very bad advice as Since then this individual has been sacked by CAB office for doing this kind of thing and ruining so many people's applications. The new advisor sent in my appeal this time with all of my evidence attached and again It was rejected. So now we are at the stage of a appeal hearing which is tomorrow! it was rescheduled previously by DLA and they made me wait another 8 weeks for a new date The advisor has sent in my appeal details and has sent me a copy. Based on the evidence she has attached which includes hospital letters, G.P records, care plan and an Occupational Therapy Report she has suggested that I am entitled for high rate mobility and middle rate care. I suffer from severely low vit D for which I'm getting regular injections, mechanical lower back pain, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, obesity monitoring (my weight has shot up since being housebound dramatically) and anxiety & depression. I have been housebound for 2 years now due to having too many falls outside as I cant walk and my knees give away so I never leave house unless accompanied. Since the OT involvement i have now had a daily carer for the past 8 weeks and the OT are trying to get me suitably rehoused so that I can have adaptations in the home to help me like grab rails, raised toilet seat etc and also get a motorised wheelchair (they have made the refferal I'm awaiting an assessment). I've has physio, acupuncture, electro acupuncture, heat therapy, electro therapy and now started hydrotherapy. I'm on so many daily medications that I have lost count. It has been a horrible and stressful experience to get to this stage and reading every1 else's experiences I Feel very deflated. Trick questions by panels etc then what is the point of hearing if they are set up to deny people who have suffered enough as it is. I'm not very good at speaking in front of people so I'm thinking tomorrow is pointless........
  5. Hello. I have had a bad blow. My welfare worker who has filled out my forms has been drip feeding me information and now I have what I think is all of it I can see I would have made quite different decisions had he been upfront and told me everything in the beginning. I'm now very panicked as he just told me they no longer provide representation. So why did he suggest appealing when he knew I wouldn't be able to do this alone! Anyway I am in desperate need of representation and realise that even if I can find it someone will need time to get familiar with it. Can anyone assist? Also can anyone tell me what happens when you submit appeal papers? What happens with medicals and when will it be:? My thanks for your help. I feel so let down and utterly deceived by this information being witheld and my right to full disclosure violated thus affecting decisions I made.
  6. This probably gets asked a lot but I wondered if anyone could tell me how long we are likely too be waiting. I phoned them this morning and was told that they had already received the tribunal decision and that a decision maker needed to look at it and they would send out a form. I dont understand what the point is going through the stress of a tribunal is for if they are going to look at it again ? How long is it likely to take ? With 4 children and christmas just over 6 weeks away I really could do with the money right now.
  7. Hi everyone, this is a long & ongoing saga which i will try to condense to be as short as possible. Really need advice for my son & his wife. Daughter in law was taken ill in 2010 with a brain infection Encephalitis & spent 10mths on life support & nearly 18mths in a coma. I've lost count of the times we were told she wouldn't make through the night due to organ failure, scepticema, stroke & mrsa etc etc. Thankfully she's a tough cookie & fought back each & everytime. She is now slowly beginning to wake up & become aware of people & things around her. We have been advised that long term damage to parts of her brain have occured because of her illness. She also has mobility problems i.e she needs the full time use of a wheelchair as she cannot walk or stand. She is now residing in a long term rehab unit & has full time 24hr nursing. Her application for DLA & Mobility car have been turned down, due to her being in rehab. My son's frustration with the DWP resulted in him purchasing a mobility car in order to take her out for short trips. This is the 2nd time my son has applied & been told no. He hasn't even been awarded a blue badge to put in the car. This can't be right can it?
  8. hi, been awarded DLA, lower rate care, dont know whether to appeal or not. What are my chances of getting Middle Rate Care? My GP report says she needs freq attention throughout day in connection with bodily functions. That is relating to middle rate care i think. What is the process of appeal? Just based on paperwork, or a similar medical like atos kind? Would LRC stop whilst appeal is in process, or LRC would continue? If they decide no DLA/LRC is awarded, they will ask for money back? I hear an appeal could cause the LRC award to be revised to nothing, so thats a worst case scenario. thankyou
  9. Hi all sent new claim form off for DLA last week, now benefit advisor said she will help us fill it in, but we have already sent it, can we ring up and cancel that one and then get her to fill in another one with us. Have sent loads of evidence in with it, having a private medical this week and was just going to send that report in for it to catch it up. What do you folks think I should do.
  10. Hi all, I'm really getting concerned about the DLA medical test coming into force soon. I have MS and I'm currently in receipt of the higher rate of DLA for both Mobility and Care, but from what I read online and hear from others in the news I can see me losing everything and being told, however ridiculously, that I'm fit to work! I think if I lose my disability benefits I will not remain in this world for long as I genuinely am unable to work, particularly due to the most debilitating fatigue you could imagine. Is their plan to make many of us commit suicide?
  11. We have finally heard back from dla tribunal and hubby has been awarded low rate care. This is to be be backdated to Oct 10. The question I have is with the lrc are we intitled to full housing benefit or if that is for the hrc only? I have looked and looked and cannot find the information anywhere. Thanks in advance for any answers.
  12. Good Afternoon, I have to fill in my dla form and cannot find any information ie descriptors for mental health and bowel incontinence. Basically I have depression, anxiety attacks which cause me to lose control of bowel. Hope someone can point me in the right direction, Thanks.
  13. i was wondering if someone could help me. Im writting on behalf of my sister. She is 35 and a single mother to one. She worked for 10 years cleaning, but lost her job two years ago, due to her depression and taking to many days off. she has always had depression and is on very strong tablets, sleeping tablets ect. She was ESA last year, and tried to claim for DLA, as she can not leave the house, and has extreme panic attacks. if she goes out i have to go with her. She only goes out to my dads in a taxi twice a week. My neice helps alot. Anyway she put in a claim and was only awarded 6points, and wasnt allowed anything. She had a tribunal, but they was going on what happened the year before even though her depression is 10x worse now. She is now on JSA. But even just looking for a job she has panic attacks. She has attacks in crowds and if there alot of people. She is struggling to live. Im really worried about her. She has hardly enough money to make ends meet, let alone by her daughter new clothes when needed ect. So i help her out with that. She applied for jobs but because of her depression she doesnt get them, although both myself and the doctor doesnt believe shes in the right mind for a job atm and it would do her more harm then good. What could she do? could she apply for DLA again? We both know that if she can feed and wash herself she isnt really entitled to it. Help please xx
  14. Hi, I had my DLA renewal decision dated 21st August and have lrm and my care was reduced from middle to lrc. I have more night needs due to anxiety and have thought I would like them to reconsider but I am scared they will take the rest of my award. If I have time now, I have left many messages for my support worker but he doesn't return my calls so I am running out of time. What else can I send them and how do I do that? I mean do I write or call and tell them I want to send a supporting letter from someone who knows what I go through? Would that be enough? What is likely to happen? What chance do I stand? I really don't think I can face appealing, the paperwork fine though exhausting but I am socially phobic have anthrophobia and just panic at the thought of being in a room with strangers. I don't think I'm being clear here but I was wondering :- Is there time What else to send them If I request reconsideration do I have to take it to appeal if they refuse? (They removed a layer last renewal and on reconsideration it stayed the same but I didn't know what I was doing and just called to ask them, I didn't know about other stuff.) Hope that makes some sort of sense. My appreciation for your time.
  15. Hi, I am having a visit on Monday 13/8/12 from a Doctor about my DLA claim I suffer from Fybromyalgia and depression. I have been unable to get out of the house for about 3 months now as I am unable to walk without being in severe pain and if I travel on a bus I am in agony and then the day after I can not move. My Fybromyalgia causes me to be tried continuously and in severe pain from head to foot. I need my hubby to help me make meals and everyday task. I forget where I am going and I have once or twice stopped in the middle of the road (full of traffic) because I have forgot which way I am going. Some days I do not even want to get dressed and my hubby has to convince me to get washed and dressed. My life has become like being in prison I am absolutely petrified about this doctor coming on Monday as I feel that it will be a total waste of time. Do they actually care that I am unable to get out and that I am unable to do things I used to do and I am becoming a burden on my family . Does anyone have any helpful hints for me or am I wasting my time xxx
  16. Please could somebody give me some advice? I have recently made an application for housing benefit. This is my first claim,due to a change in my circumstances. In this claim I advised them that my son had received DLA but due to the DWPnot sending the renewals pack out in time I am currently not receiving paymentwhile they process the claim. He had previously received DLA at higher ratecare and lower rate mobility for six years and his conditions had not decreasedin fact they had got worse, so I am confident (and so is his consultant) thathe will continue to get it again at the same level. My LC have now calculated my award for Housing benefit and refused toacknowledge that my son as a disability and will not make an award to includethe extra premium for having a child with a disability. Without this premium,the Housing Benefit claim is minimal and I can no way pay my rent. My wageseach month are about £900 and my rent £830. They are offering me £23.39 pwtowards my rent. If they were to include the premium for my son we wouldreceive around £100 pw. What can I do? I really can't afford to pay my rent. Last time I made an application for DLA for my son it took 9 months to sortas I took it to tribunal. Thanks N
  17. hi everyone i had my dla re-assessed in december 2011 and was awarded higher rate care and mobility after being on lower rate mobility for 8 years and to worried about losing that to ask for it to be re-assessed but as my condition had worsened i had no option but to ask to be re-assessed. now just over 4 months later i had a letter this morning ordering me to fill in a re-assessment form, i just cant believe this is happening, my dla award stated my new award was indefinite and they are re-assessing me already just 4 months after filling in countless forms and supplying them with medical evidence, please does anyone have any advice, as i am now at the end of my tether, just when i was beginning to think things were looking up and that i could get on with my life as best i can, and being able go out as i gave up my mobility award to lease a mobility car, they go and pull the rug from out under me in such an extremely short time, i just cant believe they are re-assessing me after just 4 months, this surely cannot be right, has anyone had any similar experiences?. the form they have sent is a DLA80 form hope someone can offer guidance and advice on this matter. many thanks taff
  18. Afternoon all After becoming ill just over five years ago i had never previously had the need to claim benefits however went through the process then including dal as i was advised to do so at the time by the dwp. I will not bore you with the details of my illnesses and afflictions however in the interim period and up to the present time was awarded incapacity and a host of other benefits such as child tax credits housing and council tax benefits. I was initially refused incapacity however won this back 6 months later after appeal. in addition my initial dal appeal was also refused and despite numerous appeals this was still not awarded until today!!! I had dealing with my case a worker from the local welfare rights service who has persisted with my case as he as well as his superiors were adamant that i should have been awarded benefit. The tribunals service are an absolute shambles in my experience and we have had over the time issues with them losing paperwork, totally disrespectful and downright ignorant appeal panels and that has just been the good side. Most people on appeal panels are jumped up two bit magistrate types who have no real understanding of the real world and are only in it for the self importance or their percieved self importance of the role. Anyway today the welfare rights worker went to the appeal on his own as i was too ill to attend today and he has just informed me that i have been awarded benefit finally. This should mean a substantial back payment which hopefully they will not decide to appeal and its happier days. A five figure sum dropping into my account in the near future is much needed and appreciated My advice to anyone is persist and persist with your appeal and do not give up if you believe you should be awarded what is rightfully yours. I must stress also that i would have rather have had my health back than any of this hassle over the last five years but it will go someway towards making true bad times better In all of this bear in mind that the tribunals service are not in anyway independent as they claim after all they are funded by the government and i have tried to campaign to have this so called independent tag removed from their literature as it is just a joke to claim that they are not independent certainly in respect of dwp appeals Good luck with your own appeals against this dreadful goverment As a footnote to all of this i am not usually superstitous however this morning i did find a shinny penny picked it up and remembered that sometimes when you do that all day you will have good luck!!!. Im off to purchase an online lottery ticket!
  19. I hope that those who are struggling to get DLA will forgive me this thread. But I just wanted to share my good news with those of you who have been so kind and understanding of my plight over the past few years. My DLA award letter came through today. HRM and MRC indefinately. Levels that I just didn't even dare dream of. The best part of four years trying to get by on the assessment rate of ESA has not been easy. And I know I've still got to sort that out, so some bridges still to cross. But this award means a lot to me. I'll now admit that this coming winter frightened me as I didn't know how I was going to pay for heating. That fear has now subsided. I appreciate 'indefinate' is not as long as it used to be. But, hey, that's inflation for you. It'll see me through this winter and that's as far as I will look. And please don't mention PIP - no urinating on my bonfire! Someone, somewhere, smiled on me today and I feel blessed with good fortune. I hope that that smile will broaden to encompass all the others who need this help. Again, good folk of CAG, thank-you for helping me with your words of comfort over the many months of struggle. They have meant far more then you could ever appreciate ...
  20. This may be a rather silly post and as not all of the criteria has been published yet, not relevant. But, I hate filling in those dratted froms. I already have DLA - HRM & MRC, had DLA since 1994. Looking at the new descriptors it looks like I will get 8 points for mobility and 0 for care. I will not be 65 until June 2014 so I will be in the first line to be tested! Anyhow, from what I understand its a bit like ESA, self assessment & an ATOS assessment. If anything like my ESA claim it will be a disaster. I sent the ESA50 back with no info as I just couldn't be bothered and the face to face assessment ended up in a shambles as it became personal - I just didn't like the guy When I get the call up, do I have to fill out their form or could I just send it back with a few comments on it? Do I really have to have any evidence? I don't keep anything and refuse to take the medication etc. GP has given up on me and I was discharged a year or two ago by the consultant as I didn't keep any appointments. Having said all of that I am genuine and have genuine health problems that create care needs and mobility issues. From what I read, like ESA, the DWP will accept the ATOS assessment anyhow, so that will be another disaster as I hate having to explain things and be made to feel that I am a con artist. Unlike the ESA assessment, could I take my wife in with me, as with ESA, the assessor refused her to come in saying that he wanted to hear from me and didn't want a third party interupting the proceedings. Simply put, is it going to be a waste of my time and effort bothering to transfer over next June?
  21. Hi all, I am looking for some advice on behalf of my father after he was recently taken off incapacity benefit and declared fit for work. He has been ill for years with various physical and mental problems. He is anything but, in my opinion fit for work. He was recently called for a medical, which he has had plenty in the past and after that he has been declared 100% fit, with no acknowledgement to any of his medical problems and now ready for work. Just a run down of a few of his issues which stop him from working: - he has schizophrenia - he is not able to walk more than roughly 50 meters unaided - he can not sit for any period of time - he has really bad back problems and other issues with joints (he has been attending pain clinics for quite a while for this and also takes high doses of morphine) - he is not able to properly use his hands after injuries in his previous jobs - through his medication he is vomiting most days and other unpleasant side effects He happily worked for many years for a company that made underground telephone cables for BT. His job (before health and safely) has serious effected his health in later life. He worked 12 hour shifts with constant vibrations through his body which has knackard all his joints up. He also got metal fragments in his eyes which have made his eyesight poor for his age. His doctor is fully aware of all his issues and they have fortnightly appointments to go through everything, sometimes topped up with a visit at home if he's particularly bad. He has been in and out of a&e a few times over the past year as well after having uncontrollable panic attacks. These have however got a bit better with medication. He is on so many different drugs it would be reckless for any employer to let him anywhere near their business, not to mention he could actually be a genuine danger to other people working there. I am at a loss what to do, I live 400 miles away. I already pay out of my own money for a carer to assist him with washing in the morning and keeping the house as tidy as possible. Has anyone else experienced this? I am all for clearing up the benefit system and getting people off who do not need it. I am not even sure if his issues are even classed as a disability anymore!
  22. hi as anyone on here completed a dla claim form on line or is it best to do a written claim?
  23. I was wondering if I can get dla mobility for my one year old son. We already get the higher care component. My son has kidney problems and due to this has renal rickets, he is unable to sit up yet. Can we apply under special rules at all. Any help be greatly appreciated thanks
  24. Starting a thread to look for advice i will need in the near future a first time ESA form is being sent for me Hi I'm after some advice on a new ESA Assessment and what happens to my DLA IIB and being a carer i get DLA, IB, IIB, Industrial Injuries i have an debilitating industrial disease a Variable condition and after a chest x_ray Gp says i have pleural thickening of the lungs too i use medications and use a nebuliser machine four times a day because of my condition I'm going to fill the form in myself the best i can. local CAB Etc are booked up for months and local advice centres say i need an appointment rather than a drop in appointment but everyone is booked up with appointments for weeks and weeks 1, if im passed as fit will DWP Notify DLA & IIB Depts of there finding and will i automatically lose these benefits ? or do i notify DLA.IIB Depts myself what do i claim if I'm passed fit ? 2. i know you can appeal against ESA if i fail,if i do that do you lose your benefits i think i read on the net you lose benefits while waiting for the appeal to be heard if so what do you live on ? 3. The Caring part i do last year my wife was critically ill she gets Full DLA And after loads of tests MRI etc she has impaired judgement, severe Short term memory loss.including loss of cognitive functions very poor mobility awful muscle wastage she needs help with dressing bathing medication she cant be left on her own she has nerve damage so she drops everything she tries holding or picking up she cant do her insulin or meds she cant read labels or understand things you can tell her something 10 mins later shes forgot she needs help at night and has continence probs she has to be taken to endless GP Hospital Rehab appointments too if im put into a workgroup or told i'm fit to seek work and attend courses etc who will care for her 24/7 ? this is going to be a nightmare and very complicated any Advice appreciated Thanks Pit
  25. My son disabilities etc - I am concerned about things in relation to the 'appeal papers' prepared submitted to the FtT; iin their extent and possible impliication's? plus a few errors (dates). Section 2 - Schedule of Evidence:- doc nos: 1 - 3 original appeal letter 19/03/2007 4-57 new claim for dla 05/09/2006 58-61 medical report gp 03/10/2006 62-63 new claim decision 22/11/2006 64-69 request to look again 13/12/2006 70-75 advice medical services 16/01/2007 76-79 record of reconsideration 24/01/2007 80-84 evidence from represent 08/08/2007 85 notice of appeal decision 06/08/2007 86-93 request leave to appeal 15/10/2007 to commissioners 94 decision of tribunal 03/01/2008 95 computer record of issue 17/04/2011 of renewal claim pack. 96 record of telephone call 12/10/2011 97-134 new claim for dla 01/11/2011 135-141 med report psychiatrist 14/12/2011 142-147 " " GP 23/12/2011 148-150 computer decision 09/01/2012 151-154 notification of decision 09/01/2012 155 Appeal Letter 08/02/2012 156 record of reconsideration 20/03/2012 (informal) Section 3 - The Decision (now this is a little confusing?) It states he is not entitled to either the mobility component or the care component from 01/11/2012 - does not satisfy conditions etc. ok? The last paragraph states: The Tribunal may wish to note that prior to this new claim Mr X had an award of DLA as given by a Tribunal on 03/01/2008. The award of LRM AND MRC expired 04/09/2011. As the renewal claim was not received prior to 04/09/2011 the subsequent claim pack was treated as a new claim. In order to give a full back ground to the case, the papers relating to the previous claim (as submitted to the Tribunal of 04/09/11), have been included in date order. Section 2 - this seems to be pretty much EVERYTHING on file regarding a previous claim ? Section 3 - seems to contradict itself in stating 'As the renewal claim ......prior to 04/09/2011 .......treated as a new claim. Then goes on to state "in order to give a full back ground to the case .,......... well which is it ??????? also "as submitted to the Tribunal of 04/09/2011 ?" WHAT TRIBUNAL ON 04/09/2011?". This doesnt make sense. Also it could make any decisionss of the Tribunal bias toward the applicant, in delving into all his previous information. Plus most of which irrelevant now as he was a child then and adult now. (age 22 ). The facts of the case are even more confusing and misleading, as they are listed in order from 2006 (really not relevant to now!) 5.1 - 5.20 ! How can he best approach this matter ? thanks ???????
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