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  1. Haven't posted in a while as I've been on top of my financial affairs, or so I thought. Received a claim form for water rates, didn't bother acknowledging ( silly I know ) as I was in the process of getting the money together to pay in full. Paid outstanding amount in full on 29th July & received a text from water authority to confirm payment was made. CCJ was issued on the 30th July. Contacted water authority who said don't worry as I paid in full within 28 days of CCJ being issued it will be removed from credit file. Is this correct?
  2. Hi I pay them through online banking, their sort code is 20-19-90 acc number 80896950. Just put your mortgage/loan number as a ref. That way they can't refuse payment.
  3. Received a court summons for this years council tax, I totally forgot the april date but paid double on the 8th may bringing me up to date. Not so according to my council I was late paying therefore have lost my rights to pay by instalments incurring a hefty £93.00 charge. Can I just add the envelope that it came in had a window so large the postie could easily see the words COURT SUMMONS, bit embarrassing as I know him. Will be writing in to complain about possible breach of dpa. My main gripe is that I was held to ransom basically in that if I didn't agree to set up a dd there & then I would incur a further cost of £30.00 when it went to court. The summons was issued on the 15th may a full 7 days after my account was brought upto date, I feel there was no need or justification other than to make profit. The lady got quite shirty when I asked her how many liability order hearings they had for the same day & court as mine & even more irate when asked did she actually work for the council or an outsourced company. Are they a law unto themselves or can I get any redress.
  4. Have checked online no ccj against me for this debt. I wrote back to robinson's request information i.e sort codes & account numbers that payments were made from & also court name where the court cheques were issued from. Today I've received a response saying that I need to contact their client (Abbey) for that info, but can I forward my offer of payment in the next 14 days anyway. Should my next step be to CCA robinson's?
  5. Thanks will have to do that tomorrow when I get paid, they have even listed court cheque payments, I haven't made any payment to the court.
  6. Update having sent a SB letter to equidebt, I then hear from Robinson way concerning the very same debt. Another SB sent to them & they replied that they would look into it. Today I receive a four page print out which they claim are payments from me, some are supposedly S/O & some are cheques, also listed on this never ending print out is warrant of execution fees & costs & default fees & cost. Can I just add I have never been to court regarding this & there is nothing on my credit file. Can some one advise please
  7. After weeks of receiving menacing texts from MMF threatening home visits which i ignored, due to the fact that the messages didn't say who they were intended for, i have today received a notice of assignment from MMF saying they are acting on behalf of Quickquid. This comes after being bombarded with upto 5/6 texts a day from different mobile numbers. Letter goes on to state that all legal & beneficial rights including the right to receive payments are now payable to MMF as they now own the debt. Just before xmas the debt was alledgedly assigned & owned by Mercantile who bought it of QQ. Letter goes on to say how my account will now be passed on to their home collections dept unless i contact them within the next 5 days. They have kindly included what looks like a SO mandate for me to sign but looks more like a DD mandate, why send back a signed SO when i can set it up myself? & they can also claim back my PPI for me as well, all i need to do is fill in the form listing all my creditors & they will do the rest. Anyone else had a letter like this.
  8. Just got of the phone to Ebay & explained the problem & gave them listing numbers. They can see positive feedback for my auction & neg for his. Said they will contact me tomorrow.
  9. This part of his email which i got earlier Hi - Got the phone repaired but unfortunately the technician tells me that there is evidence of liquid damage in the phone & the camera does not work; these things happen but I am afraid the phone is no good to me like that; I can either return it to you for a full refund or would accept a partial refund of £10 & sell it on as it is (Repair cost me £15).
  10. He admitted that he had the button repaired & said that his technician reckons it has suffered liquid damage. I searched his feedback & there was my old phone locked on the same network listed as in excellent condition. It's his buyer who's left him neg feedback & wants a refund & hence he's come back to me looking for his money.
  11. Hi peeps, I sold a phone on Ebay last month, listed it as used & also listed that one of the buttons was missing. The phone was fully working prior to sale. Positive feedback was left by both parties. The buyer fixed the button issue & resold it on ebay for a lot more than he purchased it for. Today i receive an email saying he would like a refund as the camera doesn't work & it appears to have suffered liquid damage, which is nonsense. I have since searched his listing where he states the phone is in excellent order. His buyer has left him negative feedback saying the phone doesn't work properly & he has now come back to me saying he wants his money back. Where do i go from here?
  12. Have checked all credit files & the only default showing is QQ
  13. Hiya & snap i'm in the boat so to speak, i disputed the amount QQ said i owed & after years of hearing nothing i was bombarded with texts from MRS. Like you i received an email saying Motormile are now collecting. My email came with big bold Pre Default notice heading, not sure how they can default a default.
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